142 Times Architects Put In The Effort To Make Something Extra Special And Succeeded (New Pics)

Think of your favorite building. Its vibrant colors, graceful curves, and unique shapes define its character. Reflect on the emotions it evokes when you stand in its presence.

Unlike books and cinema, architecture enthusiasts can't simply browse online or visit their local bookstores to indulge in the captivating visual pleasures offered by architectural wonders like Casa Batlló in Spain or an imposing, windowless skyscraper. Often, one would need to embark on a journey across different corners of the globe to satisfy their craving for more architectural marvels.

However, this is where this thriving online community of over 1.4 million members comes into play, providing architecture lovers with the opportunity to admire intricate historical structures and exquisitely complex buildings from the comfort of their homes. So go ahead, marvel at these intricate structures and get inspired to seek your favorite ones out outside the screen.

#1 Art Nouveau: Casa Batlló In Passeig De Gràcia By Antoni Gaudí

Image credits: InsideDark_2260

#2 The Rose Cottage, An 18th-Century Thatched Roof Cottage In The Small Village Of Honington, Stratford-On-Avon District Of Warwickshire, England

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#3 The 18th Century Gothic Revival Inveraray Castle Near The Town Of Inveraray, Argyll And Bute, Western Scotland

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#4 Hoechst Technical Administration Building, Frankfurt-Hochst, Designed By Peter Behrens

Image credits: Newgate1996

#5 Anthony Chapel, Univ. Arkansas - Designed By E. Fay Jones

Image credits: Tinkerer221

#6 Does This Lightrail Station Entrance By My Neighborhood Count? I Love It

Image credits: RCsSnaps

#7 Asamkirche Is A Baroque Church In Munich Built From 1733 To 1746 By A Pair Of Brothers As Their Private Church

Image credits: Either_Buy_240

#8 Gruntvig's Church, Copenhagen

Image credits: parkylondon

#9 Tennis Court Inside 16th Century Milan Church

Image credits: Reasonable_Silver109

#10 Roman Aqueduct Overshadowing The Old Town Of Segovia, Spain

Image credits: Notsure401

#11 Anmyeonam Temple Shrouded In Sea Fog Facing Cheonsu Bay, Anmyeon Island, Taean County, South Chungcheong Province, South Korea

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#12 Double-Fronted Victorian House With Bay Windows Facing The Garden, Hampstead, Camden, London, UK

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#13 Entrance Hall Of Antwerp Central Station, Belgium. Designed By Louis Delacenserie. 1905

Image credits: El_Robski

#14 Fisherman’s Bastion Budapest, Hungary

Image credits: TheoDubsWashington

#15 Alwyn Court, New York City

Image credits: jbilous

#16 Paris Court (A/K/A Párizsi Udvar And Brudern House), Budapest, Hungary. Built In 1910, It Underwent A Major Renovation And Conversion Into A Five-Star Hotel In 2019; Interior Design Kroki, Architecture Studio Archikon. [667x1000]

Image credits: WonderWmn212

#17 Patrika Gate, Jaipur, India

Image credits: g0ddeshenta1

#18 Victorian House In Matawan, New Jersey

Image credits: Unique-Actuator2672

#19 Museum Of The Future, Dubai

Image credits: xocassielansdell

#20 Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India [611 X 919]

Image credits: Economy_Carpenter_23

#21 A Traditionally Built Century Old House In Kashmir. The Technique Used In Construction Is A Mughal Style Called 'Uroosi' Which Saves The House In Case Of Earthquakes In The Quake Prone Region

Image credits: IsopodLife4544

#22 Puente Nuevo, Spain

Image credits: simplesee777

#23 Kew Greenhouse - London, UK

Image credits: perengana

#24 Have You Heard About The First Skyscrapers In The World? It Was Built 600 Years Ago In Yemen From Mud

Image credits: Onahas2

#25 Osaka Castle, Japan

Image credits: Phnake

#26 Stone Cottage In Elterwater, A Small Village Of The Lake District, Cumbria, England

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#27 Empire State Building

Image credits: Impressive_Hat9961

#28 Stair At A Private Residence In Sierra Madre, California By John Andre Gougeon - Architect (1975)

Image credits: Ideal_Jerk

#29 The Windowless Skyscraper At 33 Thomas Street In New York City Is An Example Of Brutalist Architecture

