38 Facts That Sound Bizarre But Are Real, Shared By Folks In This Online Community

The famous quote "It is the theory which decides what we can observe" is usually attributed to Albert Einstein - but even if arguably the greatest mind of the 20th century didn't say those words, that doesn't make them any less true. In the end, depending on the angle from which we look at this or that fact, the same thing can look completely different.

Some time ago, a viral thread appeared in the AskReddit community, the author of which asked netizens a question about what fact looks completely implausible, but at the same time is absolutely true. We have compiled a selection of the most interesting facts of this thread, conscientiously looked at them from a variety of angles, and now we can say - yes, one can observe it under any theory. Just observe and have fun.


Martin and Gary Kemp (from Spandea Ballet)

Gary was born with only one kidney, he developed a condition which caused his kidney to fail

His younger brother Martin agreed to be a donor and it turned out on the scan that Martin had been born with three kidneys.

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The measles virus actually causes immunity amnesia, meaning your immune system has to “relearn” how to fight off viruses and bacteria you were previously immune to.

Measles wipes out 11-73% of the antibodies your body uses to protect against viruses and bacteria. This can last for up to 2-3 years.

One of the most amazing facts that highlights the importance of the measles vaccine ?


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At least 1 person has stayed in space (ISS) since November, 2000 making October 31st the last date all of humanity was on the earth together.

Edit: Thank you for your generosity, kind strangers :)

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However, the improbability of any fact depends on how much we know about this fact. For example, the story that Miss Piggy and Master Yoda were indeed voiced by the same person will sparkle with completely new colors if you know that Frank Oz is the very voice of Yoda, and also an outstanding film director and actor.

It was Frank Oz who directed several famous comedies of the late '80s and early '90s, for example, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels or What About Bob?. In addition, Fungus from Monsters, Inc. also speaks in his voice, and Subconscious Guard Dave from Inside Out too. And if you want to remember what Frank Oz looks like, just check out the Knives Out movie. Remember Alan Stevens, Mr. Harlan Thrombey's counsel? Yes, he is the one! Isn't it true that this makes this story fuller and more interesting?


It is possible for a professional mimic to forget his voice.

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The most amazing fact I heard of this week is that Saturn's moon Titan has riverine valleys like Earth, except they are formed by flowing liquid methane. Of course, it also rains methane, but the drops are twice as large as rain on earth and fall at a fifth of the speed.

It also has volcanoes that spew a "magma" that is water and ammonia, and at -100C has the same viscosity as molten rock.

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There is more fresh water contained in Loch Ness than in all rivers and lakes in England and Wales combined.

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Various time paradoxes are no less exciting. For example, the stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus, which we used to see fighting each other for life and death in various movies and cartoons, are actually really separated by an unimaginable abyss of time. Stegosaurus lived at the end of the Jurassic period - about 150 million years ago, but the tyrannosaurus occupied the very end of the Cretaceous period, about 70 million years ago.

So yes, the T-rex is about the same time away from us as it is from its classic on-screen rival. However, this in no way made life easier for a real stegosaurus - the bipedal predatory allosaurus that lived with it in the same era was no less dangerous than the T-rex, and loved to eat just as much.


In the song "rap God" the rap artist Eminem breaks the world record for words per second at 97 words in 6.4 seconds. If he spoke for an entire minute he would speak 690 words.




If you made 8000 dollars every hours since the birth of Jesus Christ, you still wouldn’t have accumulated Jeff Bezos’s net worth (145.6 billion)

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Returning to temporary paradoxes, which are by no means paradoxes - the iconic beauty of the ancient world, Queen Cleopatra, was a contemporary of Julius Caesar and passed away in 30 BC. Thus, about two thousand years separate Cleopatra from the creation of the iPhone, but almost four and a half thousand years from the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Yes, if you ever invent a time machine, then traveling to take a selfie with Cleopatra will take less than half as long as it would to travel to shoot a brand new pyramid on your iPhone.


