Woman Shares How She Accidentally Created An ‘Army Of Crow Bodyguards’ And They Might’ve Already Saved A Life

Crows have long been considered cunning. In fact, it’s now believed that they could be the second smartest animal after primates. Crows are able to solve complex problems spontaneously, so no wonder they are sometimes called “feathered apes.”

And it seems like one Oregon woman who goes by the handle u/cranne has become quite a friend to them. In this Reddit thread, u/cranne shared a story of how she accidentally created an army of crow bodyguards who later started being defensive towards their human friend.

Not only did the crows follow the woman whenever she went outside; on one occasion, they literally dive-bombed a neighbor.

But the story has a very wholesome update, which proves these dark-feathered creatures are not the vile birds from Alfred Hitchcock’s film, but quite on the contrary. Read the full story down below, and don’t forget to share your own crow stories in the comment section!

The epic crow story is going viral on social media and people totally love its wholesome update

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Here is the full story shared by the Oregon woman who got concerned about her crow friends attacking the neighbors

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And this is what people had to say about it

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Later, the thread’s author posted this wholesome update melting everyone’s hearts

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And this is what others had to add to the thread

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