26 Organizations In Modern Society That Should Be Called Cults Despite Formally Not Called One, According To Folks Online

How often do we use the words "cult" or "iconic" in relation to celebrities, movies or TV shows, sports teams, brands or hobbies? Perhaps too often. But does this mean that the object of our admiration and worship has all the signs of a real cult? Some will laugh and say no. Someone will think and say: "Perhaps..."

Recently, a viral thread has appeared in the AskReddit community, dedicated to various people and phenomena in our lives that have all the signs of a cult, while not actually being a cult. So here's a selection of the most interesting points in this list, carefully collected by Bored Panda.


The dudes with the "toxic masculinity" type of views and opinions.

Bro, being disrespectful to women doesn't make you an alpha male, it makes you an a*****e.

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Andrew tate fans

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elon musk fanboys who meat ride everything he says

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Perhaps the closest thing to a real cult today are various brands which create a real obsession among loyal fans. Don't you think, for example, all those queues of thousands on the eve of the launch of a popular smartphone brand resemble devout adherents of some religion? And a charismatic corporate CEO presenting a new product to exalted fans can easily pass for a prophet or a religious leader...



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Political parties

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"In religious studies, a cult is defined by a group led by a charismatic leader and which usually triggers behavior-altering habits in followers. The general public tends to use the term for new-age religions or those with beliefs considered radical or extreme," Jarrett Fuller, a contributing editor to Eye on Design, writes in his recent article.

"Often unspoken, however, is that these groups are usually funded through selling a product or service, whether that's tools and methods for self-help, books, and other content, or simply access to the club, complicating the lines between religion and company, self-help and grip." Yes, in recent decades, the role of religion in modern society has been gradually declining, and new subjects and objects of worship have taken its place.


sororities and greek life in general

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Fox News

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Apple fanboys.

Realistically any overly aggressive brand loyalty, but Apple people are the worst.

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Let's take a look at the list of the most-followed TikTok accounts. The two leaders on this list, Khaby Lame and Charli D'Amelio, have over 150 million followers each, which is comparable to the population of an entire country from the world's top ten. Isn't there a reason to compare many contemporary influencers to true prophets? Among the leaders in terms of the number of followers on Instagram, there are mainly stars of sports, cinema and music. By the way, have you forgotten that the very word "culture" comes from the root "cult"?



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Flat Earth

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Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ) from the Philippines is a cult pretending to be a religion. These people visit your home when you miss church, require you to declare your earnings (and then ask for contributions). And even dictate who to vote during elections. Big yikes.

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Be that as it may, today we are surrounded by many phenomena, the attitude towards which sometimes resembles religion, and moreover, they even have their own priests (suffice to recall, let's say HOA...) But such is the modern world - so all we can do is perhaps just scroll to the very end of this list, like the submissions you consider the truest, and maybe add some of your own ideas in the comments. After all, worshiping pandas is perhaps the most decent and approved 'cult' we know.


the cult of idealization of productivity. I’m glad that people manage their time and are motivated, but when every second one screams that “you need to get up at 4 in the morning, because the strongest do it” sorry, but I don’t see the point in this if there is no goal. it would be better to say HOW HEALTHY SLEEP is important.

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lululemon. i worked there and we had “regulars” that would come in each week for new stuff. the employee culture is weird too

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Taylor Swift fans ✨

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Weight Watchers

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Jeep owners

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High school theater departments

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Competitive dance.

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Texas A&M

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The band THE CULT

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MrBeast worshippers

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Horse riding groups

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