Who is Sophie Faldo? Sophie Faldo Husband, Age, and Married Life

Share This Article: Who is Sophie Faldo? Sophie Faldo’s Husband, Age, and Married Life Spread the loveWho is Sophie Faldo? She is an English famous television personality known from the show The Great British Bake Off in the year 2017 which was the eight version of the show to be aired on the television.
Furthermore, Sophie is one of the famous personalities in the British premises as she has served the nation as an Army Officer and worked a few years in Afghanistan before retiring. She has been a fan of sports and fitness since her teen days and decided to pursue it as her career before meeting her boyfriend David who encouraged her to be a baker and in no time she won the famous British baking competition.
Sophie Faldo
August 31, 1984
5 ft 6 in
Officer and Television personality
David Slattery
University of Manchester
@sophiefaldo 10 facts on Sophie Faldo
Sophie Faldo is an English former Army Officer who has garnered attention and popularity after being part of The Great British Bake Off and winning it in the year 2017.
Sophie isn’t married yet but she is engaged with famous Irish chef David Slattery whom she met back in the year 2016.
It was her husband to be, David’s inspiration for her pursuing the career of Baker and participating in the competition.
She was born on August 21, 1984, in London, United Kingdom, and raised there to be an Army officer.
Her age is currently calculated to be around 36 years old and she looks young and beautiful.
Furthermore, she and her boyfriend are currently dating for more than four years but they haven’t decided to start their married life yet.
She is available on Instagram with a verified account that is currently followed by 33k users.
Also, she has her own website for the cakes and other bakery related items as her own merchandise.
Being famous for her work in multiple fields she has a Wikipedia profile.
Lastly, she is good at Rowing sports too.