1839 Awards 2024: Discover 66 Stunning Winning Photographs

In 1839, photography as "the medium was first made widely available to the public," hence the name of the 1839 Photography Awards. To honor great photographers who use it as an art form, the 1839 Awards have announced the winners of this year's competition in various categories.

Both professionals and non-professionals can participate, however, in the list down below, we shared the winners submitted only by the pros. Before an elite group of judges gives their verdict, people can vote for their favorite images as well, earning the photographers the People's Vote Award.

So, without further ado, we invite you to explore photography through the lens of art that can manifest in breathtaking landscapes, intimate portraits, captivating minimalism, and much more.

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#1 "Eye On The Prize" By Vince Burton

Awards: 3rd Place, Overall Contest Winner and Silver, Nature.

"A wild barn owl photographed as it focuses on its prey."

Image credits: VinceBurtonPhotography

#2 "Unsupervised" By Alexandrena Parker

Awards: 1st Place, Overall Contest Winner; Gold, Storytelling; Gold, Conceptual; Bronze, People.

"The sight of children engaged in unsupervised play, left to their own devices in the streets, has become increasingly rare.

Set in outback Australia, the scenes weave together the past and present, symbolising the relationship between the landscape and the timeless essence of childhood."

Image credits: alexandrenaparker

#3 "Tiger" By Sofia Lopez Mañan⁠

Awards: 2nd Place, Overall Contest Winner and Gold, Animals.
"Tiger standing on a bed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This image is part of the project " The Book of Nature" that explores the concept of 'Nature' as a manmade construction."

Image credits: sofialopezmanan

#4 "Riders Of The Volcano" By Mahendra Bakle

Awards: Silver, Travel.

""The Horsemen of Bromo," epitomize a rich cultural legacy amidst Mount Bromo's breathtaking landscape. are custodians of tradition, they provide visitors an immersive journey, blending vibrant customs with deep-rooted rituals, offering rides and a profound encounter with the region's heritage."

Image credits: mahendrabakle

#5 "Sorrel And White ( The Horses Of Kurdistan )" By Armin Abdehou

Awards: People’s Vote Award, Animals.

"Creating a color contrast in nature, with the empathy and love play of two enamored horses. On the heights of the SHIRIN mountains in the Barzan region of Kurdistan, during a cold winter, the warm meeting of these two horses brought spring back to nature."

Image credits: armin.abdehou

#6 "Insects The Little Strangers" By Pedro Luis Ajuriaguerra Saiz

Awards: Silver, Animals.

"Thanks to Macrophotography we can discover and appreciate details
that are hidden from us. In the project that I show you "Insects the
little strangers" I have photographed different insects giving them
great prominence and showing their singular beauty."

Image credits: 1839awards

#7 "Monument Valley" By Linda Chaussee

Awards: Gold, Film/Analog.

"This image explores the theme of duality using the window to separate the world as it is and the world that is created.
Made with a Mamiya 7II and Portra 400 film."

Image credits: l.chaussee

#8 "The Price Of Freedom" By Lenka Klicperová

Awards: Gold, Photojournalism.

"Ukraine has been defending itself against Russian aggression for two years. Thousands of soldiers and civilians are paying a terrible price for their freedom. But they are still fighting."

Image credits: lenkaklicperova

#9 "Amazon - The Green's End" By Betina Samaia

Awards: People’s Vote Award, Conceptual and Honorable Mention, Conceptual.

"In the early 2000s, I sought solace in the Amazon's depths, capturing its solitude and stark beauty. With an infrared camera, I unveiled hidden hues, a poetic denunciation of deforestation's toll. These photos, echo nature's plea for preservation."

Image credits: betinasamaia

#10 "Sky Blue" By Robyn Finlayson

Awards: Gold, Nature.

Image credits: fraserislandgallery

#11 "Unreal Atmosphere" By Alexandre Bès

Awards: Bronze, Animals.

"Lake “Magadi” which means “soda” in Swahili bears its name very well, since it contains a unique concentration of caustic soda, produced naturally by the transformation of sediments in contact with runoff water and molten lava under the lake."

