Why Tom Brady Wants His Kids To ‘Fail’ At Times

Tom Brady wants to teach his kids a lesson about life.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback said on Monday’s episode of the “Let’s Go!” podcast that he wants his children to fail at times, so that they learn that things aren’t always perfect.

Brady shared, “I don’t want it to go right for my kids all the time.

“I told them that this morning. I said, ‘I want you guys to fail because I want to see what you’re made of if you fail and when you fail,’” Page Six reported.

He added, “Life isn’t going to be just a smooth ride. So we’ve got to develop resiliency.”

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Brady shares Vivian, 10, and Benjamin, 13, with ex-wife Gisele Bündchen and son Jack, 15, with ex Bridget Moynahan.

Brady and Bündchen finalized their divorce in October 2022 after being married for 13 years.

The sportsman went on, “In life, you try a lot of things, and you fail. It’s part of life. We try things, we really push ourselves to try … something new, and it doesn’t go the way we want.

“So, what do you do? Do you care less? Do you care more? Or do you take that experience for what it was and you try to learn from it and grow from it and find the resilience we all want to teach our children?”

He added of whether he thinks his kids are scared of failing, “I think naturally it’s probably hard for everybody in our society to feel like you can fail or you can say the wrong thing.

“There are heavy repercussions to even admitting you fail.”

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Brady insisted that “life is a people business,” telling the podcast, “… My life is very rich because of the amazing people I’ve had in my life that have supported me to help me achieve my dreams in so many ways over and over and over again.”

He continued, “Now I have these great children to learn from and try to just be a good parent and be present for them and be a good example and role model.”

The star said of what he tells his kids, “I don’t care whether you win or lose. Just do your best and you’ll be proud. We’re all cool with that if you did your best.”