35 Times People Stepped Into Someone Else’s House And Had To Share The Weird Things That They Saw

Sometimes we grow so accustomed to our opinions, views, and ideas about the world around us that we forget other people might have a different approach to life.

To help themselves remember, a Reddit user who goes by the humorous nickname Secretary-BootyJuice on the platform asked everyone on it, "What's the weirdest thing you've found in someone else's home?" and folks immediately flooded them with memorable replies.

From creepy interior design elements to questionable utensil placements, here are the ones that received the most attention during the discussion.


A picture of me.

Story time: Ran into a really old classmate from when we were in 1st grade together. We talked and chatted, got invited over to meet his wife and kids. Cool. I am told to explore around since dinner wasnt ready, so I did. Walked into his office and on his desk is a picture of two kids. It dawned on me really fast the two kids were him, and I. fighting. I was in the middle of a full on kick with my hiking boots, and he was swinging a stick down at me vertically. We looked SOOO pissed off. I remember that fight, it ended fast cause my kick landed first and blasted him down on the ground. We were fighting over girls of course, because he was 007, and kicked me "out of the group". Yet it was a school park day and he and is gaggle of girls would follow me all over, and chase me off, so we got in a fight lol.

Thing about that picture? It looked like a professional animal photographer took it, like it looked like a national geographic shot. He comes into his office and sees the me looking at that photo with this absolutely bewildered face and told me his end of it. Apparently a teacher snapped that shot off and gave it to his parents. And the beating I gave him right before I moved made him stop being a bully. he LOVED that photo so much he shows it to everyone. He calls the photo "The Righteous Fury of the Bullied" He apparently had hoped we would run into each other someday, but having heard about my life and how I was treated growing up didnt want me to feel like he pitied me. I valued that SOOO much. He joked that from what he heard, people were like "f**k goatiusman, f**k goatiusman, f**k goatiusman, and then I said no "f**k you"" and I got in shape, learned to fight and now no one messes with me anymore.

We just hung out the other day, drank to much and we just passed out sitting up watching old movies. Two old men, rivals to brothers.


My own stuff.

It was Halloween and I went to a friend’s house. They had up some decorations and some other things that looked oddly familiar. I asked him where he got those and he said my GF gave them to him for decorating.

You know things like family antiques and old pictures of my extended family and stuff that I thought were in my garage.

I took them all back and I’m 100% sure that was the beginning of the end for her and I.

She eventually left me for my friend.

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Research by UCLA psychology professor Matthew Lieberman, Ph.D., offers an explanation to why people lead such different lives by pointing to a part of the brain he calls the "gestalt cortex," which sits behind the ear and between the areas of the brain that process vision, sound, and touch.

In his research, which was based on an analysis of more than 400 studies and published in the journal Psychological Review, Lieberman says that the gestalt cortex helps people make sense of information that is ambiguous or incomplete, as well as dismiss alternative interpretations.

Lieberman also mentions "naive realism," which is the notion that we tend to think our own interpretations of people and events are accurate or true over those of others.


At a friend's home, an african mask visibly and obvisouly chained to a wall.

When I asked why the chains, the friend answered "Because it tends to move around the house by itself."

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While working for a carpet cleaning company, I had to go into their basement to check their spigot supply. I said, "I need to go down to your basement to make sure there is not a busted pipe." He said, "okay but watch out for the chickens." I get into the guys basement and there's hay and chickens around. I should mention that this is in the middle of a dense urban area where chickens are not allowed. I asked him what they were for, and he said thet are there for the tics that they had. However, I used to live in New Orleans. I recognize voodoo paraphernalia when I see it. We worked that house very quickly.

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In another life a long time ago I was an AT&T U-Verse installer. You know, home internet and TV and such. I worked mainly in NE metro Atlanta. It was a decent gig until I got injured. Anyway, I digress.

I did the install for the guy’s neighbor after the fact, and I met the guy in question. The other installer was tasked with internet and three TV set top boxes- DVR in the living room and two others in bedrooms. House was a split level with , and the master and living room were on the main level. After identifying those two rooms, the installer asked which of the other two rooms across the hall needed the other box. The customer said, “neither. It’s going to go up here.” Customer then reached up and pulled the attic ladder down.

