103 Unusual Bird Nests Built In The Weirdest Places (New Pics)

Used for laying eggs and sheltering the little ones, bird nests vary in shape, size, and type. While some feathered creatures opt for a simple scrape nest by creating a shallow depression in the ground, for instance, others weave intricate ones out of twigs and other materials.

The latter kind often build their wonders of engineering in the most unusual places. They occupy everything from helmets, to car parts, swimming suits, and even traffic lights, and people have pictures to prove it. We’ve gathered some of them in this list today showing that there is no limit to their creativity when it comes to nesting locations. Scroll down to find the pictures and enjoy.

#1 A Hummingbird Built Its Nest On My Hanging Hummingbird Figurine

Image credits: lovemymaltese

#2 This Goose At My Hospital Laid Eggs And Is Nesting In A Large Planter. One Of Our Maintenance Guys Built An Umbrella For Her And Set Up Nearby Water For Her

Image credits: OrangeCosmos

#3 A Robin Has Nested Inside An MX Helmet In My Shed

Image credits: 33arig

#4 Baby Bird In The Mouth Of A Wolf Statue At My University

Image credits: ostrich270

#5 A Nice Wren Couple Moved Into A Hiking Boot In My Parents' Garage, And Today Their Family Grew By 5

Image credits: sarahaflijk

#6 I'm Gonna Make A Nest Right Here

Image credits: shroobs

#7 This Bird Making Its Nest In A Mop

Image credits: mcclanedutch

#8 People Kept Pointing Their Phones At The CCTV Camera

Image credits: 9999monkeys

#9 A Robin Made Its Nest And Laid Some Eggs In The Middle Of My Hanging Basket

Image credits: Blackjack14

#10 Robin Created Nest In Back Of An Elephant Planter

Image credits: PrettyCauliflower638

#11 A Sure Sign You Have Been Taking This "Stay At Home" Thing Seriously

Image credits: jolijuli

#12 The Nest That Some Birds Made In My Bicycle Seat Pack While I Was Away. I’ll Take The Bus To Work As Long As They Need It

Image credits: jacobhottberry

#13 Came Home Today And Found This Bird On My Balcony Chair Fully Equipped With Nest And Egg

Image credits: eoc1994

#14 Our Country (Malaysia) Has Been In Movement Control Order. This Is 10 Days Into The Lockdown

Image credits: jundesirehd

#15 This Is A Pic Of A Mourning Dove Which Made A Nest In My Bathroom, It Is On The Top Floor

I didn't scare off the dove by the picture nevertheless she is quite chill and not scared of us. We put some food and water in the bathroom.

Image credits: stone_monkey56

#16 A Bird Sitting In A Nest In A Wild Bird Sign

Image credits: someguyontheintrnet

#17 Hummingbird Family Made A Nest In A Pair Of Hanging Pool Goggles

Image credits: MusclePussy

#18 My Wife Hung A Wreath On Our Front Door. In The First Week A Bird Built A Nest Inside The Wreath. Week Two, A Bird Built A Nest On Top Of The Wreath

Image credits: Rockin_freakapotamus

#19 Bird Nesting In A Boot

Image credits: DogOnABike

#20 Bird Made Its Nest In My Mop

Image credits: stanlejm

#21 Robin's Nest In The Top Of A Fence Post

Image credits: Automaticdealz

#22 An Urban Bird That Uses Cigarette Butts To Protect Its Chicks From Parasites. Harmful To Humans But Beneficial To Birds

Image credits: saitamakita

#23 Stork Family Built Their Nest In Between The McDonald's Sign

Image credits: Fenixstorm1

#24 An Old Jacket Hanging In The Woods With A Bird's Nest Built In The Pocket

Image credits: golden_blaze

#25 A Bird Laid Eggs On The Stairs Of Our Front Porch

Image credits: reddit.com

#26 Left My Work Gloves Outside For A Couple Of Days. Went To Got Them And Found This

Image credits: another-modern-leper

#27 Two Eagles Have Decided To Build A Nest Right Outside My Grandma's Window On The 12th Floor

