143 Times People Spotted Exciting Creativity In Bars And Restaurants And Had To Share (New Pics)

When we say that we eat with our eyes first, we usually mean it's about the food itself. However, the environment that we're eating in can often also have a big effect on whether we're enjoying our meal. Restaurateurs really need to come up with something unique if they want to dazzle their customers. A survey by Evenbrite revealed that 75% of foodies want something more out of their dining experience and are willing to splurge on something more special than just a meal.

So, what we've gathered here for you today, Pandas, is a collection of restaurants and bars with unique and interesting concepts. Some of them have a one-of-a-kind design, while others offer some delightful decor. In some cases, the uniqueness might be in the details, such as the cutlery or some innovative eco-friendly solutions. Which ones do you think are the most creative? Let us know by upvoting your favorites!

#1 This Restaurant Has An Angled Mirror Over The Chefs, So You Can See An Overhead View

Image credits: DrawThatRedstone

#2 The Cafe At My Closest Beach Gives Free Drinks To People Who Collect A Bucket Of Litter From The Beach

Image credits: Chazster567

#3 Restaurant I Ate At Framed This Hole Someone Punched In The Men's Restroom

Image credits: Rigelstein

Eventbrite conducted their survey in 2015, but the trend of people seeking some new thrills in their dining experience still tracks. Back then, 75% of respondents said they wanted a unique dining experience. 76% said they would like an unexpected, memorable location, and 84% wanted a surprising menu or theme.

Forbes describes three of the most popular trends for restaurant design in 2024: cultural crossovers, the rise of mixology, and the concept of an urban oasis. Gone are the days of simply Mexican, Indian, or Korean food. People want fusion cuisine, and they want the same thing to happen to their dining environment. Ometeo is one example, as it mixes Texan and Mexican influences in its design and its menu.

#4 A Local Mexican Restaurant Used To Be A Chinese Restaurant. Instead Of Painting Over A Mural, They Just Put Sombreros On The Pandas

Image credits: Bombaskos

#5 This Place Had The Bar Counter Decorated With Fake IDs That Were Confiscated From School Kids Trying To Get In

Image credits: beeedeee

#6 This Restaurant Offers Food For Free If You Can’t Afford It

Image credits: nopepotato69

However, some architects caution restaurant designers to be mindful when going for the cultural crossover aesthetic. "It's crucial for designers to approach these designs with cultural sensitivity, steering clear of stereotypes," Griz Dwight, founding principal of GrizForm Design Architects, told the publication.

Functional Creative Design studio writes that designers should take global inspiration and not be afraid of different colors, textures, and patterns. "Whether it's Moroccan tiles, Japanese minimalism, or Indian textiles, infuse your restaurant with the richness of global design influences. The result? A visually stunning space that celebrates the beauty of diversity."

#7 This 2D Cafe In Shinjuku, Japan

Image credits: Tokyodrew

#8 The Water Taps At This Cafe Drip Onto Plants To Not Waste Water

Image credits: halfandhafu

#9 This Starbucks Has A Picture Of Every Dog That’s Come Through The Drive-Through

Image credits: chair823

Unique cocktails and beverages are another popular trend that diners are craving. The Glendale Panda Inn, for example, offers alcoholic drinks infused with teas and fresh herbs. Mixologists also get creative with garnishes and hand-carved ice spheres to the point where serving cocktails becomes a work of art. But the mixology trend is about more than just the drinks. It's also about the unique bar displays and dynamic lighting, allowing mixologists to make cocktail alchemy an immersive experience.

#10 This McDonald's In New Zealand Has A Decommissioned Plane You Can Dine In

Image credits: timfox1

#11 The Restaurant In My Town Has A Board With "No Questions Asked" Prepaid Meals For People In Need

Image credits: rjoyfult

#12 This Restaurant Gives You An Hourglass When You Order. If Your Food Hasn’t Arrived Before The Time Runs Out Then You Get Your Meal For Free

Image credits: ForFoxSake_23

Restaurateurs also try to enhance their customers' dining experience with the urban oasis concept. Most restaurants and bars do this by designing their interior with greenery indoors. Wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city, more and more diners are looking for their dining environment to be calming and relaxing. Rooftop dining falls into this category too, and they're combining the escape from the city turmoil with sustainability.

