100 People Share Hilarious Stories Of Online Shopping Gone Wrong

Shopping online has become a popular option nowadays. It’s convenient, timesaving, and usually worry-free. That might be why a third of the global population chooses it over actually touring the stores. However, it can be a double-edged sword, as you’re never quite sure of what you’re going to get.

Despite the descriptions and pictures, your purchase might look nothing like what was presented. It can also come in questionable packaging or be something you didn’t order in the first place. We have scoured the internet to find some of the best examples of shopping fails and scams. Some situations play to the buyer's advantage, others—not so much, but most are far from what was expected. Scroll down for the images and check out more examples of shopping gone wrong here and here.

#1 I Came Home To A Package I Didn't Order - I Opened It Up To Find This And Have No Idea Who To Thank

Image credits: gintherthegreat

#2 I Requested 8 Bananas In My Weekly Grocery Pickup Order… They Gave Me 8 Bunches And Managed To Only Charge Me $0.68 - The Price Of One Single Banana

Image credits: coorgleesi

#3 My Fiancé And I Ordered A Navy Bathmat And This Came, 10/10 Would Order Again

Image credits: NODifyou_underSTAND

#4 There Was An Attempt For “Discrete Packaging” By The Adult Site I Ordered From

Image credits: imreddit_rick

#5 The Cake That Was Ordered And The Cake That Arrived

Image credits: OfficialBigHead

#6 What To Do When You Order A Small T-Shirt, And They Send You An XXXL

Image credits: Rebound

#7 I Ordered A Seinfeld Shirt From China And Not Only It Has "Friends" Printed On It But It Also Has R Letter Missing

Image credits: Jameskii

#8 You Also Need To Order Hips, Thick Thighs, And A Push-Up Bra Then Dye The Clothes Red

Image credits: tolanibaj

#9 BFF Got This Bear Hat For My Cat To Recreate An Adorable Instagram Post She Saw

Image credits: JJsNoodles

#10 Ordered These Grinches For My Sister's Baby Shower... Blown Away By What I Was Sent

Image credits: allstartinter2021

#11 Ordered A $3 Watch From Amazon. Nailed It

Image credits: removeyou

#12 Ordered The Cake On The Left, Got The One On The Right

Image credits: FotherMucker77

#13 Thought My Amazon App Was Frozen, Guess Not

Image credits: NN96

#14 Ordered From Instacart For The First Time And This Is How The Chicken Came

Image credits: Technical_Pause_8769

#15 Be Sure To Always Check The Size When Ordering Treats

Image credits: BuddyBonButt

#16 GameStop Sent Me 4 Controllers Instead Of Just The 1 I Ordered

Image credits: SpideyPoolForever

#17 My Mum Ordered This Online

Image credits: ItsDaiisy

#18 How Shoes I Ordered On Poshmark Arrived

Image credits: samuelfishh

#19 Picked Up My Walmart Order And They Left The Formula I Bought In Its Security Box

Image credits: Ok-Influence1109

#20 The Dog Bed My Mum Ordered For 99€

Image credits: Riinmi

#21 My Beautiful Order From ProFlowers

Image credits: BluntLema

#22 That's What Achilles Wore When He Was Going To War

Image credits: Anele

#23 Labyrinth-Style Doll Bought For $55. Can’t Stop Laughing

Image credits: emperxr

#24 This Is What Happens When You Order Stuff Off Facebook. What I Ordered vs. What I Actually Received

Image credits: suzanne_young

#25 My GF Ordered Some Ankle Weights For Running And Somehow Got Sent This Instead... Trying To Convince Her To Just Go Out Running With The Hammer

Image credits: Tex_

#26 Ordered A Swimsuit From Amazon. This Is What I Got

Image credits: c_h_a_r_

#27 The Ice Cream Cake We Ordered vs. What We Received

Image credits: MotherOfSomething

#28 What My Sister Ordered vs. What She Received

Image credits: Pikeur603

#29 Just Ordered A Pepperoni Pizza

Image credits: Civil-Celebration-28

#30 What Was Ordered vs. What Was Received Through Our Beloved Daraz

Image credits: Shanzaf

#31 Even My Dog Was Disappointed In This Facebook Ad Purchase

Image credits: printablewisdom1

#32 Ordered A Cute Pink Pig Kawaii Cushion Plush. But The One I Received Is All Hairy And Weird

