107 ‘Mildly Interesting’ Things That May Surprise You (New Pics)

“Huh, that’s interesting.” How many times have you used that line as a response to something that wasn't exactly fascinating? Maybe someone told you a fun fact, or you noticed something slightly unusual at the grocery store. Nothing life-altering, but something just intriguing enough to solicit a response.

That’s the kind of content we’re featuring today, pandas! We’ve taken a trip to the Mildly Interesting subreddit and gathered some photos down below that are just that: mildly interesting. From random things people encountered to bizarre experiences they’ve had, enjoy scrolling through these out of the ordinary pics, and be sure to upvote all of your favorites!

#1 I Boiled Down 5 Gallons Of Seawater And This All The Salt

Image credits: jefpatnat

#2 A Letter I Wrote To Myself 10 Years Ago

Image credits: Cantspeakgerman

#3 Just Saw This Roomba On Top Of A Norwegian Mall Door

Image credits: Advanced-Secretary-3

Not everything we see and experience can be mindblowing. You’re not going to eat the most delicious dinner you’ve ever tasted every single evening, and not every film you watch will change your life. Sometimes, we eat meals that are “pretty tasty,” and we have no problem listening to music that’s “not my favorite but not bad.” That’s how we learn to appreciate what really is amazing!

And just like in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, there’s always a happy medium between something being too much and not enough. That’s where the Mildly Interesting subreddit fits in. This community, which has amassed an impressive 23 million members, is dedicated to sharing photos that fall just in between boring and fascinating. 

#4 Woke Up With A Mystery Bite On My Arm And It’s Spreading Into My Bloodstream

Image credits: Solid-Kaleidoscope70

#5 We Have A Vacuum System In The House, Where You Just Put A Long Hose On And It Starts Sucking

Image credits: idkimaperson21

#6 Puréed 'Roast Dinner With Gravy' Served To My Dad In Hospital

Image credits: sleggat

This subreddit shares anything and anything that just might pique your interest. But there’s also no pressure in the group to share something that is fascinating and mind blowing. Members don’t have to worry about receiving comments about how boring their post is because, hey, they never promised that it would be amazing!

Having the freedom to share only mildly interesting posts can actually be a relief given the landscape of most of the internet nowadays. Social media often bombards us with countless perfect videos and images that are intended to teach us something new, change our lives and inspire us to follow the creator’s advice. The Mildly Interesting subreddit, on the other hand, has no such pressure. Just share things that made you think, “Huh, that’s interesting.”

#7 My Phone Sees Orange Coals As Purple

Image credits: fadedtile

#8 An Emotional Support Highland Cow

Image credits: megmugg

#9 I’m In A Weight Loss Clinical Study And This Is The Test Food I Ate

Image credits: OneHumanPeOple

I’ve heard the word “interesting” described as a “nothing adjective” before, meaning that it doesn’t actually tell us anything about what it’s describing. It might often be used when people really meant that something was strange, confusing, impressive, offensive, disgusting, exciting, funny, etc., depending on the context. But it’s also important to keep in mind that what one person considers interesting might be incredibly boring to another person. 

#10 I Bought An Energy Drink Online And They Sent Me A Bag Full Of Hair

Image credits: normie-redditer

#11 My Grandpa Gave Me A Can Of Oxygen For Christmas

Image credits: JohnAdams4620

#12 I Logged How Every Day Went In 2023

Image credits: flabberdabbergasted

Fast Company published a piece exploring what exactly it means to be interesting, and they pointed out that when we describe something as “interesting,” we’re probably not describing the actual thing. Instead, we’re describing our experience of seeing or doing something. “While we might describe objects as interesting, we should recognize that this is a loose, and shorthand, way to describe what’s really interesting–our experience of them,” Anisa Purbasari Horton explains, noting that we have to remember how subjective “interesting” is. 