Image credits: alexandreetchloebes

#12 "Nations Of The Atlantic" By Kim Lang

Awards: Gold, Travel.

"Nations of the Atlantic explores the ocean as a vessel to connect cultures, and focusses on the universal experience of places that rely on the sea for their everyday lives. It shifts the attention to small island nations, often overlooked in the greater discussion of climate change."

Image credits: kimlangstudio

#13 "Tiger Motel" By Paul Fuentes

Awards: Bronze, Conceptual.

"With a fascination for wild animals, especially big cats, and classic cars, it all came together.
Tiger Motel, is a joyful scene of a tiger on top of a classic car in front of a Californian motel."

Image credits: paulfuentes_photo

#14 "Spaghetti Stylist" By Yuliy Vasilev

Awards: Gold, Still Life.

Image credits: yuliy.vasilev

#15 "Frosted Fern" By John Lauritsen

Awards: Bronze, Minimalism.

Image credits: johnlauritsenphotography

#16 "How To Train Your Dragon" By Leo Kwok

Awards: Gold, Event and People’s Vote Award, Event.

"Showered by molten, firework-like sparks, people in Meizhou, China perform a fire dragon dance to celebrate the Lantern Festival on the first full moon of the Lunar Calendar. This celebration was performed over 200 years ago and was listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in China in 2008."

Image credits: leokwokphoto

#17 "Gitano" By Arianna Angelini

Awards: Gold, People.

"I met him once, trying to find my way
The solitude of the highlands was what I sought
Unbidden, he sat beside me on a log one day
As I was caught up with some restless thought"

Image credits: arianna_angelini

#18 "Kukeri" By Aron Klein

Awards: Bronze, Travel.

"“Kukeri” is a portrait of Bulgaria’s ancient pagan rituals performed in the countries remote mountain regions.

The annual arcane rituals intended to dispel the evil spirits which might otherwise bring ill fortune to their community."

Image credits: 1839awards

#19 "A Black Life Matters" By Ade Okelarin

Awards: Bronze, Storytelling and Honorable Mention, Conceptual.

"The series ‘A Black Life Matters’ are a group of self-portraits made in response to the death of George Floyd and the racial tensions experienced by the black community in the summer of 2020."

Image credits: 1839awards.com

#20 "Icelandic Aurora Color Dance" By Jan-Tore Oevrevik

Awards: People’s Vote Award, Nature and Honorable Mention, Nature.

"Experience the mesmerizing beauty of the Icelandic skies through 'Icelandic Aurora Color Dance'. This series captures the Aurora Borealis in its full, vibrant glory, weaving a visual symphony of purples, greens, and reds across the Nordic heavens."

Image credits: jto_photography

#21 "Cyanea Capillata" By Alexander Semenov

Awards: Silver, Nature.

Image credits: aquatilis_expedition

#22 "Destiny Church" By Matteo Redaelli

Awards: Bronze, Travel.

"In this image is possible to appreciate this church, Destiny Church located in New Zealand, during midnight. The sky is into Dark Sky Reserve and it's possible to see the length of the galaxy from a complete extension. The church built in 1935 appears in Heritage New Zealand."

Image credits: matdock

#23 "Twenty Years After The Siege" By Alex Elena

Awards: Bronze, Landscapes.

"For the first time since the war, I returned to Sarajevo. The fog was disappearing and it was bitter cold. Smoke was rising from the chimneys and the sun was hiding behind the clouds. A stunning view with many layers. The many layers that represent the soul of the city."

Image credits: alexelena007

#24 "Saguaro Storm" By Erin Cahill

Awards: Silver, Landscapes.

"A single exposure shot from a storm in the Saguaro desert."

Image credits: erinrose_cahill

#25 "Tous Saint" By Vladim Vilain

Awards: Silver, Conceptual.

"Toussaint Louverture named himself after Papa Legba, an important figure in Haitian vodou culture.
Toussaint aspired to enlightenment and paved the way for the Haitian revolution. All the representations of him that exist in the world have been imagined, and this image is one of them."