Image credits: Grommulox

#33 My Buddy Ordered A Baby Yoda Doll From China. On The Left Is What He Thought He Ordered. On The Right Is What Came In The Mail

Image credits: MrBokudu

#34 I Ordered A Sandwich On Uber Eats And Got This, Sucks For The Person That Ordered This

Image credits: wholesaleion

#35 The Bear Mask My Friend Ordered vs. The Nightmare Fuel He Received

Image credits: poppigsteah

#36 Made For A Tiny Laptop

Image credits: the_amazingama

#37 I Ordered Nice Knives For The First Time In My Adult Life From eBay. The Seller Sent Me A Box From The Set I Ordered But The Knives Were A Different Line With Much Lower Quality

Then accused me of swapping the knives out and refusing to accept a return.

Image credits: DragonSpiritAnimal

#38 So I Ordered A Spider-Man Mask A While Back, And This Is What Came In

Image credits: UrameshiYuusuke

#39 What A Friend Of Mine Ordered On A Costume Site And What She Got

Image credits: dogbreathphoto

#40 I Was Trying To Return It, But Now It Might Have To Become My Signature Look

Image credits: rupertgood

#41 Not Even Close To Looking Similar

Image credits: angelaonuora

#42 I Can’t Believe It Fell For This One. I’m Actually Impressed

Image credits: jaesolo

#43 I Ordered 4 Sliders And Received 270 Bread Rolls. Such A Waste

Image credits: FatCatBoxNap

#44 Amazon Took The Picture With My Box In Mid-Air

Image credits: jumbojordie

#45 After Seeing The Pic Of My Nephew In His New Christmas Gift My SO Thinks He “Might Have Ordered The Wrong Size”

Image credits: the_drunken_taco

#46 What Was Ordered vs. What Was Received

Image credits: dcarey20

#47 So For My Birthday My Brother Ordered Me Jacket That Was Supposed To Be A Size Medium. When I Got The Jacket It Was Way To Big

When I looked at the tag it said "medium" but upon closer inspection, this is what I found.

Image credits: RedditCensorss

#48 What I Ordered vs. What I Got

Image credits: alaskanamber95

#49 What I Ordered vs. What I Got

Image credits: Meekmills98

#50 I Ordered Clint Eastwood. I Received His Derpy Cousin, Twice Removed

Image credits: I-am-mclovin2

#51 Ordered Food For My Mom Who Has Cancer And It’s Not Even Remotely Near My House

Image credits: st0n3rgirl420xd

#52 Amazon Literally Sent Me An Empty Bag And The Delivery Picture Shows It Was Open. (Say Hi To My Invisible Graphics Card)

Image credits: ynnubyzzuf

#53 I Have A Sick Dog So I Ordered £70 Worth Of Groceries From Morrisons Via Deliveroo. Morrisons Accepted The Order But Canceled Almost Every Item. And I Got An Onion

I paid £5 for delivery and £5 tip. Deliveroo refused to cancel. Behold, the world’s most expensive onion.

Image credits: f3361eb076bea

#54 What I Ordered vs. What I Got

Image credits: princessLopie

#55 Accidentally Ordered 500 USPS Boxes To My Mom's House, I Thought I Ordered 25

Image credits: MuteBKD

#56 Jack-O'-Lantern Pizza

Image credits: Strict_Report_6353

#57 This Is How My Walmart Delivery Order Came. I Called Customer Service To Ask What I Should Do And They Said Just Break It

Image credits: forlaughingtime

#58 These Whitening Strips Came In Our Walmart Pickup Order Like This In The Security Box. No Idea How To Get It Out

Image credits: relaxinatthelake

#59 I Purchased A Wallace Mug To Go With My Gromit Mug. Unbeknown To Me, I Had Ordered A Comically Small Mini-Mug

Image credits: ryane_jon

#60 Breaking Bad Mask My Friend Bought On Instagram

Image credits: On-The-Clock

#61 That Is Definitely Not The Same Fabric

Image credits: Ntshaby94

#62 Well, At Least I Got A Full Refund

Image credits: StupidIdiot8989

#63 Ordered Some New RAM For My PC From Amazon. Got A Headband Instead. Ordered A Replacement, Now I Have Two Headbands, And No RAM

Image credits: WhoWantsASausage

#64 Ordered 1 Lb Of Green Beans From Kroger Got Home And Saw They Only Gave Me 1 Green Bean

