Who Is Matthias Matuschik? German Radio Host of Bayern 3 Made Racist Comments On BTS

Who Is Matthias Matuschik? Everything On Bayern 3 Radio Host Who Made Racist Comments On BTS Table of Contents
People are wondering who exactly is Matthias Matuschik after his disrespectful and racist comments to K-pop boy group BTS.
Matthias Matuschik is a German radio host and a popular comedian.
In addition to this, he previously worked as a DJ. He is one of the well-known radio hosts and DJ of Germany. He started his career in the year 1989 with Radio Ramasuri. 
Recently, he is trending on social media because of a comment he made to the Grammy-nominated K-pop group BTS after their unplugged show. 
Here let us get to know the personal info of the radio host, Matthias Matuschik such as his Wikipedia, wife, and net worth. 
Quick Facts:Name
Matthias Matuschik
January 8, 1965 Age
56 Gender
Male Nationality
Germany Profession
Radio Host Instagram
@Matthias Matuschik Who Is Matthias Matuschik?
Matthias Matuschik, who is also known by the nickname Matuschke, is a radio host, comedian, and former Dj. 
According to Wikipedia, he first started his career in 1989 and began moderating programs only after 1998 at Bayern 3. In fact, he was nominated for the award titled “Best Moderator” in the year 2011. 
Matthias is also known as a cabaret singer.  German Radio Host of Bayern 3 Made Racist Comments On BTS
After the radio host, Matthias Matuschik made a disrespectful comment about the Grammy-nominated group BTS after their performance on MTV Unplugged, he is on the trending list. 
The Bayern 3 radio host contrasted the biggest K-pop groups to COVID-19 and slammed the Billboard Hot 100 for topping the group for covering the song “Fix You” by Coldplay.  German Radio Host Matthias Matuschik Under Fire For His Racist Comments Towards BTS— Here’s What Happenedhttps://t.co/2G6SwmZFm0
— Koreaboo (@Koreaboo) February 26, 2021 After his comment was released BTS army pointed out that it can’t be a personal view to disrespect a South Korean boy group saying they deserve a holiday in North Korea for 20 years to cover the song Fix You. BTS army stated it as completely arrogant and racist. 
However, a clarification was made by the Bayern 3 station which stated that the host only shared his opinion in MTV unplugged cover of the song Fix You performed by BTS. It also stated that it is the essence of the broadcast host to express his view frankly. 
Matthias Matuschik Wife, Net Worth And More
Hardly any details about the host Matthias Matuschik’s wife or married life are known.  Similarly, no info regarding his net worth in 2021 is revealed.