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We probably know more about the Kardashian-Jenner family than we do about our own. We know the specifics of their birthday party celebrations. We know the nuances of their feuds, and the contours in their makeup routines . We know their exes, their current flames, and their regrets...

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Uber has confirmed reports that it's building out its presence in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia by acquiring Dubai-based ride-hailing service Careem.  Read More

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Japan is small but a scenic country filled with awe-inspiring travel routes and luxurious vessels in which to travel through them. The latest transport design from the unique archipelago comes in the form of a train station sat isolated along the Nishiki River in Iwakuni, with no entrance...

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When it comes to finishing a space, window treatments can make all the difference. Although obviously a necessity for privacy and light control, they go beyond being strictly functional and make a room feel luxurious and complete. That said, there’s a world of choice when it comes to your...

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Last December, a Republican judge named Reed O’Connor handed down an opinion purporting to strike down the entire Affordable Care Act . The case,  Texas v. United States , was brought by several Republican officials who manipulated the process used to assign judges to cases in order to...

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