Who’s Who In Netflix’s White Lines

From the same brains that brought us Money Heist (Alex Pina), comes White Lines, a Netflix murder mystery series set in Ibiza fueled by cocaine, debauchery, and family drama. The story follows Zoe Walker (Laura Haddock), whose brother Axel (Tom Rhys Harries) disappeared two decades ago. When his body is finally discovered all these years later, Zoe decides it’s finally time to take matters into her own hands and begins investigating what really happened to Axel.

White Lines introduces us to a slew of different characters, all of whom play a key part in Zoe’s detective work. Even if you’ve already started bingeing the wildly intense show, we’re here to help break down who’s who (and point out some familiar faces) as you navigate White Lines’ crazy twists and turns.

Laura Haddock as Zoe Walker

Who’s Zoe?

Zoe, a librarian who lives in the UK, leaves her entire family behind and flies to Ibiza to solve the murder of her brother, Axel. She was just a teenager when Axel flew to Ibiza. After he went missing, she had a mental breakdown. As an adult, she is motivated to learn the truth and avenge her brother’s death, and she stops at nothing to solve the crime — even if it means getting into some serious trouble herself.

Where you’ve seen Haddock

You’ve most likely seen the English actress on screen when she played Star-Lord’s music-loving mom, Meredith Quill, in the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1 and 2. That isn’t the only blockbuster film she’s been in, though. She played a small role as a big fan of the Cap in Captain America: The First Avenger, and portrayed Vivian Wembley in Transformers: The Last Knight. Haddock is also known for playing Lucrezia in the series Da Vinci’s Demons. Actress India Fowler plays the younger version of Zoe.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Tom Rhys Harries as Axel Collins

Who’s Axel?

Axel, a dedicated music-lover and entertainer, jets off to Ibiza to pursue is dreams of becoming a DJ. He goes against his family’s wishes, since they don’t think his career choice is practical or safe, considering Ibiza’s reputation for drugs and parties. But he leaves anyway, and becomes a big-time DJ. Suddenly, he disappears. For 20 years, nobody hears from him — until his body is found and his sister is the one who flies to Spain to identify it.

Where you’ve seen Harries

The 27-year-old Welsh actor’s big film debut was 2011’s Hunky Dory, where he played Evan alongside Minnie Driver. He was in the short-lived (but well-received) British series Chewing Gum, and most recently played Power Noel in The Gentlemen in 2019.

Photo: Dave Benett/WireImage.

Daniel Mays as Marcus Ward

Who’s Marcus?

Marcus was one of Axel’s best friends who moved out to Ibiza with him to support his dreams and work alongside him as a DJ. 20 years later, we discover his life isn’t so glamorous anymore. He’s in the middle of a sad divorce, is a dad to two kids, is about to lose his house, and is dealing drugs as a (not very successful) side hustle. He’s not exactly the brightest, but he appears very loyal to Axel and his memory.

Where you’ve seen Mays

The English actor was most recently in the Blake Lively-led action film The Rhythm Section, and before that, played Sergeant Sanders in war movie 1917. He starred as Arthur Young in the series Good Omens, and also played Tivik in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Ceallach Spellman plays a Young Marcus in White Lines

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Angela Griffin as Anna

Who’s Anna?

Anna is another friend of Axel’s and she’s also Marcus’s ex-wife. Back in the day, she and Marcus were both by Axel’s side as his DJ career soared.

Where you’ve seen Griffin

Anna Griffin, a British actress and TV presenter, was most recently in the Hulu series Harlots, in which she played character Elizabeth Harvey. She’s been in a number of different TV shows, such as Coronation Street, Mount Pleasant, and Inspector Lewis. Kassius Nelson (from A Series of Unfortunate Events) portrays a younger Anna.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Laurence Fox as David

Who’s David?

David is another one of Axel’s good pals, who has since become a spiritual leader of sorts after a long time spent in India with a shaman.

Where you’ve seen Fox

Laurence Fox has had roles in many TV series and films, such as 2007’s Elizabeth: The Golden Age, and the shows Inspector Lewis and Victoria. Actor Jonny Green plays the younger version of David.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Pedro Casablanc as Andreu Calafat

Who’s Andreu?

Andreu Calafat is essentially Ibiza’s Godfather. He’s the patriarch of the Calafat family, who own most of Ibiza’s clubs and get a cut from all the drug dealing and trading that goes on. Axel’s body is found on the Calafat land, putting the family in a very suspicious light.

Where you’ve seen  Casablanc

Casablanc is a Moroccan actor who’s been in a wide variety of films since 1990. His most well-known roles include playing Arturo Klimov in the Spanish series Policias en el corazon de la calle in the early 2000s, and Alfanso Carillo de Acuna in Isabel from 2011 to 2013. Most recently, he was in the film The Invisible in 2020 and 2019’s film Pain and Glory, in which he starred alongside Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Juan Diego Bottoas as Oriol Calafat

Who’s Oriol?

Oriol is Andreu’s son who is being positioned to take over the Calafat family empire. He befriended Axel back in the day, but their friendship quickly deteriorated. We’re led to believe he’s the prime suspect in Axel’s murder.

Where you’ve seen Botto

Born in Buenos Aires City, Botto has been on countless Spanish films and television shows. He was also in the American TV series, Good Behavior, in which he played Javier. You’ll be seeing him in 2021’s DC blockbuster, The Suicide Squad, in an undisclosed role.Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Marta Milans as Kika Calafat

Who’s Kika?

Kika, Oriol’s sister, is Axel’s ex-girlfriend. She and Axel got together even though the Calafat family wasn’t a huge fan of his, and didn’t think he was good enough for her. After he disappeared, she moved to the U.S., but then heads back to Ibiza for a dog funeral and decides to stay and help Zoe.

Where you’ve seen Milans

The Spanish actress was most recently in the series The Pier, and before that, played Rosa in the DC superhero movie Shazam!. She’s been in many other shows and films, including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 2011 and Killer Women in 2014.Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Belen Lopez as Conchita Calafat

Who’s Conchita? 

Conchita is Andreu’s wife. Although the two were close many years ago, their relationship has grown stale and she mostly cares about their business and wants to open a casino — a business that allows its owners and investors to launder money more covertly.

Where you’ve seen Lopez

Belen Lopez has been in numerous Spanish TV shows and films, including the crime drama Caronte, in which she plays Julia. She’s been in other shows such as Love in Difficult Times, and Pelotas.Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

Nuno Lopes as Duaret “Boxer” Silva

Who’s Boxer?

Boxer is the Calafat’s trusted bodyguard and head of security. He gets roped into Zoe’s murder investigation after growing fond of Zoe as well as truly respecting her intentions. 

Where you’ve seen Lopes

Lopes is a Portuguese actor and DJ who’s been in a number of shows such as South. Sara, and Pais Irmao. Lopes is also classically trained in theater. 

Photo: Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images.

Francis Magee as Clint Collins

Who’s Clint?

Clint is Zoe’s dad. He a former cop who didn’t approve of Axel’s choice in profession, given all the drug-use at clubs and raves. He’s especially worried about Zoe’s decision to fly to Ibiza looking for her brother’s murderer, given her mental health.

Where you’ve seen Magee

It’s not just you, Magee does look a little bit like Robert De Niro. The actor has been in a slew of blockbusters, like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (in which he portrayed a Rebel) and Justice League (he played the Ancient King of Men). He was in an episode of Black Mirror (“Men Against Fire”), played Yoren in Game of Thrones, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.

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