Woman Shows How To Deal With Unsolicited Pics And Her Reply Goes Viral

The rise of uninvited sexual images has unfortunately become a fact of life for many young women on social media. A recent YouGov study showed that almost 5 in 10 women (46%) of millennials have received an unsolicited D pic, and they are more likely to have received one the younger they are.

And while we are aware this is not acceptable and essentially humiliating, if you’ve found yourself in this disturbing situation, the words do run dry. But one woman who goes by the Twitter handle @FruityNessa has just come up with probably the most genius way to fight back against internet creeps.

After receiving such an unsolicited pic from a dude who thought it was a good idea, @FruityNessa replied with a staged automated message that made the freak cry for “help.” She then posted the screenshots on Twitter with the caption “I don’t typically post dms but I was really proud of this one,” which blew up immediately with 751.6K likes and 110.5K retweets and comments.

This woman’s viral response to an unsolicited picture has been hailed as genius on social media

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Someone tweaked the staged automated message to make it seem even more realistic

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The author also said that every little detail counts in making the message believable

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Image credits: moonshinemarsh

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Image credits: FruityNesa

Many people joined the thread to share their views on the matter

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