Winner Of "Most Beautiful Vagina Contest" Is Now Making A Fortune On OnlyFans

Ana Otani, a YouTuber who talks about relationships and sex, held a contest for the "Most Beautiful Vagina in Brazil" in 2021. Maite Saisdelli, a Rio de Janeiro native, won first place after getting 53% of the votes cast by Ana's subscribers.

Since winning the contest, Maite claims that she has been making a fortune on OnlyFans.

She disclosed that she makes £2,370 (BRL 15,000) "in a matter of hours." She did add that this accomplishment wasn't as easy as it looked.

Maite was already a seller of explicit pictures, but "Vagina Mais Bonita Brasil" gave her more popularity and a larger audience.

She said that getting to where she is wasn't easy. "People think it's easy, but it involves a lot. There is a company behind it, you know?" Maite said.

She further claimed that depending on popularity, a person on a platform like OnlyFans could earn as much as £47,370 monthly.

She continued: "As I said, there is a company behind it, as it is a business. It is not as easy as just showing up and producing content that will make money."

Before Ana Otani organized the contest which Maite won, she had initially gained the public's attention for getting "nymphoplasty" surgery to appease her ex-boyfriend before their breakup in 2020.

The surgery involved trimming excess skin around the inner lips, the labia minora, in cases where women felt too self-conscious about how large they were. In Ana's case, her ex-boyfriend was the catalyst.

She later underwent surgery to rebuild her hymen and attempted to sell her virginity at auction for £109,137.

She later felt her followers were getting tired of seeing her vagina and decided to find them the most beautiful vagina in Brazil.

She succeeded on November 28, 2021. Her 1.2 million followers actively participated in the selection that crowned Maite Sasdelli the winner.