You Can Own The Byers Family’s (Hopefully) Demogorgon-Free Home From ‘Stranger Things’ For… Less Than You Think

If there are any Stranger Things fans looking to get into the exciting world of home ownership, a very interesting house just went on the market. Located in Fayetteville, Georgia, the Byers’ family home featured in the hit Netflix series is available for sale. For the first three seasons, Joyce, Jonathan, and Will Byers lived in the house, which saw its fair of action as the Hawkins gang battled a Demogorgon in the epic Season 1 finale. And, now, you can live in it for the current asking price of only $300,000.

Now, if that seems low, you’re going to want to think about the events of the show. On top of the production staging a messy Demogorgon fight inside the house complete with smoke bombs, fire and a spiked bat, Joyce (Winona Ryder) also took an axe to the wall when she wasn’t tearing the place apart while attempting to communicate with Will in the Upside Down.

Oh, and also, fans keep stopping by practically everyday. That, too. Via CNET:

The single-story home sits snug in a wooded area. The Zillow listing include images of the exterior and interior alongside the same pictures with an eerie pink tint… and some creepy figures looming about. “Don’t get stuck in the upside-down though,” the listing says. “This home does need a full rehab.”

According to the listing, fans continue to show up “almost daily” to get a peek at the home of Will, Joyce and Jonathan. “The owners had to put up a driveway barricade and private property signs just to keep people from trespassing,” the listing says.

That being said, $300,000 for a house that’s been beat to hell by a Netflix production for three whole seasons is not… that bad? Have you seen real estate prices lately? Sheesh.

(Via CNET)