Image credits: Brockaka

#65 Ordered A Keyboard From Staples, Was Sent A Case Of Dr. Pepper Instead

Image credits: CampLonely

#66 Ordered A Pink Floyd Stained Glass Panel. Received An Actual Picture Of It

Image credits: iwantcatfood

#67 The Dress My Mom Ordered From A Random Website She Found On Facebook

Image credits: 88outtatime

#68 Ordered My Sister A Birthday Cake

Image credits: ThrowRA-cookie-ad

#69 The Star Trek Poster I Ordered Was Two Days Late And This Abomination Arrived Instead

Image credits: PiLamdOd

#70 I Told My Dad Not To Buy Anything From Wish, But He Made Me Order It For Him... It Didn't Go Well

Image credits: EzzieValentine

#71 Plant I Ordered vs. Plant I Received. In Some Way, I Feel Like I Deserve This For Choosing To Order A Plant Online

Image credits: daraoke

#72 Thought I Got A Great Deal On A Naruto Statue

Image credits: UrameshiYuusuke

#73 I Ordered A Chair, This Is What Got Delivered

Image credits: bsnyder12

#74 Ordered A Pizza Quesadilla From A Ghost Kitchen. 1st Picture Is What’s Advertised And The 2nd Is What I Got

Image credits: alana269

#75 Mom Ordered This From Wish. "Designed By Apple In California..."

Image credits: Zama_Mpungose_

#76 Ordered A Speaker From Target And They Delivered It With The Security Device On

Image credits: sauron-is-lord

#77 Waited 4 Weeks For Them

Image credits: rosevillestucco

#78 Ordered A Street Corn App From The Cheesecake Factory, Described As “Corn ‘Ribs’.” They Sent Seasoned, Corn-Less Cobs Instead Of The Corn

The corn has been stripped off and the cobs seasoned. The bite confirmed that this is seasonings and nothing more (description, with actual kernels of corn shown).

Image credits: mornon

#79 AliExpress vs. Reality

Image credits: Sabrientje2

#80 Ordered The Cake On The Right, For The Cake On The Left

Image credits: diamondsealtd

#81 That Living Room Carpet

Image credits: CuriousSounds

#82 This Used Watch I Bought On eBay

Image credits: thefringeseanmachine

#83 My ASOS Coat Just Arrived. I Have A Feeling They Sent Me The Wrong One

Image credits: _artbreaker

#84 And This Is Why You Check The Size Of The Rice Cooker Before Hitting The Amazon Buy Button (Banana For Scale)

Image credits: Oztravels

#85 My Mom Bought A Kiddie Pool Online But Didn’t Check The Size

Image credits: jacksrv

#86 I Ordered A Lighter, Dasher Replaced It With Packing Tape

Image credits: SunflowerRainfall

#87 Ordered Some New RAM For My PC, But Instead, I Received This Book About Vintage Feminism. I Can't Wait To Increase My PC's Speeds With This Bad Boy

Image credits: BatmansLongjohns

#88 10-Year-Old Beside "Five-Tier" Bookshelf

Image credits: AbortificantArtPrint

#89 Bought A Giant Realistic Cat Mask Off Amazon To Try To Scare My Cat With And They Sent Me A Lemon Mask

Image credits: UniqueUsername-789

#90 Sorry, The Slit Is Zipped? Enlighten Me

Image credits: elsavanilla

#91 Thanks, Amazon For Initially Saying I Couldn’t Return This Because It’s A Seasonal Item. Clearly, I Got Scammed

Image credits: Stephani2104

#92 What I Ordered vs. What I Got - I Ordered Six Sets Of This Garbage For My D&D Friends

Image credits: Sparkleskeleton

#93 I Can't Decide If You're More Plankton Or Mr. Crabs

Image credits: gxldenbeans

#94 Tried Ordering The Spider-Man On The Left. Got The One On The Right Instead

Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

#95 Ordered Dominos With BBQ Base, Not Metal

Image credits: DANNYCF24

#96 So Happy With My Purchase

Image credits: SquishBug2016

#97 Looking For Some Help After This Failed Etsy Purchase

Image credits: aNiceHeart

#98 Finally Ordered Our First Mr. Beast Burger And Then Realized After The First Bite That It Was Mostly Just Raw Meat

Image credits: reddit.com

#99 Ordered Steak From The Outback And This Is What Showed Up

Image credits: SusseyBaka

#100 What I Ordered From Shein vs. What I Got. No Hate To Shein, These Are Still Really Cute

Image credits: Impossible_Read_2171