WWDC 2024: visionOS 2 Announced With Enhanced Spatial Photos and More!

visionOS 2 for Apple Vision Pro
  • WWDC 2024 sees the visionOS 2 get announced for the Vision Pro.
  • The new major update brings enhanced spatial photos, easier way to access Control Center, SharePlay in Photos app, and more.
  • visionOS 2 also finally unlocks the Bora Bora environment as well as introduces a new 180-degree 8K format for immersive videos.

The first major update for Apple Vision Pro has been officially announced. From spatial photos getting enhanced to SharePlay in personas, ultrawide monitor, train support in travel mode, and more, here’s everything that’s new with visionOS 2!

Apple kicks off the visionOS 2 segment by talking about how the new update brings new ways to “connect with memories, productivity updates, and new immersive experiences.” The new update sees you turn normal photos into spatial photos using “advanced machine learning”.

While you could already create Spatial Photos on the Vision Pro, from the looks of it, Apple is further creating a distinction of the foreground and background, thereby enhancing the immersiveness of such photos. Immersive videos are also getting a new 180-degree 8K format.

Moreover, these immersive videos can now also be edited on Final Cut Pro as well as watched via the new dedicated Vimeo app for the Vision Pro. With this, Apple is finally giving its Vision Pro users more control over the device, letting them create high-quality content instead of just viewing them.

visionOS 2 features

In addition, you also get to see SharePlay for Personas right in the Photos app, thereby taking shared experiences to a new level. The Vision Pro travel mode has also received an update, getting a new train mode.

The most intuitive thing that visionOS 2 brings is the ability to access the Control Center easily. Previously, there were no direct Vision Pro gestures to do so. Now, by flipping your hand, you can summon the Control Center. Additionally, you can simply tap to get to your Home Screen.

visionOS 2 will also unlock the much awaited Bora Bora environment on the Vision Pro as well. It also brings Mac Virtual Display enhancements, that turns your Vision Pro into an ultrawide monitor for your Mac.

On the developer front, we see Apple announce how

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