Image credits: GogoFrenchFry

#28 Got A Little Surprise When I Got Home From Work

Image credits: superschmunk

#29 Found At My Local Lowes

Image credits: TheFranchise36

#30 Behold! The Miracle Of Nature That Is The Pigeon Nest

Image credits: TeatimeWithMatt

#31 Birds Built A Nest In Our Window

Image credits: MissDarling92

#32 Second Year In A Row Robins Built A Nest On Our Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Image credits: angmarsilar

#33 I Fed A Duck, And Then She Made A Nest 6 Feat From My Front Door

Image credits: FIunky

#34 A Hummingbird Made A Tiny Nest On A Christmas Light

Image credits: emliv

#35 A Hummingbird Made A Nest On The Handle Of My Parent’s Basketball Hoop

Image credits: jakeseyenipples

#36 This Is Just Ridiculous

Image credits: BadNests

#37 A Hummingbird Built Her Nest On The String Lights Above My Patio Table

Image credits: Mjzak1977

#38 My Sister Hung Her Bathing Suit Top Out To Dry. A Bird Started Building A Nest In The Cup

Image credits: SpreadySpaghetti

#39 Bird Made A Nest In Our Holiday Wreath And Had Babies

Image credits: ZKK161820

#40 Duck Made A Nest In My Fire Pit, And Duckies Finally Hatched

Image credits: Voodoo330

#41 This Bird's Nest In My Dad's Helmet. They Hatched

Image credits: 15dynafxdb

#42 This Bird Nest I Found On Top Of My Heavy Bag

Image credits: ilovemydumbdogs

#43 This Duck That Laid Its Eggs In A Planter At My Work

Image credits: thepriceofrice

#44 There's A Bird Nest In My Newspaper Slot

Image credits: kaaaathryn

#45 My Mother Printed And Hung This Picture To Deter Birds From Building A Nest On The Front Porch

Image credits: colorfularchipelago

#46 Mobile Home

Image credits: Elvishgirl

#47 I Left Our Back Windows Open For Too Long

Image credits: iambertan

#48 I Love Pigeons Because When It’s Time To Make A Nest They’re Like “Whatever”

Image credits: christapeterso

#49 Going To The Track Today, But Found That Two Nesting Birds Had More Important Plans For My Helmets

Image credits: Dugger512

#50 That's Escalating

Image credits: Elvishgirl

#51 Left My Bathroom Window Open For 3 Weeks While I Was Away And A Bird Laid A Nest In My Sink

Image credits: grenadej

#52 A Bird Nested In This Pumpkin Decoration I Keep On My Porch

Image credits: LordOfTheGerenuk

#53 Found A House Sparrow Nest With A Clutch In My Camp Chair

Image credits: fermi0nic

#54 There Was An Attempt

Image credits: BadNests

#55 Found A Bird Nest In Our Garden. We Have Two White Fluffy Dogs And It Looks Like The Nest Was Built With Their Fur

Image credits: dittshie

#56 I Found This Bird Chilling On His Nest In A Stoplight On My Way To Work

Image credits: TheGossey

#57 There Is A Bird's Nest In This "Tree"

Image credits: xXPloopyXx

#58 This Parking Meter That's Become A Bird's Nest

Image credits: _DOA_

#59 There’s A Bird Nest Inside The Street Light

Image credits: Mistifikatorcat

#60 Some Birds Built A Nest In One Of My Relative’s Grill, While It Was Still Closed

Image credits: PugOverload

#61 A Bird Built A Nest In A Mask I Left Outside

Image credits: Edgelord420666

#62 This Is A Canadian Goose Named Dorthy. She Visits My Grandparents' House Every Year To Make Her Nest And Lay Her Eggs

Image credits: Thicc-Shibe3000

#63 That Pigeon Nesting Between Anti-Pigeon Spikes

Image credits: Hubbiflubbi

#64 A Bird Using Wires For Nesting On One Of Our Windows

Image credits: urtotalfriend

#65 A Hummingbird Built Her Nest On Some Loose Cables At My House

Image credits: charizardpoop

#66 A Bird Has Made Its Nest In This Drinking Fountain

Image credits: ggfchl

#67 Another Reason To Not Exercise: A Bird Made A Nest In My Bike's Cup Holder

Image credits: maggieufledu

#68 Spooky Nest

Image credits: obamasvape

#69 A Bird Managed To Build A Nest In My Wheel While I Was At Work Today

Image credits: phillyphonka

#70 My Friend Left Her Bathroom Window Open And Came Home To A Bird’s Nest

Image credits: JadedAyr

#71 This Very Safe Nest

Image credits: shovel-man-99

#72 Who Left The Office Window Open During The Lockdown?

