Who Is Payne Haas' Mother Joan Taufua? 10 Facts To Know About

Who Is Payne Haas’ Mother Joan Taufua? 10 Facts To Know About Joan Taufua is the name that buzzes mostly on the internet. She is the mother of the famous Australian Rugby Player, Payne Haas. 
Joan Taufua came into the news during 2019 for bashing a truckie. She made headlines again recently after her son Payne was arrested. Quick Facts: Who Is Payne Haas' Mother Joan Taufua? 10 Facts To Know AboutName
Joan Taufua


Gregor Hass
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10 Facts About Joan Taufua
Joan Taufua has come into the news just because of her behavior. She has been alleged a couple of times with serious charges. Rest information about her is under the curtains.
Judging from a report in Daily Mail, Joan Taufua is 43 years old at present. However, her actual birthday and early information are not revealed. 
The detailed information about the family of Joan Taufua is not readily available on our database. She has not disclosed her information to the media. However, she is recognized after her son on the internet.
Joan Taufua is married to Gregor Haas. The couple was married a long time ago. The detailed information about them is hardly available. 
There is no Instagram profile for Joan Taufua. Also, there are no other platforms that depict her presence. We hope to see her on the social platform soon.
 The verified net worth of Joan Taufua is not available on the internet. However, her son, a rugby player, earns a healthy amount from his games. 
Joan Taufa is the mother of ten kids. The age group of the kids ranges from the age of six to twenty-seven.
In early 2019, Joan faced an allegation of physical harm to a truck driver. She pleaded guilty and was imprisoned for two years. One of her sons became quadriplegic after the accident.
Besides the incident, she also faced two charges for assaulting a mother and daughter during the women’s rugby league.
As per the News, Payne Haas, son of Taufa, has been arrested by the police for the use of offensive language and intimidating police. The club is trying hard to release Payne Haas.