#13 This Restaurant Near My House Uses Concrete Sewer Pipes For Outdoor Seating

Image credits: mrcortado

#14 A Local Bar Started Using Pasta As Straws Instead Of Plastic Ones

Image credits: gary_was_alone

#15 This Bar Has An Aquarium In It

Image credits: reddit.com

Locally sourced ingredients continue to be popular amongst diners, as they're looking to make their dining habits ethical and sustainable. The sentiment also seeps into restaurant architecture and interior design as well. More and more restaurants follow this trend by choosing reclaimed wood, recycled metal, and energy-efficient lighting in their design.

#16 This Diner Counts The Eggs It Has Served Since It Opened

Image credits: Joe-Eff

#17 This Restaurant Named "Thai Food Near Me"

Image credits: zirus23

#18 This Restaurant That I'm At Has A Dog Menu

Image credits: reddit.com

Apparently, people also like it when a restaurant is not actually a restaurant. Hence the rise of multi-functional dining spaces. By day, it can function as a cozy cafe or a restaurant. And by night, it's a unique cocktail bar. According to Acme, spaces like this were all the rage in 2023 in commercial bar design, and they continue to be so in 2024. "This flexibility allows for a broader range of customers and events, maximising the use of space," they claim.

#19 This Restaurant Has A "Toepener" For People Who Want To Avoid Germs On The Doorknob

Image credits: happysunbear

#20 This Bar Has A Safe Word For People On Bad Tinder Dates

Image credits: EstablishmentThis743

#21 This Menu In An Italian Restaurant Is Shaped Like A Circle, Showing You What Type Of Pizza Would Look Like

Image credits: polynilium

Did you know that there's a revolution going on in the restaurant industry? A small plate revolution! Apparently, another popular trend is to say goodbye to the entree, main, and dessert and embrace sharing with your friend group. This is not a new concept in Middle Eastern restaurants, where dining is a very communal experience, but one that has been gaining more popularity since the pandemic.

#22 I Found This Salt And Pepper Chess Set At An Italian Restaurant In New Hampshire

Image credits: Brie_M

#23 This Restaurant's Bathroom Has Two Different Kinds Of Soap

Image credits: reddit.com

#24 This Picture At My Local Pub Is Made From Bottle Caps

Image credits: ducktaperules

Interestingly, it's also an issue many foodies can't seem to agree on. It turns out the small plates trend has as many fans as it has haters. Some critics claim that "small plates are over," while others explain how individualistic Westerners could learn a thing or two from this way of dining. Still, some insist that the trend is over and people miss big portions.

#25 This Sign On The Bathroom Door Of A Local Seafood Restaurant

Image credits: Certain-Ferret3692

#26 This Restaurant's Forks And Spoons Look Like Miniature Shovels And Pitchforks

Image credits: RyanDhawk

#27 A Restaurant In Spain Has Teddy Bears Sitting Down At Every Table To Keep You Company

Image credits: voltaicudo

As you see in many of the entries here, gallery walls have become a popular trend in restaurant and bar design. Whether they're made from fake IDs from real customers or photos of every dog that has passed through a Starbucks driveway, many restaurants are choosing them to liven up the interior. "They create a good mood, influence the traffic flow, and give more opportunities for local artists to present their work," Raj Architects writes.

#28 The Restaurant I Work At Was A Bank Years Ago. You Can Eat In The Vault If You Make Reservations

Image credits: deliciousclambounty

#29 The Cafe I Went To Puts A Teddy Bear Espresso Ice Cube Into Their Iced Lattes

Image credits: AshtonJupiter

#30 This Gaming-Themed Restaurant Puts Their Drinks In "Potion" Glasses

Image credits: Elizaminx

So, Pandas, what are the most interesting restaurants and bars you have ever visited? Was it the design, the utensils, or the sustainable solutions that impressed you the most? Or maybe the Pokémon card that came with the bill? Let us know in the comments, and don't forget to upvote your favorite restaurant and bar design concepts in this list!