Image credits: throwyMcTossaway

#73 A Bird Nested Under Our Nest Camera

Image credits: Couplebumps

#74 A Mourning Dove Made A Nest In My Gutter

Image credits: Marconis4

#75 Funny Bird Nest

Image credits: faust_allegra

#76 Cute Little Bird Nest In Starbucks Logo At St. Armand Circle In Sarasota, FL

Image credits: theswissganizer

#77 I Introduce Pearl, The Dove Who Has Taken Up Residence In Our BNG (Bird Nest Greenhouse)

Image credits: DocBrackin

#78 I Found A Bird’s Nest In A Tree Trunk While Taking A Walk

Image credits: Eyekosaeder

#79 A Baby Pigeon Hatched In My Girlfriend's Flowerpot. He's 6 Days Old

Image credits: cassiuscray_

#80 Wondered Why A Bird Kept Flying Into My Miniature Evergreen

Image credits: Timmymac1000

#81 Found This Sweet Momma On My Dad’s Boat! A Couple Of Feathers And A Carpet Are All You Really Need For A Nice Nest

Image credits: ABTrilick

#82 For The Past Few Days, Mockingbirds Have Been Trying To Build A Nest In My Jeep's Spare Tire While I'm At Work

Image credits: JunkyardDog24

#83 I Work In A Senior Community And Came Across This Bird's Nest Made Up Of Mostly Grey Hairs

Image credits: MeraFrijolera

#84 From Death Comes Life. Bird's Nest On A Grave

Image credits: A_Cat_Named_Frank

#85 Bird's Nest Under The Lid Of My Propane Tank

Image credits: misterpickleman

#86 I Was Emptying A Surprising Amount Of Sticks And Leaves Out Of My New Apartment’s Mailbox And Discovered It Was A Bird Nest

Image credits: piaknow

#87 Bird Nesting Outside Our 2-Story Office Window

Image credits: african_writer

#88 A Little Bird Built Its Nest On Top Of The Fire Bell In My Parkade. Let's Hope There Are No False Alarms In The Next Few Months

Image credits: Madiikatty

#89 A Bird Built A Nest Inside My Forge

Image credits: LilyFish-

#90 Bird's Nest In My Pothos

Image credits: squishiestpupper

#91 This Sparrow's Nest With A Whole Teabag Hanging Out Of It

Image credits: TeeteringCrockery

#92 This Bird Has Been Living Rent-Free Underneath My Doorstep For Weeks Now. They Made A Nest, Laid Eggs, And Everything

Image credits: 666HeroHero

#93 A Bird Is Raising It's Babies In A Cigarette Bucket At My Workplace

Image credits: velvence

#94 This Terrible (Wonderful) Porch Pigeon Saga

Image credits: BadNests

#95 This Little Guy Made A Nest In My Fake Potted Plant Outside

Image credits: chocolatebu

#96 A Bird's Nest In The Wooden Ceiling Outside Our Home

Image credits: sarahrehan

#97 There's A Bird Nest In This Coat

Image credits: ConstantlyLost23

#98 You Have Chosen A Poor Location For Your Nest

Image credits: rossionq1

#99 She Found A Perfect Pre-Made Nest

Image credits: GandalfTheEh

#100 Someone's Bed Could Be A Nest

Image credits: firelordnikon

#101 A Dove Nesting In A Cow Skull

Image credits: DoodDoes

#102 Next To My Front Door

Image credits: Snowbird234

#103 The Rudest Bird I Know. The Excellent Location Of Nest To Divebomb Me And All Visitors

Image credits: GuyOnSofa

#104 Robin Created Nest In Back Of Elephant Planter

#105 Robin‘S Nest In The Top Of A Fence Post