#13 My Sticky Notes Were Delivered On An Appropriately-Sized Pallet

Image credits: TrixoftheTrade

#14 My LEGO Pyramid Set Came With An Extra Unlisted Piece, An Alien Ray Gun

Image credits: anawnymoos

#15 Raynaud’s Phenomenon (Vasospasm)

Image credits: minthotel

Horton also points out that, as humans, we often seek out interesting things or experiences, even if they may not be particularly pleasurable. We typically see value in doing something interesting, such as learning a new language or running a marathon, even though we might not enjoy them as much as, say, sitting at home and cuddling with our dogs. 

“Interesting experiences spark the mind in a way that stimulates and lingers,” Horton writes. “They can also be easy to come by — sometimes just a sense of curiosity is needed to make an activity interesting. Look around, feel the pull, and cherish the interesting.”

#16 Itemised Employee Health Insurance On My Bill In The Us

Image credits: Tumamaenpelota

#17 There’s A Bare Footprint On The Table Of This Restaurant I Went To For Brunch

Image credits: MyCatsNameIsMilton

#18 A Letter Sent To The Brewpub I Work At Requesting A Newly Issued Coaster

Image credits: WiFibcFi

While there are plenty of things that most of us can agree are quite interesting, we certainly don’t all agree on what grabs our attention. For example, a documentary about Ancient Rome or a nature documentary featuring deep sea creatures would not be my first choice of what to watch on any given evening. Yet my partner finds both of those things fascinating. I, on the other hand, would prefer to watch a documentary discussing cults, true crime stories or the problems with animal agriculture. 

#19 Bubbles In My Coffee This Morning

Image credits: fabianoid

#20 Door Knob Is Higher At The Doctor’s Office To Prevent Kids From Escaping

Image credits: qbertking

#21 My Bank Gave Me A Roll Of Brand New Pennies From 1964

Image credits: numismaticthrowaway

Do you dread going to an event where you meet new people and inevitably have to share an interesting fact about yourself? I have a few go-to fun facts that I’m always ready to tell strangers, but once I’m in a group of people that I already know, they’ve probably heard them before and I quickly run out of ideas of anything that sounds remotely interesting. 

If you’re in the same boat, have no fear. Science of People has a few ideas for how we can all become a little more interesting. And their first step, of course, is to stop doing uninteresting things. Watching Netflix, talking about the weather, and eating the same meals all the time should immediately be removed from your daily routine. You’ve got much more fascinating things to do! 

#22 All 7’s Serial Number Found At Work

Image credits: Exotic_Planogram

#23 I Don’t Have A Seat In Front Of Me On My Flight

Image credits: empathyisheavy

#24 Neighbor Installed Heaters Under Public Sidewalk

Image credits: llIIlllIIIIIIlllIIll

Another step to becoming more interesting is to stop asking boring questions. These only lead to dull answers, so instead, you need to start asking yourself and others deeper, thought-provoking questions. Next, start consuming interesting content. Diversify your news sources, and start reading books you would not have previously picked up. Also, surround yourself with people you consider interesting. We all know that we rub off on the people we spend the most time with, so you’re bound to be inspired by their zest for life!

#25 The Fire On My Stove Turned Green

Image credits: TheSiZaReddit

#26 Same “Blackout” Curtains Bought Two Years Apart. Old Panel On The Right, New Panel On The Left

Image credits: andiemay1224

#27 The Batteries In My Remote Go The Same Direction

Image credits: sigmas21

Are you enjoying scrolling through these mildly interesting pics, pandas? Keep upvoting all of your favorites, and feel free to share in the comments what you’ve found to be mildly interesting lately. Then, if you’d like to check out another Bored Panda article featuring things that are just slightly amusing, look no further than right here!

#28 My Bra Has A "No Pacemaker" Warning

Image credits: FernyFox

#29 This Old Worn Key vs. A Fresh Cut One For The Same Vehicle

Image credits: Vespyre

#30 My Cigarettes Came Out Of The Vending Machine With An Euro Taped On It

Image credits: pluslinus

#31 The Robot Barista At My Work Can Print Any Image Into The Foam

Image credits: froggytoboggy

#32 Canadian Cigarettes Now Have Warnings On Each Individual Cigarette

Image credits: 152centimetres

#33 This Bar I Went To Has One Way Glass In The Bathroom

Image credits: thinjester

#34 6 Lines On My Fingernails, One For Each Chemo Session I Had Recently

Image credits: Rowadd

#35 The Cafe I Went To Puts A Teddy Bear Espresso Ice Cube Into Their Iced Lattes

