Who Is Erica Stefanko Husband? Wikipedia Age, Story and Sentencing Trial Verdict

Who Is Erica Stefanko? Woman Sentenced To Life In Prison For Murder of Ashley Biggs Table of Contents
Erica Stefanko and her husband Chad Cobb are sentenced to life for the murder of a pizza delivery girl, Ashley Biggs, in 2012. 
Erica Stefanko and Chad Cobb, in the year 2012, killed a 25-year-old pizza delivery girl named Ashley Biggs. 
The case ended because Cobb pleaded guilty to the first-degree murder of Ashley, but heh case has risen again due to even more evidence. 
Recently, Erica is also accused of being involved in the murder of Biggs, so she is also being sentenced for her crimes. 
After this case reviving nearly 9 years later, people are eager to find out more about the murderer and the victim. 
Indeed, concerns regarding her husband, age, a story about the murder, and her sentencing are at their peak. 
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Who Is Erica Stefanko Husband?
Erica Stefanko is married to her husband Chad Cobb, who is in prison since 2013, serving life for the murder of Ashley Biggs. 
Erica was married to Chad around in the year 2013. Interestingly, Chad has a daughter, but it is not with Erica. 
Indeed, it is with the very person who he murdered, his ex-girlfriend Ashley Biggs. 
Erica and her husband committed murder, but she was convicted just recently, after about 8 years of her husband’s arrest. 
Erica Stefanko Age And Wikipedia Bio
Erica Stefanko’s age is 38 years old. 
However, her exact date of birth or birthday is not revealed yet. 
There are numerous sources on the web that provide precise detail regarding the age of the convicted murderer. 
She is not on Wikipedia since she is just a convicted felon and has not done anything worth mentioning on Wikipedia. 
Also, there is not much information regarding her except for any other matters than this murder.  LIFE W/ POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE AFTER 30 YEARS – for Erica Stefanko.#PizzaDeliveryMurderTrial #Ohio @CourtTV @CourtTVUK pic.twitter.com/IY49shTTz1
— Julie Grant (@JulieCourtTV) July 20, 2021 Erica Stefanko Story And Sentencing Trial Verdict
The story regarding Erica Stefanko and her husband committing the murder of Ashley Biggs has become popular. 
Beginning with the real issues, Ashley had a daughter with Erica’s husband Chad, who was Ashley’s ex-boyfriend. 
There was a legal dispute regarding who gets the custody of their child between Ashley And Chad. 
So, Erica and Chad decided to kill Ashley. They ordered pizza from her and called her at a silent space. 
There, they first tased her, then they beat her up and eventually strangled her to death. 
Cobb was soon arrested since he pleaded guilty to the murder of his daughter’s mother. 
Around a year ago, Ashley’s daughter testified against her stepmother Erica, and the case became even stronger. 
And now, eventually, she is found guilty of being involved in the murder and sentenced to life and parole after 30 years.