Image credits: vladimvilain

#26 "Ferry Series" By Linda Chaussee

Awards: Gold, Film/Analog.

"Made with Rolleiflex 2.9F and Portra 400."

Image credits: l.chaussee

#27 "Cloudscapes" By Daniel Agra

Awards: Silver, Other.

"The stuff dreams are made of, they are the imaginary of the sky with its disfigured, tumultuous and scattered past, , a canvas to see more beyond a limitless horizon, and thus magic makes an eternity out of nothing, becoming the eye of the soul."

Image credits: daniel_agra_

#28 "Hindu Devotees Praying In Fasting Ceremony" By Shafayet Hossain Apollo

Awards: Silver, Event.

"In the evening, Hindu devotees pray with especial butter-lamps and foods in the Baba Loknath temple during the fasting and lighting of lamps ceremony known as ‘Rakher Upobash’ in Samibag, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The fasters will break fasting by eating when all the lamps burn out."

Image credits: shafayet.apollo

#29 "Free" By Mohamed Mahdy

Awards: Silver, Photojournalism and Honorable Mention, Storytelling.

"A boy jumping from the bridge into the canal of El-Max Fishing village, Alexandria, Egypt. Before demolition, every fisherman had his boat and equipment parked in front of his house. Residents used to call this canal the Middle East Venice, as it resembled the beauty and vibes of Italian Venice."

Image credits: mohamedmahdyph

#30 "One, Two, Three" By Zili Zhang

Awards: Bronze, Minimalism and People’s Vote Award, Minimalism.

"It looks like one canoe, but actually two; It looks like only two people, but don't miss a small dog is also on board. Lastly, there are three birds floating on the water."

Image credits: WindinSilence

#31 "A Different Kind Of Nebula" By Tamra M. Gentry

Awards: Bronze, Nature.

"This image is part of the interior of a rock from Indonesia that measures 1.5 inches square. The stunning natural colors and ethereal, wispy mineral formations resemble nebulae in outer space."

Image credits: tamragentryphotography

#32 "Spilt Milk" By Cara (Caroline) Hodge

Awards: Silver, People.

"Child Portrait."

Image credits: BlackrockDublin4

#33 "Miami Pool" By David Behar

Awards: Gold, Minimalism.

"Leaning over the balcony of my aunt's Miami Beach apartment I noticed a woman in red going for a swim, so I went back for my camera."

Image credits: davidbehar

#34 "Then He Forgot My Name" By Susan Copich

Awards: Bronze, Storytelling.

"Ohio-raised, New York-based photographer Susan Copich has since 2010 been making highly staged and carefully crafted self-portraits that reflect on the dark sides of contemporary American femininity and the artist’s inner psychological dramas in ways that that are both alarming and relatable."

Image credits: susancopich

#35 "Sewing The Fishing Net" By Ty Pham

Awards: Bronze, People.

"The fishing women are sewing the net when their husband still fishing in the sea. Vinh Hy Bay, Ninh Thuan province, Vietnam."

Image credits: phamvty

#36 "Domestic Witch (Self-Portrait)" By Henriette Van Gasteren

Awards: People’s Vote Award, Storytelling.

"Domestic Witch (self-portrait) from the series: Domestic Goddess."

Image credits: hjimvangasteren

#37 "Far Above Dam" By Zili Zhang

Awards: Gold, Minimalism.

"Glen Canyon Dam, which holds the 2nd largest reservoir in the U.S. Because of climate changes, the water level dropped to less than 40%. A worker operating on a bed of algae. Look how small a human is compared to the scale of the structure, yet observe the immense impact we made on our environment."

Image credits: WindinSilence

#38 "Ppe Portraits- Luminosity, Colour, B&w" By Sarah Cusack

Awards: Gold, Other.

"Digital photograms of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Provides protection from infectious particles but not from varying psycho-emotional states over time. Light shines through PPE, a digital process allows an inverse of colour and luminosity while maintaining a likeness to medical imaging."