Image credits: AshtonJupiter

#36 Ordered A 3x, Got A 13x Instead

Image credits: Blowtorch89

#37 This Graffiti Artist Avoided Painting Over The Rail Car Information

Image credits: tehmaikol

#38 Found These Tiny White Balls With Faces On Them

Image credits: nomad_raptor_

#39 Tiny Hammer And Enticing Button With No Explanation In My Historic Apartment Building

Image credits: gormie14

#40 I Peeled A Lemon Like An Orange

Image credits: pecyon

#41 My Tpn (Nutrition Pumped Into My Heart) Has Olive Oil And Egg In It

Image credits: grudginglyadmitted

#42 My Cheap Bread Knife Broke And Had A Paring Knife Cut Out Of The Tang

Image credits: duarte1223

#43 The “American Selection” At An Irish Supermarket

Image credits: irqdly

#44 My Puzzle Has Letters On The Back To Check Placement

Image credits: ZombiesAndZoos

#45 They Censored The Word “Brownie” On All These Packages In My Local Grocery Store

Image credits: irgizined

#46 My Sister Accidentally Left Some Salt Water In Her Ceramic Mug Overnight And Salt Crystals Seeped Through

Image credits: dragoneerdude

#47 It’s So Cold In Chicago That The Top Of The Willis Tower Is Frozen

Image credits: SomeOldJew

#48 It's -36 Celsius In Finland Today

Image credits: celestialraisin

#49 My Coffee Cup Is Edible

Image credits: lethalsmoky

#50 This Underwear Has A Pocket For Your Phone

Image credits: Cdog1223

#51 Only Two Of The Three Diamonds In My Wedding Ring Glow Under UV Light

Image credits: theonlyquirk

#52 The "Do Not Microwave" Instruction Was The Only Part Of My Starbucks Cup To Burn When I Microwaved It

Image credits: dvs8

#53 This Sign In A Karaoke Room Imploring Patrons Not To Open A Door

Image credits: goestotwelve

#54 The Storage Pantry In My Italian-American Parent’s Home

Image credits: ontherok

#55 Local Bookshop Sells Mystery Books. The Wrapping Describes The Themes Only

Image credits: aspz

#56 Covid Vaccine In Resin

Image credits: 13Cherrycola13

#57 This Pan Claims It Can Withstand Temperatures 3x The Surface Of The Sun

Image credits: Kuandtity

#58 Just Shaved My Sofa With A Fabric Shaver And It Almost Looks New Again

Image credits: gerlindee

#59 The Shower Door In My Hotel Has A Random Hole In The Middle

Image credits: OffensivePanda

#60 My Local Staples Was Selling 30 Year Old Transparency Sheets For 86 Dollars

Image credits: doodlebuuggg

#61 These Older Unopened Toys Left At A Toys For Tots Drop Off

Image credits: weirdsideofreddit1

#62 Iron Lung In Use Sign Still Up

Image credits: ViceMaiden

#63 The Evolution Of The Disney Chip Mug (Left 2017 Right 2024)

