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This weekend, Watchmen will premiere on HBO, and in addition to trying to figure out who all the new superheroes are , you might specifically be wondering, who is that blue guy? America, meet your new favorite stoic superhero: Doctor Manhattan. Doctor Manhattan, alter ego...

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Netflix said in its third quarter earnings report on Wednesday that 64 million households watched "Stranger Things" season three. Netflix has pulled the curtain back on viewership recently and championed some of its most popular movies and TV shows. Visit Business Insider's homepage...

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The poor pooch. No one has come forward to claim a runaway dog after a photograph of it travelling alone on a bus sparked an appeal. The sad lookie Staffie-cross stray was pictured boarding a bus in West Yorkshire before taking a seat. The heartbroken pooch was seen to get aboard the 620...

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I’d like to start this by saying if you haven’t cleaned your toys yet:  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can talk about how you’re probably doing it wrong. Cleaning your sex toys isn’t meant to be complicated, but it’s not as easy as rubbing on (...

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The complaint details Trump’s efforts to pressure the Ukrainian government to investigate a Democratic rival

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