2K Games to Announce Sequel for a “Beloved Franchise” This Year

Bordlands 3 by 2K Games
Image Courtesy: 2K Games/Borderlands 3
  • 2K Games confirms it will announce a sequel to a well-beloved franchise this year.
  • Summer Game Fest will be taking care of the announcement, taking place on June 7, 2024.
  • Fans speculate that the sequel could be a new game in Borderlands, BioShock, or Mafia series.

It seems 2K Games has something exciting for fans this year. While the parent company, Take-Two Interactive, confirmed the GTA 6 release date earlier today, the publisher also has something up its sleeve. The company has revealed that it will reveal the next iteration of one of its most beloved franchises at the official Summer Games Fest.

As announced by the Summer Game Fest X account (formerly Twitter), the well-known publisher will reveal a brand-new game. While the Summer Game Fest or the publisher didn’t build upon this announcement immediately, we can expect more on June 7, 2024, when Summer Game Fest will commence.

As for what the company can announce, well, there are a lot of games under their portfolio. And most of them are pretty well-beloved in their own accord. This isn’t a sports game, as those are yearly affairs. So, no NBA 2K or another WWE 2K this soon. What it can be is what I like to call the three-4s.

2K Games has three sequels under them, and all three are the fourth entries in the respective franchises. Hence, there is a good chance of a Mafia 4 announcement. Alternatively, this can be the fourth entry in the critically acclaimed BioShock series.

Finally, when Take-Two acquired Gearbox for 2K Games, they confirmed Borderlands 4 was in the works. Hence, it can also be an announcement of Borderlands 4. Furthermore, with the movie dropping this year, it might just be the sequel announcement.

I mean, it makes sense to tie the announcement alongside the schedule of the upcoming film. Well, what do you think the announcement will be? What are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below.