Full stop, right? Well, here’s some background before we continue. The customer was a professional clown, a name I remember to this day. No, I won’t dox the guy but I sure will say that the installer completed the job but did take pictures of what he saw and handed them over to his supervisor.

In the attic, in the far back corner, was a room with a small door with a padlock on the outside.

Inside was a child’s bed, some toys and stuffed animals, and some random unisex toys. The room was decorated with happy looking pictures on the walls, one of those race track rugs, and a small tube TV with a DVD player and some young children’s’ movies.

The installer was instructed to install a set top box and run a new coax cable line to the room. He obliged, of course. I mean, who wants to get padlocked in an attic room?

Afterward, he said that the guy was giving him creepy vibes even before the attic business. Maybe because he was a professional clown? I don’t know, but what I do know is that I don’t trust clowns anymore.

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Although Lieberman states in his paper that the gestalt cortex isn't alone in helping people process what they experience, he claims it's an essential component.

For instance, he says the gestalt cortex includes the temporoparietal junction, which he believes is linked to us consciously making sense of situations that we witness or encounter.

But practically speaking, he says, "it refers to a person's adaptive capacity to 'construct their own reality' and is the way a person makes sense of things in the face of incomplete or ambiguous information."

So we're wired to fill in gaps in our understanding with biases and construct different versions of the same things.


Once visited a remote location as a traveling sales rep. Met with client who referred me to a friend at an unmarked house with no address.

Dude had yellow sticky notes on every imaginable object with the name of the thing all over his house. Proceeded to tell me he had murdered 3 of his wives and buried them in pieces around the property and then offered me some heroine for being cool for listening to his story.

Figured I'd accept to not be rude. Told him I can't get high though so I'd take it to go and do it later.

Accidently took his jacket with me as I left, got his number and told him Id do a follow up with him next week, sold him two units.

Turned everything over to the cops later and the sales bounced so I assumed he was taken care of.

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A meat tenderizer mallet on the tank of the toilet.

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My friend’s grandmother had a taxidermy of her late dog stood on the top of their stairs. Super creepy.

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I met a girl on Tinder one night when I was mindlessly using up all of my likes. She was definitely not my type, but I didn't want to be an a*s and i figured I could at least make a friend. We met up at a park and soon she invited me back to her house. It was absolutely disgusting. Trash, dirty clothes, and literal dog s**t everywhere. I decided to bounce out of there pretty much as soon as the tour was over, but she asked if I wanted to see the artwork she had been working on. I always genuinely appreciate it when people want to share their artwork with me, so I agree. She leads me to a door and opens it, revealing a large closet that was, of course, absolutely packed with s**t and had a sewing machine in it, which wasn't the weird part. I looked up on a shelf and saw a very poorly taxidermy squirrel, locked in abject terror for the rest of eternity, holding a cocktail sword. She said her dogs caught it and didn't want it to go to waste, so she tried to stuff it herself. I did not see her again after.

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When I was five, a friend of my older sister’s parents had a large painting of satan in their stairwell. All I remember is that it terrified the f**k out of me, and to this day, I can’t really understand why they had that.

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I met this guy on one of those self development courses. We had a reunion at his place and he had many (quite graphic) nude paintings he'd done all over the walls. They were pretty good and all the same model. We asked him who his muse was. "Oh, that's my mother" he replied.

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When I was in my early 20s, a friend from high school moved into an apartment up the street from where I lived. I went to visit her one time. There were used maxi pads on the floor in the corner of her living room. Some were still rolled up in TP, some unrolled -- there were quite a few of them. She would come out of the bathroom after changing her pad and throw the used pad in the direction of a small waste basket -- if it went in the basket, it went in, if it landed on the floor, that's where it stayed.