Image credits: Reasonable_Silver109

#30 Prague Castle, Czech Republic

Image credits: PlashticyaTrashwarya

#31 Wollaton Hall, England

Image credits: the_count_aga

#32 House Made Inside A Rocky Cave. Serifos Island, Greece

Image credits: L0o0o0o0o0o0L

#33 Looking Up At The Doge Palace, Venezia

Image credits: arioandy

#34 Jaisalmer Fort In Rajasthan, India

Image credits: royalbluesword

#35 Old House In The City Of Ribe, Denmark

Image credits: Lepke2011

#36 The Facade Of Casa Malagrida, A Modernista Style Building Built Between 1906 And 1908 And Designed By Architect Joaquim Codina I Matalí In Barcelona, Spain

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#37 So Japan Is A Cool Place

Image credits: MacNuggetts

#38 The Ceiling Of Shah Mosque, Esfahan, Iran

Image credits: Poaiaaa

#39 A Helical Stepwell With 8 Entries. Maharashtra, India

Image credits: sakthlaunda95

#40 The Library Of French National Assembly

Image credits: redcattino

#41 St Mary & St Finnan Church, Scotland

Image credits: hp333x

#42 Bgz Bnp Paribas Bank In Wroclaw, Poland

Image credits: Helpful-Substance685

#43 Singapore Changi Airport

Image credits: Tayo826

#44 Sainte-Chapelle, Paris - Commissioned By King Louis Ix And Consecrated In 1248

Image credits: Either_Buy_240

#45 House Lis Art Nouveau Entrance, Salamanca, Spain, 1905 [1080x924]

Image credits: WestonWestmoreland

#46 Atlanta Marquis Marriott Lobby

Image credits: XLX33

#47 Dresden's Frauenkirche

Image credits: langshot

#48 Double Spiral Staircase - Landgericht Halle (Regional Court), Halle, Germany (1905). Extensively Restored In 2013. [2048x1366]

Image credits: WonderWmn212

#49 St. Stephen Cathedral In Vienna

Image credits: The_Orsna

#50 Trevi Fountain, Rome, Italy

Image credits: yugsareen

#51 Tower Of Church Of Our Saviour. Copenhagen, Denmark [os][3456x5184]

Image credits: effdone4

#52 Antoni Gaudí's Hanging Model Made Of Weighted Strings - Gaudi Used Models Like This One To Make Graphical Calculations For Catenary Arch Designs. Exhibited At La Sagrada Familia Museum In Barcelona, Spain

Image credits: Notsure401

#53 Temple Of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus, Barcelona, Spain

Image credits: VictorySignificant47

#54 Hospital De Sant Pau, Barcelona, Spain

Image credits: Beelzebubb7

#55 Palais Des Congres De Montreal (Montreal Convention Center)

Image credits: RCsSnaps

#56 Supertree Grove, Singapore

Image credits: Fancy_Owl793

#57 Istanbul, Turkey

Image credits: Curious_Strike3950

#58 Schloss Schwerin, Schwerin, Germany - One Of The Hidden Gems Of Northern Germany

Image credits: toyanich

#59 The Exchange, Darling Square, Sydney, Australia - Kengo Kuma (2016). The Ribbons Of Wood Encircling The Building Are Meant To Resemble Thread Wrapping Around A Spool. [2364x2364]

Image credits: WonderWmn212

#60 Government Building In Hawaii

Image credits: betapixels

#61 The Jameh Mosque Of Isfahan, Iran

Image credits: Poaiaaa

#62 That Tower In The French Village…

Image credits: redcattino

#63 Grundtvig's Church. Copenhagen, Denmark [os][3390x5086]

Image credits: effdone4

#64 Îlot Balmoral | Montreal, Canada | Provencher_roy

Image credits: fluege1

#65 Ribbon Farm, Belgium

Image credits: MercilessCommissar

#66 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, Ma

Image credits: newtoboston2019

#67 Hawaiian Royal Palace

Image credits: Coyote5792

#68 Alhambra Palace, Islamic Architecture In Granada, Spain. Built By The Nasrid Dynasty (1232–1492),

Image credits: Onahas2

#69 Woljeong Bridge, A Wooden Bridge Originally Built In The 8th Century That Was Restored Recently In The Historic City Of Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea

Image credits: ManiaforBeatles

#70 Hungarian Parliament, Budapest

Image credits: c0d3rpr0

#71 Lobby Of The Renaissance Center, Detroit

Image credits: yahhassss

#72 Unknown Building Of NYC

Image credits: Commercialismo

#73 Looking Up In The Pantheon, Roma

Image credits: arioandy

#74 Glorious Cathedral Bath, England

Image credits: arioandy

#75 Palacio Postal, Mexico City. It's An Eclectic Mix Of Architectural Styles, Including Neo-Renaissance, Neo-Baroque, And Art Nouveau, Early 1900’s

Image credits: Agmm-cr

#76 Steinway Tower: World's Skinniest Skyscraper

Image credits: CapAffectionate9619

#77 Spiegel Publishing Headquarters In Hamburg

Image credits: na7oul

#78 Anyone Elso Just Genualy Like The Design Of The 1950s?

Image credits: N1K0_S0L1M1N1_2077

#79 People's Federal Savings And Loan Association, Sidney, Oh, Louis Sullivan (1917)

Image credits: newtoboston2019

#80 Public Library In Stuttgart, Germany

Image credits: fabiansredd

#81 Kansas City International Airport New Terminal (2023). Designed By Som

Image credits: Tayo826

#82 Boston Athenaeum, Boston, Ma

Image credits: newtoboston2019

#83 Hong Kong Apartments

Image credits: Hanfugirl

#84 A Starkly Brutalist Subway Station In San Francisco, Ca

Image credits: old_gold_mountain

#85 Amer Stepwell, Amer, Rajasthan, India

Image credits: ExcellentWeakness

#86 Traditional Architecture, Mykonos, Greece

Image credits: L0o0o0o0o0o0L

#87 The Millau Viaduct In France, The Tallest Bridge In The World. On A Drive South In France, We Made Sure To Go This Way, So I Could Stop Before The Viaduct, Climb A Hill And Get This Photo. Hope You Like It!

Image credits: Jess_Photographer

#88 The Aqua Tower, Lakeshore East - Chicago

Image credits: yahhassss

#89 Brandeis-Bardin Campus Of American Jewish University, Finished In 1947 In Simi Valley, California

Image credits: chrishansensboomguy

#90 The Water Tower - Wroclaw, Poland

Image credits: xTCHx

#91 Brisbane's Most Beautiful Beton Brut Stairs At The University Of Qld. Oc

Image credits: venomvision_

#92 Chateau De Chenonceau, Probably The Most Peculiar And Beautiful Castle Of The Loire. It Was Devised And Protected By Women. Diane De Poitiers Commissioned The Building Of The Bridge And Gardens In 1555. It Was Later Modified And Owned By Catherine De Medici And Louise De Lorraine [1920x1889]

Image credits: WestonWestmoreland

#93 Tamashagah-E Zaman, Tehran, Iran

Image credits: reddit.com

#94 Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque Entrance Ceiling, Esfahan Iran

Image credits: reddit.com

#95 The New York State Capitol, In Albany

Image credits: jbilous

#96 Balcony In The Shape Of A Wine Glass

Image credits: Impressive_Hat9961

#97 University Of Glasgow

Image credits: Either_Buy_240

#98 One Of The Three Roman Pools Of Gafsa, In Tunisia, Two Of Which Are Open. Built In The 2nd Century Bce, They Are About Five Meters Deep And Are Fed By Hot Water Springs

Image credits: Either_Buy_240

#99 The Colony Hotel, Palm Beach, Florida

Image credits: Curious_Strike3950

#100 Paris Court, Budapest, Hungary

Image credits: fluege1

#101 Torre Mata Atlântica - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Image credits: fan_tas_tic

#102 Saint-Petersburg, 59.859704, 30.392848

Image credits: imyachin

#103 Art Deco, New York City [oc] General Electric Building/570 Lexington Avenue And The Chrysler Building

Image credits: Darnell2070

#104 Capitaspring Tower, Singapore

Image credits: yahhassss

#105 Interior View Of Arcosanti, Paolo Soleri's Experimental Desert Town In Arizona

Image credits: fluege1

#106 The John Rylands Library

Image credits: langshot

#107 The 49-Story Residential Tower, Vancouver, Canada??