#31 The Bathroom Of A Coffee Shop I Frequently Visit Has A Peephole In The Wall. I Pressed The Button And Looked Through To See The Little Scene On The Right

Image credits: Frenchitwist

#32 These Chairs In A Ski Resort's Restaurant Have Room For Your Gloves, Helmet, Hat, Etc

Image credits: kazarnowicz

#33 This Restaurant I Went To Had Wall Tiles Shaped Like Cassettes

Image credits: DandyGargoyle

#34 This Bar Had A Mini Version Of Itself On The Wall

Image credits: turocedo

#35 This Ceiling Light Full Of Rubber Ducks In A Pub In Edinburgh

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 This Starbucks Has A Giant Shark Tank

Image credits: Gaijinloco

#37 The Pub I'm In Has Little Booths For Solo Diners

Image credits: Christopherfromtheuk

#38 This Sushi Restaurant Where The Fish Watch You Eat Them

Image credits: co1063

#39 This Ramen Shop In South Korea Puts A Warm Rock In Your Ramen To Keep It Warm

Image credits: BigDaddyFabs

#40 My Local Cafe Has The Table Numbers As Answers To Interesting Facts

Image credits: Tufey90

#41 The Edge Of The Knife In This Swiss Restaurant Was Shaped To Show Off Many Of The Peaks Found In The Swiss Alps

Image credits: TexasJoey

#42 My Local Domino's Has A Stand For Kids To Come Up And Watch Them Make Pizzas

Image credits: theovincent1997

#43 A Soccer Urinal Game In A Restaurant In Germany

Image credits: heloranger

#44 This Restaurant Has The Option To Order More Fries When Your Girlfriend Says She's Not Hungry

Image credits: kipperzdog

#45 This Jellyfish Lamp At A Seafood Restaurant

Image credits: dhbuckley

#46 They Have Everything You Need

Image credits: Lord-Velveeta

#47 This Restaurant Prints Their Very Short Menus On Business Cards

Image credits: itsamemarioscousin

#48 This Restaurant Calls Bill "The Damage"

Image credits: Bcm980

#49 This Sink I Saw At A Restaurant

Image credits: Cant_Even18

#50 This Restaurant In Monongahela, Pennsylvania

Image credits: Paroda_lorain

#51 This Restaurant Live-Streams Their Kitchen

Image credits: tablelamb

#52 This Restaurant Has Their Salt And Pepper In Pill Form

Image credits: Librareon

#53 This Sushi Restaurant Gave Me A Pokémon Card With My Check

Image credits: macmania_22

#54 This Restaurant Uses Shadows To Show Men's And Women's Restrooms

Image credits: Rook_Mozga

#55 This Cafe Has Refashioned Old Cars As Seats

Image credits: sudhu28

#56 The Diner I'm At Only Takes Orders By Phone

Image credits: Sirl0ins

#57 LEGOs In A Cafe Wall

Image credits: ellipticals0

#58 The Restaurant I Work At Just Added A Giant Espresso Martini To The Menu

Image credits: ccrhoadess

#59 A Steakhouse With A Comically Large Pepper Mill

Image credits: MannyLaMancha

#60 This Mexican Restaurant Built Inside An Old School Bus

Image credits: Koolaidflavamix

#61 The Bar I Went To Uses A 2-Way Mirror As The Urinal Wall

Image credits: Bignbadchris

#62 This Restaurant Has Negative Reviews Displayed Up On The Walls

Image credits: Opiumoptimistic

#63 The Bathroom At This Restaurant Has No Mirror

Image credits: Bearded_Mushrum

#64 This KFC In Japan Has Colonel Sanders Dressed In Samurai Attire

Image credits: kjais

#65 This Restaurant Has A Table With Swings

Image credits: D3rF3lx

#66 This Restaurant Has A Discount For Being Friendly

Image credits: optionalgambino

#67 Restaurant Toilets Force You To Sanitize Your Hands On The Way Out

Image credits: reddit.com

#68 The Cream I Ordered With My Coffee At A Switzerland Cafe Was Served Inside Of A Chocolate Treat