Image credits: scistudio

#39 "Foogy Morning In Sydney" By Franz Scheurer

Awards: People’s Vote Award, Landscapes.

"Hasselblad X1d II + Carl Zeiss Tele Tessar f8/500mm"

Image credits: fscheurer

#40 "Dark Beauty" By Robyn Finlayson

Awards: Gold, Landscapes.

"In late 2020 a wildfire broke out on World Heritage listed K’gari, the world’s largest sand island. It swept through more than 87,000 hectares or almost half the island. It burned for more than 2 months. During this time I discovered an unexpected and alluring beauty amongst the devastation."

Image credits: fraserislandgallery

#41 "The Vessel" By Hannah Laycock

Awards: Silver, Conceptual.

"Constructing self-portraits and documenting her environment, Laycock explores the experience of living in a human body. The artist, who lives with Multiple Sclerosis, uses visual strategies to communicate where the limitations of language fail. Reflecting experiences of transition, loss, and illness."

Image credits: pushthebutton82

#42 "India - Memories Of What I Have Never Seen" By Betina Samaia

Awards: Silver, Conceptual.

"Childhood dreams of parental letters, filled with tales of distant lands, echoed in my journey to India. Amid serene pathways, my modified camera captured dreamlike scenes, mirroring Bhagavad Gita's illustrations. Divine encounters unfolded, blending magic with photography."

Image credits: betinasamaia

#43 "Diamond Dust" By Xuan-Hui Ng

Awards: Silver, Nature.

"Diamond dust are ice crystals that form in the air when temperatures are extremely low. As global warming advances, we are seeing less of this magical phenomenon. I hope my images can prompt people to be kinder towards the environment so that they will not be a mere record of their once brilliance."

Image credits: xuanhui_ng

#44 "Dive In" By Nicky Ryan

Awards: People’s Vote Award, Travel.

Image credits: nickyryanphoto

#45 "Ponte Della Costituzione, Venice" By Jeroen Den Uijl

Awards: Bronze, Architecture.

"A photo out a serie about Venice, this is Calatrava's bridge in Venice where old meets new."

Image credits: jeroendenuijl_fotografie

#46 "Francesca Pompei-Red Snake" By Francesca Pompei

Awards: People’s Vote Award, Architecture and Honorable Mention, Architecture.

"Staircase in the Stadtcasino, Basel, Switzerland"

Image credits: fpompei_architecture_photos

#47 "Bows And Ruffles" By Irene Baque De Puig

Awards: Silver, Storytelling.

"Three girls dressed in traditional Oaxacan dress in Teotitlán del Valle."

Image credits: irenebaque

#48 "The Octopus" By Markus Erk

Awards: Bronze, Event.

"A long time exposure captures the movements of the octopus carnival ride at the Central States Fair in Rapid City, South Dakota.'

Image credits: Markus_A_Erk

#49 "Flora Arcana" By Mário Pires

Awards: Silver, Still Life.

"Flowers communicate in a language that humans have long forgotten. We may one day be able to understand them and learn from them."

Image credits: retorta

#50 "Rilka Ann Out On The Fields" By Anne Helene Gjelstad

Awards: People’s Vote Award, Photojournalism and Honorable Mention, Photojournalism.

"I saw her out on the fields on a cold Easter day. From her broken hands and her poor home, you can tell that Rilka Ann had a harsh, demanding life. She also had the softest cheeks. From my project ‘Big Heart, Strong Hands’, published in 2020 by Dewi Lewis Publishing."

Image credits: Anne Helene Gjelstad

#51 "Banhô" By Bruno Kelly

Awards: Bronze, Photojournalism.

"A couple is seen bathing in the waters of the Rio Negro, to cool off, during a very hot afternoon in the Brazilian Amazon near Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil."

Image credits: brunokelly_photo

#52 "Preparing For The Winter" By Thanos Palaskos

Awards: Silver, Film/Analog and People’s Vote Award, Film/Analog.