Image credits: Thorneymoorwoods

#64 This Is A Grow Your Own Dinosaur Toy After 4 Years Of Being In A Jar

Image credits: No_Fault

#65 Monopoly Games On Sale 60% Off, Excluding All Monopoly Games

Image credits: ShenDraeg

#66 The Price Raises Of Cat Food Over A Year At Target

Image credits: LeagueofSOAD

#67 My Grandfather Guarding A Kkk Function

Image credits: Sir_Baller

#68 I Went To A Puzzle Factory And They Had A Wall Of Shame

Image credits: hybridginger

#69 This New 16gb Sd Card Has Virtually Nothing Inside It

Image credits: EeveesGalore

#70 The Amount Of Caffeine Gum That Is “Safe” For Military Members vs. Civilians

Image credits: jassandra

#71 This Rectangular Reaction To A Mosquito Bite On My Leg

Image credits: minombreesmosquito

#72 This Remote Can Take A Single 12 Volt Battery Or Two Aaa Batteries

Image credits: MelArlo

#73 My Local Panera Bread Now Has Warnings About The Charged Lemonade

Image credits: ElectricFrostbyte

#74 My Fiancés Car Looks Like A Ps1 Game Cause Of The Frost

Image credits: stargasingintovoid

#75 My Single Extremely Long Leg Hair

Image credits: capacitivePotato

#76 Fresh Wasabi. $150/Pound

Image credits: Berk_canc_

#77 My Daughter Caught A Fish With Her Bare Hands While Swimming At The Lake

Image credits: Enlide

#78 Ordered Some Covid Tests From Amazon, Got A Free Pack Of Pasta

Image credits: digitalcosmonaut

#79 In China They Have Women Only Parking Spaces That Are Made Bigger

Image credits: tomhutch

#80 Dropped My iPhone On A Beach And The Magsafe Case Attracted Titanomagnetite From The Black Sand

Image credits: sendintheclouds

#81 Fried Egg That Looks Like Australia

Image credits: tan2er123

#82 This Honey Container From My Hotel Breakfast Buffet Is Edible

Image credits: Tanakaaa1998

#83 The Bay Leaf Inside My Pâté Was Actually Plastic With A Leaf Pattern Printed On It

Image credits: jazzfunkslapbass

#84 There Are Ads To Prevent Polio Again

Image credits: JukeBoxDildo

#85 My Book Matches My Reading Spot Pretty Well

Image credits: reddit.com

#86 Pineapple Wall Art Has Two Hanger Options

Image credits: onhojohno

#87 My Daughter’s Suitcase Toy Comes With A Pretend USB A To USB C Cable

Image credits: libovness

#88 My Grandmother Documented "Clinton's Confession" By Taking Photos Of Him On The TV

Image credits: sexi_squidward

#89 My Therometer Was Made In North Korea

Image credits: darkbosnianhorse

#90 Less Than One Second Of 3,000°f Flame To A Finger Nail

Image credits: Nuggzey420

#91 Found An Absolutely Absurd Amount Of 30+ Year Old Cans In The Attic Above My Garage

Image credits: itzKairos

#92 Walmart Doesn’t Sell Firearms On Christmas

Image credits: lemony_bryce

#93 This $400 Book About Magic That Says "Do Not Open" I Saw At A Thrift Shop

Image credits: Kermit_Druid

#94 Metal Obelisk Found In The Middle Of The Woods

Image credits: Mad_duck4

#95 My Friend Works For The White House And Got Us On Their Christmas Card List

Image credits: Thoreaud0wn

#96 I Found An Identical, Unused Version Of Our 30 Year Old Cutting Board At A Thrift Shop

Image credits: airbrushedvan

#97 Found An Old Kkk Membership Application In My Grandfathers Old Things

Image credits: DeathGodXapples

#98 This @ I Wrote Today

Image credits: AddyBishop

#99 Media Bias Chart At My Local Library

Image credits: NPocu

#100 I Won A Sweepstakes PC

Image credits: invertedcolors

#101 My Colleagues Pliers Breaks Always On Same Spot

Image credits: e-tim

#102 My Dentist Has A Jägermeister-Option Next To The Water/Coffee Station

Image credits: Fredman1976

#103 Whoever Made My Hair Clip Didn't Notice The Fly In The Acrylic

Image credits: tittybopper12

#104 Lash Egg: A Mass Of Tissue And Pus Laid By A Chicken Like A Regular Egg

Image credits: Bituulzman

#105 My Ears Before, And After Getting Them Reconstructed (Almost 3 Years Healed)

Image credits: kaseeeey

#106 Opium Poppy Plant Growing Wild In Downtown London

Image credits: CrazyKZG

#107 Difference Between An iPhone 3gs And iPhone 15 Pro Max

Image credits: Drewsilvaa

#108 My Sister Accidentally Left Some Salt Water In Her Ceramic Mug Overnight And Salt Crystals Seeped Through

#109 The Amount Of Caffeine Gum That Is “Safe” For Military Members vs. Civilians

#110 Old vs. New Chocolate Chips