Image credits: TexasJoey

#69 I Visited The H.R. Giger Museum In Switzerland Last Week. This Is The Bar Next Door

Image credits: Rivergod3

#70 This Is Jushindang, The World's One-Of-A-Kind Special Dining Bar In Sindang-Dong, South Korea

Image credits: zoosindang

#71 Swing Chairs Inside Of A Cafe In Singapore International Airport

Image credits: XtinaAnn

#72 This Bar Has "Gone To Pee" Placards For Drinks

Image credits: atomicpete

#73 This Coffee Shop Has Signs That Explains What’s In Different Drinks

Image credits: frenchbluehorn

#74 This Japanese Restaurant Has A Waxwork Samurai In The Urinals

Image credits: VeryOftenWrong

#75 A Bar In London Served My Girlfriend's Cocktail In A Levitating Glass

Image credits: reddit.com

#76 My Local Pub Used To Be A Bank

Image credits: psycho-mouse

#77 This Sushi Restaurant Has Tables That Simulate Traditional Japanese Seating While Letting You Sit Normally

Image credits: hotfire922

#78 This Restaurant In Colorado Has Air Conditioned Pods For Families To Eat In

Image credits: weeb_sword1224

#79 This Shell Cutter At A Restaurant Has A Message For People Who Steal It

Image credits: blacked-out-jackle

#80 The Best Stocked Women's Toilet In A Restaurant I've Ever Came Across

Image credits: Zombieeham

#81 This Restaurant's Bathroom Has Two Different Handles Depending On Whether You Washed Your Hands Or Not

Image credits: RockinJack18

#82 My Local Fish And Chips Shop Loves Kanye Loving Fish Sticks

Image credits: Weathers

#83 This Soda Machine At A Local Restaurant Has Local Sodas Instead Of Coca-Cola Products

Image credits: CadmusRhodium

#84 Dinner At The Kill Bill Indoor Fight Scene Restaurant

Image credits: Roadrunerboi

#85 The Knives At This London Steakhouse Are Tiny Cleavers

Image credits: Keinen

#86 A Mexican Restaurant Near Me Moved Into An Old KFC. Instead Of Removing Colonel Sanders, They Just Added A Sombrero, A Mustache, And Poncho

Image credits: razor10000

#87 People Mark Their Origin With Pins At This Seattle Cafe

Image credits: avianbrent6

#88 Today, I Found A Picture Of Young Keanu Reeves In A Random Thai Restaurant In Singapore

Image credits: --justin--

#89 This Pizza Place Tells You Their Pizza Sizes And How Large They Are Compared To Each Other

Image credits: bradenkw

#90 A Restaurant In Ghent, Belgium, Has A See-Through Toilet Door Until You Lock The Door

Image credits: Jarie743

#91 A Restaurant I Went To Has Head Protection Hats Available For Outdoor Seating

Image credits: lakmus85_real

#92 This Starbucks Has A Hole For A Palm Tree

Image credits: CehJota

#93 I Went To A Restaurant That Had This On The Wall

Image credits: reddit.com

#94 The Bar I'm Sitting At Has A Cold Metal Bar To Keep Your Drinks Cold

Image credits: badwolfbay10

#95 This Restaurant Has Mother’s Day Cards In The Bathroom In Case You Forgot To Get Your Mom One

Image credits: chillaxitout

#96 This Bar I'm At Installed An Order Window Because It's Behind A Taco Bell

Image credits: Chad_Hansen

#97 The Classic Red Checkered Pattern Of The Tablecloth Of This Restaurant Is Made Of QR Codes For Their Menu