"'Every year I have to renew the white paint, at some places I even have to paint twice. I am 82 years old now and have been doing this with my father since I was a child. My children have moved to the big cities and I'm afraid that no one will take care of it after I die', says Giorgos."

Image credits: thanospal

#53 "Untitled" By Robyn Finlayson

Awards: Gold, AI.

Image credits: fraserislandgallery

#54 "Wanderlust" By Steven Jackson

Awards: People’s Vote Award, People and Honorable Mention, People.

"This work touches on our desire to explore and see the mysteries of the world. Not knowing where the road may take you but being open to all opportunities it may bring. (shot on media format Kodak film)"

Image credits: makeushutter

#55 "Bondi Haze" By Nicky Ryan

Awards: People’s Vote Award, Other and Nominee, Other.

Image credits: nickyryanphoto

#56 "Playfield" By Bragi Thor Josefsson

Awards: Gold, Architecture.

Image credits: 1839awards

#57 "Art Of Glass" By Chantel King

Awards: Bronze, Other.

"What makes us vulnerable? For me, it is showing your true self. We’re told showing vulnerability can be a sign of weakness, but I wanted to showcase that it's a sign of strength, we constantly hide behind a mask. I shot through the glass to give this illusion, yet the model’s pose is strong."

Image credits: chantelkingphoto

#58 "Mi Amiga Virginia" By Mariana Pacho Lopez

Awards: Bronze, Film/Analog.

"Analog 35mm color photography."

Image credits: empalagarmedemar

#59 "Big Heart, Strong Hands" By Anne Helene Gjelstad

Awards: Bronze, Photojournalism.

"This is the story of the older women on Kihnu and Manija islands. Often viewed as Europe’s matriarchy, the women take care of almost everything. I have photographed their daily lives, their clothing, bedrooms and farmhouses and the surroundings. My book is published in 2020 by Dewi Lewis Publishing."

Image credits: Anne Helene Gjelstad

#60 "Blue" By Daniel Holfeld

Awards: Silver, Minimalism and Silver, Architecture.

"This photo was taken at La Muralla Roja by architect Ricardo Bofill and was shot using natural daylight. Influenced by iconic blues like Picasso’s and Majorelle blue, the colours hold deep significance in the artist's palette, offering clarity and intense emotional impact."

Image credits: danielholfeld

#61 "Identity" By Elena Raceala

Awards: Bronze, Conceptual.

"Ever since I discovered photography, I have been fascinated by surrealism, by the mystery beyond us and beyond the moment, by "nothing is what it seems". My project is inspired by the artworks of René Magritte.
And the question that grinds me is "If I become like you, how will you ever know me?""

Image credits: touchmyvision

#62 "Reflection" By Benjamin Cole

Awards: Bronze, Still Life and People’s Vote Award, Still Life.

"‘Reflection’ is a raw and emotive visual display of life, the events, outcomes, strength, and pull post The Pandemic. Through this series, I explored my experiences and life from 2020- 2023 documenting ideas abstractly through sculptural botanical creations using new and previous techniques."

Image credits: benjamincole_art

#63 "M" By Scarlett Coten

Awards: Gold, Storytelling.

"M brings together three series that explore from the Mediterranean basin to Trump's America, and France, contemporary masculinities and the determination to express who one really is. The challenge is of introducing into the collective imagination these singular yet shared experiences."

Image credits: scarlett_coten

#64 "Neow" By Peter Nitsch

Awards: Silver, Other.

"The photograph is part of the NEOW series of more than 60 photographs exploring loneliness in a large city - quiet, empty, unexplainably radiant, as if it‘s in the neon light that we have any hope of finding understanding."

Image credits: peternitsch.gram

#65 "Ossiuary, From The Series, French Fold" By Heather Mcdonough

Awards: Silver, Still Life.

"French Folds is a project about accumulation. My work is about family & memory, and—here specifically—about how women fill their homes and lives with things."

Image credits: hevphoto

#66 "Knowledge" By Edie Fogel

Awards: Bronze, Other.

"The Nature of Being Series."

Image credits: ediefogel