Woman Shares “Red Flags” In Relationships That Can Actually Be “Green Flags”

Sometimes, you just don’t know whether or not you and the person you’re dating are a good match. Trying to figure it out, we turn to our friends and tell them about what we’ve learned about our romantic interest so far. They give us advice, we question it, and turn to the Internet, hoping we’ll stumble upon an article that will give us all the answers.

However, throughout this search, we often focus on signs we feel are worrying; problematic behaviors, and tendencies that could hurt us down the line. Red flags. But TikTok user Kayla Nichole thinks they can be misleading. So in order to broaden our perspective, Kayla has released a few videos, explaining how these red flags can actually be green. Of course, every situation is different but it can be so useful to challenge your thinking and try to look at things from another point of view.

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Since Kayla’s video blew up, she released a follow-up the next day

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