You Can Play These Party Games Without Leaving Home

We’re all spending a lot more time at home, but sometimes you’ve still gotta scratch that social itch. When you’ve exhausted your energy at catching up over FaceTime—“What have you been up to?” “Not much, you?” “Same”—you’ve gotta spice it up a little. Thankfully, there’s a wide range of fun party games you can play online with friends—but which ones actually work well, which ones are worth it, and most important—which ones are the most fun?

At Home Party Games Review

Heads Up! On Houseparty

Anyone who had the Heads Up! app on their phone—or who watches Ellen—knows how much fun it can be. This is a great one for anyone who prefers their smartphone to their computer, because while Houseparty can be used on both, games can only be played on the phone. Heads Up! comes with three free decks on Houseparty. Perhaps the funniest is the #trending deck, which chooses of-the-moment topics that get updated regularly.

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