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My grandparents were hoarders, kept literally everything. After they passed, we went through the house, I went through the kitchen first because I loved my grandma's cooking. In one cupboard were jars of homemade pickles and relish dated from the early 1970's with black slime oozing out of the lids. In another cupboard were various prescription pills that expired as far back as the 1960's. In the freezer was the top layer of my mother's first wedding cake from the early 1970's, along with other frozen unlabeled/undated pies and cookies. On the fun side every issue of National Geographic dating back to the 1800's, every local newspaper dating back to the early 1960's, bags of clipped coupons also dating back to the early 1960's. But the best thing, hands down, found in my grandmother's top drawer of her dresser was a vibrator from the 1950's with what looked like June Cleaver on the box. She was a revolutionary lady.

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My friend's older sister is a bit of a recluse, she's turned her bedroom into a videoshop, she must have thousands of blurays, dvds and videos, all shelved with aisles like a Blockbuster. Nobody's allowed in but I would have a sneaky peek when I was round. She's a bit of a goth too so it's all dark in there with neon lights and UV paint.

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Got in touch with someone offering fancy rats for sale as wanted a few as pets. Went round their house and as well as a few dogs there were snakes, spiders, lizards, all sorts round the house in every room (I assume that's why they bred the rats...) Anyway - I was admiring a tarantula when they guy says 'that's cool but do you want to see the main event?' Took me outside and there's a huge Eurasian Eagle OWL on a perch. At first I thought it was animatronics or something. It had eyes like dinner plates. Seriously huge. Look up how big an adult one is. Quite a shock when you're not expecting to suddenly be stood in front of one. Not sure you're supposed to keep them as pets. He said he 'walks' it in the woods behind his house and it once took off with a cat.

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I was a mover.

One time, we moved a girl who lived with three other girls on a campus and we last thing we moved was her bed. Under the bed had like twelve or more used condoms where they were full but someone tied them in a knot. We moved the box spring and didn't say anything. We told her to take a walk through and let us know if we forgot anything and when she saw the mess, she screamed bloody murder.

Saw lots of dildos, guns, a**l beads, drugs.Moved a hoarder, had an incredibly huge model car collection all covered in mouse s**t. But that condom thing was probably the weirdest.

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This wasn’t me, but my dad. He was on a job site in the early 70s and a dog bit him. He went to the dog’s house and they had their dead son, he had been killed in the Vietnam war, in his military uniform, “stuffed/taxidermied”in a glass coffin. I have no idea of the legality then or now but no, just no. He was standing up in the living room, like hey everybody, I’m dead.

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I was visiting a mate i met at a tech conference, and there was a vibrator in the middle of the living room. Mind you, this was a household with 2 parents, 2 teenage kids and a child. They acted as if it wasn't there.

To be fair, if you hear how the kids talk to their parents, I wouldn't be surprised.

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I went into an abandoned home once, with a friend. Just silly teenager stuff. It was in very bad shape. Looked mostly intact but my friend stepped right through the floor so it wasn't exactly safe either.. There was a plate on the table with some breadcrumbs on it, like someone just ate and suddenly vanished. There was a lot of stuff left behind. A table clock, some figurines, and multiple mounted animals on display, al covered in mold. That was the creepiest thing to me. We took some stuff but my mum found out and made us put it all back. I went back a few times but after a while someone had put a gate around it with a trespassing warning on it. Not long after that the roof caved in so that was that. Always wondered what had happened to the owner.


Y’all ever been inside a “Dead room?” It’s a trophy room for a hunter and all the stuffed kills

Anaheim hills. Some random guy I know from a guy trying to pick up some party favors.

Impalas. Weird a*s mountain goat. Alligator. Crocs. Lions. Tigers. Grizzly. Dude. We are in Anaheim.

Then the guys asks us. Wanna see the prime stuff.

… we get in an elevator. Ding! it says SUB2. And I’m like. …Are we f*****g under ground???


are enormous.


Went with a friend to pick up some ornamental fish from some guy he met on a fish forum. Walk in the front door, there's a couch, big screen, and about 30 fish tanks, ranging from the 10-500gal region. Dude and his wife were dressed in all black, both wearing black makeup with huge gauge piercings, and a little 3yr old in colorful Osh Kosh kid clothing. They were relatively normal, talking to them.

