29 Fun Bits Of Info That Can Only Be Known By The Very Rich, As Listed By People Online

One might believe material wealth to only be a means to an end, as opposed to certain things with an intrinsic value; however, whether one holds such a belief or not, it does not prevent riches from providing certain exceptional benefits, experiences, and opportunities. While possibly, on the flip side, preventing rich folks from empathizing with some non-rich people’s experiences. People online stepped up, trying to outline the specifics of one’s experience as a rich person, by answering one Redditor’s question: ”What is something only a wealthy person would know?”

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The more money you have, the more ways you have to make it grow. To the point that it increases faster the higher it is -- not just in absolute terms but also in percentage growth.

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I wish I still had a link to it, but there was a lengthy post once by a guy that described what life was like for people at varying degrees of wealth -- $1 million to $10 million, $10 million to $100 million, and so on and so forth.

Until he reached the upper echelon, which started (IIRC) at a $1 billion clip.

At that level, what he described was a seemingly limitless way of living. At that level, what he said you could buy was quite literally ACCESS to anything, or anyone. Super Bowl? No problem, let us know where you'd like to be seated. Concert happening in Milan this evening? Private jet to the venue and the best tickets in the house with one phone call.

The truly troublesome access, though, was political. If you disagreed with a proposed bill, before it became law, you could buy access to the legislators supporting it and dissuade them from moving forward. You could fund lobbyists to help remove laws that you didn't like, or that impacted you negatively. Meeting with the President? You have enough money to get a phone call within a few hours to discuss whatever is bothering you.

Rich people know what it's like to have money. Wealthy people, though... they know what it's like for nothing to be impossible. Whatever they seek can be had, with zero effort on their part. The wealthy person is the top of the duck, cool and collected on top of the water. The people in their employ are the duck's legs, kicking furiously to make that person's life an effortless one.

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How it feels not having to check your balance before you check out at the grocery store just to be sure you don't go over.

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How much it costs to buy a U.S. Congressman or Senator.

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The various tiers of wealth around the world, and how old some of it is. People think the Kardashians are rich. They aren't even in the same stratosphere as the Dreyfus, Getty, Mars, DuPont, Ambani, Wertheimer, Mars, or Walton families.

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You can rent celebrities for your private events. Not just musicians, but bonafide actors & actresses.

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That the phrase, "money can't buy happiness" isn't as ridiculous as it seems.

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The less help you need, the more you get.

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The VIP hotline number at the children's hospital when your kid needs urgent care but there's a big wait in the ER (but your kid isn't sicker than anybody else's kid in the ER), and you want get to the front of the line. Blew my mind when a very wealthy friend told me he did this for his child (friend's father was a huge donor to the hospital). More power to him, but there is the wealthy and then there is the **wealthy.**

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You can opt to not be on those "wealthiest people" lists - for a price.

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Selling your time for money won't make you wealthy

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That there’s no rules after a certain point

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The difference between an equity country club and a membership country club.

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How to fully use a hotel concierge service..

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Credit is a way to borrow money to make money. It will come due. The trick is to make more than enough to pay back that credit.

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The phone numbers from people who could help you out of any (even bad) situation.

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What it's like to have a mega yacht AND a support yacht.

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The s***tier the daily-wear, the more the net-worth.

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What junk some supercars are. A viper is still a plastic-y creaky dodge. Lambos need service constantly.

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Whether or not wealth makes one happy.

What they don’t know, if they’ve always been wealthy, is to what extent lack of money causes suffering, but the blade cuts both ways.

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Private jets come with different size luggage compartments.

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They often eat for free. Restaurants love the attention of having a celeb dine there so will often not charge.

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Tax loopholes

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Capital Gains Tax

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There's places through which you can buy books, just bulk books for interior decorating. Not intended to be read, just chosen for the aesthetics of the covers and bindings by professionals to look the best in the environment of your home/office.

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How low their interest rate is when they borrow

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Not knowing what WIC, SNAP, Assisted Living, etc are, because for rich people those are ghost stories to them right?

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The password to those Eyes Wide Shut parties

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Where all the pieces go on a fancy place-setting and what food/course they're used for.

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