Image credits: goldenewsd

#98 A Local Restaurant Made This Urinal For A Pee-Free Floor

Image credits: PM_ME_UR_S62B50

#99 This Restaurant Figured Out That Face Masks Fit In The Napkin Dispenser

Image credits: ThexGreatxBeyondx

#100 You Can Buy The Kitchen Crew A 6-Pack At This Restaurant

Image credits: NowYouSeeMe1233

#101 My Local Laundromat Is Also A Bar

Image credits: kskuzmich

#102 This Coffee Shop Has 2 Cup Sizes, Biggie And Smalls

Image credits: PugsleytheFluffyPug

#103 Wall Of Books At A Denver Restaurant

Image credits: BrightLibrarian3853

#104 All The Chairs In This Cafe Are Wearing Socks

Image credits: eepohboy

#105 These Coat Hangers At A Cafe In London

Image credits: NotMyLemonade

#106 I Got My Food Bill In A Safe At A Restaurant

Image credits: andyiscoming

#107 This Ramen Restaurant Has Hair Ties, Garlic Cloves, And A Garlic Press At Each Table

Image credits: facewook

#108 A Hotpot Restaurant In Queens Puts All The Spices In Bear Form

Image credits: breezyqueasy

#109 The Second Floor Of This Restaurant Is Made To Look Like An Airplane

Image credits: expertminecraft

#110 This Bar Has An Ice Strip To Keep Drinks Cold

Image credits: hockenduke

#111 Lebanese Restaurant That Looks Like A Palace, Located In Dubai

Image credits: khalidzuzu

#112 This Cafe Lets You Silently Tell People You're Willing To Share Your Table

Image credits: trifflec

#113 This Bar/Restaurant In Chicago Was The First To Obtain Its Liquor License From The City After Prohibition Ended. Their License Number Is 1

Image credits: PerfectionEludesMe

#114 This Fancy Restaurant Has A Shower In Its Bathroom

Image credits: Cake1sGood

#115 This Use Of The N In An Open Sign At A Cafe

Image credits: mediumbugger

#116 This Restaurant Has What Seems To Be An Old Vault In The Wall With Bullet Holes In It

Image credits: NoOneSeesTheWizard

#117 This Bar In Denver Is Made Of Lite-Brite

Image credits: i_am_so_very_lost

#118 There Are Headrests Above The Urinals In This Bar

Image credits: reddit.com

#119 This Cafe Uses A Traffic Light To Let You Know When It's Okay To Enter (For COVID Social Distancing)

Image credits: ForgetfulFrolicker

#120 I Saw These Kids' Meal Crayons With Flat Edges To Prevent Rolling Off The Table In A Restaurant

Image credits: reddit.com

#121 This Bar Put A Subtle Pterodactyl In Their Stone Wall Decoration

Image credits: kubricks_cube

#122 Restaurant Keeps A Memorial Of Stolen Bathroom Art

Image credits: vindictive-ant

#123 This Diner Has Pictures Around Corners

Image credits: kalm_traveler

#124 My Local Deli/Diner Has Saved Every Beer Tap Since Opening

Image credits: theshponglr

#125 This Arby's Has A Plaque For A Customer Who Died

Image credits: badbagel37

#126 This McDonald's Has Live Music Every Wednesday And Friday Morning

Image credits: Maramorha

#127 This Starbucks Is In A Tunnel

Image credits: Rokfut

#128 This Restaurant Has A Hand-Drawn QR Code

Image credits: Shdhdhsbssh

#129 In The Bathroom Of A Restaurant

Image credits: suolasakaali

#130 This Ramen Place I Went To Has A Spot In Their Tables To Hold Your Phone. It Encourages You To Spend Time And Talk With Those You Came With Instead Of Being On Your Phone

Image credits: Srz2

#131 This Dimly Lit Restaurant Has Menus That Light Up When They Are Opened

Image credits: nerragton

#132 This Restaurant's Bill Is Automatically Split

Image credits: ProTharan

#133 This Restaurant Puts A Mesh Net Over Your Lemon So When You Squeeze It, No Seeds Get Into Your Food

Image credits: alikat538

#134 Hurricane Water Level Marker At A Local Restaurant

Image credits: Available-Pain-159

#135 The Restaurant I’m Eating At Provides A Pill That Turns Into A Towel When Soaked In Water

Image credits: yvetten

#136 This Restaurant’s Bathroom Had A Piano In It

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