Edit: close second was a guy I met in college, 37yr old who moved in with a 22 year old and her parents. He was obsessed with bone carving, so the entire living room was dedicated to his carved bone collection. Most still in boxes, but bones literally on every flat surface in the house in various states of being carved.


Was going through a house that was on sale (we were potential buyers). Pictures of their family, super cute kids. Upstairs was a remodel and very tastefully done. Seriously considered it.

Basement was a strip club. Had a stripper pole in the middle, dj station, couches and a dance floor. There was a closet next to the stage with the pole full of striper outfits. Was very surprised. Guess they hosted high end parties?


Not me, but a friend of mine went on a date with this girl. They hit it off and he ended up going to her place for the second date. She had a picture of him and her together. It wasn’t any picture he had ever taken himself and she photoshopped herself with him. He got the f**k out and never talked to her again.


I cleaned out a foreclosed house for the bank once. It looked like the previous owners had just run out for an errand. Everything was still there. Clothes, photos on the walls, even toothbrushes in the bathroom. It didn't seem like they took anything with them.


Deadbolt locks on the outside of closets in the kids’ bedrooms.


I was with my sister and we were for the first time at a new friend's house. My sister and I were maybe 12 or 13 years old. Into the finished basement we went, it was kind of dark. A closet door was open. My sister sees like five human heads and starts screaming "THEY'RE KILLERS! THEY'RE KILLERS!" And then books it out the bay window (basement patio).

As it turned out, the mother was/is a hairdresser and had mannequin heads with hair kept on the upper rack/shelf in the basement closet.

Edit [clarification]: She didn't geronimo out of the window, she was in a panic and fearing for her life, it didn't occur to her to use the door. She pushed through the blinds, shoved the screen out, and ran into the backyard.

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Working for a moving company, guy was moving from a small condo to a gated community, he had several Tibetan gold plated human skull begging bowls that he had to “smuggle,” back to the US. He did have some cool stuff like several broadswords, a morning star, two katanas etc. but as we was showing us around and telling us what to grab and what not to grab, one of the guys I was working with found a partially opened closet, he opened the door all the way and there was just a thick purple curtain hanging from the ceiling to the floor. Dude freaked out and said that none of us were allowed in there.

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Went to use what I thought was ‘powder room’ in friend’s basement game room (I was 12)…. Opened door and there was a nude mannequin with (didn’t know what to call it at the time) a harness/strap-on dildo standing facing the door…I asked Kurt (friend) and he said it was his Dad’s “work files closet” & he was not supposed to go in there….apparently his dad left it unlocked accidentally… Can't unsee it even after 30 yrs.


A friend of a friend had passed away and I volunteered to help clean out stuff for his widow- assuming we would take stuff to charity that she didn’t want to keep. Apparently they were big into S&M, and had a ‘play room’ with all kinds of rubber stuff and restraints. The wife sorted through the things (completely not affected we were there) and kept a body suit with a detachable mask- apparently that brought back fond memories for her.


A used pad in the middle of the room. Just sitting there.


A child’s skull bones on display. I don’t know how he got it or why but he basically had a room full of weird things he had collected throughout his life.


Well it's not really weird but it was to me; when I was about twelve my grandma had a very cute pet parakeet. It was very tame and free to fly around the house. When it died she had it mounted. It was on a branch near the door. Creeped me the hell out every time I saw it. She had some other mounted animals. We always joked she'd have my grandfather mounted too when he died.


An engineered support beam that had _dozens_ of holes cut into it to accommodate pipes, conduit, and ductwork, because the guy designing the multimillion dollar mansion this thing ran the length of had no idea what he was doing and didn't account for everything that needed to be run before he put it on place.

Still haven't seen a news story about a rich dude's house collapsing though, so I guess it worked out.


A mason jar full of Agent Orange in my grandfather’s garage. Apparently it had been in there for decades after his neighbor who worked at the plant that made it gave him some to kill weeds.


Was cleaning a house and found a bathroom vent completely crammed full of porn magazines. Not super unusual, other than the crazy amount of religious stuff on walls elsewhere in the house. You would have thought that porn would have burst into flames when coming through the front door if god were real.