Image credits: Impressive_Hat9961

#108 Elevator In Vienna, Designed By Otto Wagner In 1898

Image credits: Impressive_Hat9961

#109 Chuvash State Opera And Ballet Theater, Soviet Brutalism

Image credits: kslfdsnfjls

#110 One Of My Favorite Buildings In The World: The "Canoe" Building In Osaka, Japan

Image credits: FindingFoodFluency

#111 Starfield Library, Seoul ???

Image credits: Impressive_Hat9961

#112 Interior Of Rocchetta Mattei, A 19th Century Moorish Style Fortress Built In Italy

Image credits: Immediate-Tank-9565

#113 Palazzo Borromeo, Italy

Image credits: SoupCopCreations

#114 The Magnificent Palazzina Di Caccia In The Park Of Chignolo Po Castle. It Was Built In The Baroque Style In The 18th Century And Was Used For Parties And Banquets

Image credits: na7oul

#115 Kyoto Station, Japan

Image credits: BeardedGlass

#116 Agra Fort, India: A 16th-Century Red Sandstone Mughal Fortress, Blending Hindu And Islamic Architecture

Image credits: fluege1

#117 The Félix Potin Building, Paris, France

Image credits: fluege1

#118 Red Mosque, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Image credits: nimantha_96

#119 Small English Country House

Image credits: Signal-Priority6272

#120 Parkroyal Hotel, Singapore

Image credits: yahhassss

#121 600 Year Old Clock In Prague Is The World's Oldest Astrological Clock Still In Operation

Image credits: Reasonable_Silver109

#122 The Oceanographic Museum Of Monaco

Image credits: JDMPYM

#123 Fairmont Le Château Frontenac Quebec, Canada

Image credits: Impressive_Hat9961

#124 Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University, New Haven, Ct

Image credits: newtoboston2019

#125 Tree House, Singapore

Image credits: rhysspuffs1

#126 The Shambles In York, England

Image credits: rhysspuffs1

#127 Waterfront Hotel, Lusial

Image credits: Frosty_Raccoon_3100

#128 Basket Building, Ohio

Image credits: Hanfugirl

#129 St. Peter's Basilica From Under The Cupola

Image credits: yuliuljul

#130 Gothic Arches Of Two World Trade Center

Image credits: the_big_sadIRL

#131 Antilia, The Most Expensive House In The World, Mumbai, India

Image credits: Hanfugirl

#132 High-Resolution Image Of The Guardian Building In Detroit [oc][3666x5500]

Image credits: Hythacg

#133 During The Transfer Of The Abu Simbel Temple To Save It From Sinking In The Water Of The Dam In Egypt It Was Built In 1274 Bc And Moved In 1964 Ad

Image credits: Onahas2

#134 100 Ft Deep Chand Baori Is A 7th Century Stepwell Situated In The Indian State Of Rajasthan

Image credits: Either_Buy_240

#135 The 16th Century Optical Illusion Of Florence Cathedral's Marble Tiles On Flat Floor

Image credits: meemnoon

#136 Capitol Records Building, Los Angeles, California. Designed By Welton Becket, The 13-Story Tower Resembles A Stack Of Records. When Completed In April 1956, It Was The World’s First Circular Office Building. The Blinking Light Atop The Tower Spells Out The Word "Hollywood" In Morse Code. [745x1023]

Image credits: WonderWmn212

#137 The Main Hall Inside Kyoto International Conference Center

Image credits: filmAF

#138 Big Ben, India

Image credits: Hanfugirl

#139 Tianjin Binhai New Area Library - Tianjin, China

Image credits: rockystl

#140 British Museum

Image credits: Past-Worldliness-682

#141 Shrine Of Our Lady Of Las Lajas - Gothic Revival - Ipiales, Colombia

Image credits: rockystl

#142 Schofield Building, Cleveland, USA. Built In 1902, Facade Panelled Over In The 60s And Restored In 2017 To Its Original Design

Image credits: joeepeterson03

#143 Tiffany Glass Ceiling, Gran Hotel Ciudad De Mexico. Art-Nouveau, Built Between 1895 And 1899

Image credits: Agmm-cr

#144 Art Deco Church In Oklahoma

Image credits: PR1ZE0

#145 This Building In Brussels, Belgium

Image credits: netphilia