This is true, and I know it's weird. Dolphins legitimately like to get high off of pufferfish. They can poke the fish around until it start releasing a mild toxin, and when dolphins get the toxin in their system it is very similar to when people get high.

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Those fluffy cumulus clouds you see floating in the sky? They weigh about 1.1 million pounds each.

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Yoda and Miss Piggy were both voiced by the same person.

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We are pretty sure that an interesting story can be chosen literally for any of the facts listed here, but we will not do this - at least so as not to deprive you of the pleasure of doing it yourself. So please feel free to scroll this list to the very end, mark your favorite submissions and maybe add your own absolutely incredible yet 100% true facts in the comment. Who knows, maybe you know something that will be of great interest to all of us, and the more new facts we know, the more new angles we will have with which to view them.


When you get a kidney transplant, they usually just leave your original kidneys in your body and put the 3rd kidney in your pelvis.

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Trees have such intricate root systems that a tree low on one particular type of nutrient will acquire some from his neighbors and make up for it later. This is especially prevalent during the winter months when some trees don't have leaves and so need extra help from their evergreen friends.

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The greater honey guide is a bird that drops its eggs into other birds nests. When born, the chick has two teeth at the end of its beak. It then uses that beak to destroy the other eggs/kill the other birds in the nest. So the momma bird returns to a war zone nest and basically has to raise the chick that slaughtered its babies. It loses the teeth like two days after being born.

Birds are savage.

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Penguins do have knees

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Children of identical twins are genetically siblings not cousins.

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If you are 25 years-old, apx 1/3 of all the humans that were alive at your birth, have died.

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Australia exports sand and camels to the Middle East.

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A pistol shrimps claw can move at a speed of 97 km/hr. "The speed of the snap is such that a bubble is created consisting of vacuum. The internal low pressure causes a water pulse that immobilizes prey with an associated noise of 218 dB which is louder than a bullet, and reportedly a temperature of 4800 degrees centigrade which is similar to the surface temperature of the sun, albeit over a very small area"

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Every time you shuffle a deck of cards, chances are you have put them in an order never seen in the history of the universe

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In the early 1900's a wave a molasses rushed through the streets of Boston at 35mph killing 21 people. For decades later, locals said on hot summer days they could still smell molasses in the air

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About 40,000 Americans are injured by toilets each year

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Each cell has about 2 meters of DNA and you have about 75-100 trillion cells in your body.

If you took all the DNA in your body, uncoiled it, and lined it up, it would reach the sun and back ~300 times.

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The Stegosaurus was as old to the Tyrannosaurus as the T-Rex is to us. Dinosaurs lived for a long time...

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There used to be a flying reptile that was as tall as a giraffe.

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*Sacred sheep:*

The ancient Sumerians, who are thought to have developed the first form of writing (*Cuneiform script*), immortalized sheep in the form of gods in their religion.

Egyptians believed that sheep were sacred. They even had them mummified when they died, just like humans.

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The brain named itself.


Camels evolved in the Americas and migrated opposite humans across the land bridge.


In order for you to smell something, we have to breathe in particals of the source. So when you smell s**t..

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Wilbur and Orville Wright flew for the first time in history on December 17th, 1903 and only 66 years later, in 1969, man walked on the Moon.


Jacksonville, Fl is farther west than all of South America.


That asphalt (bitumen) is actually in a constant liquid state So you are driving on a surface that has a viscosity level 1000 x more then that of honey.

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Cleopatra lived closer to the creation of the iPhone than she did to the building of the Great Pyramid

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- One of the youngest person diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease was 31 years old and pregnant. She died less than 2 years after giving birth.

And she is not the youngest case in the world. You can find cases of people getting diagnosed in their mid-late 20's. Very rare but it happens.

- Oldest woman to have gotten pregnant naturally and delivered was 59 years old. She got pregnant by surprise thinking she might have cancer. The youngest one was 5 years old.

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Lego people live in houses made of their own skin.

Platypus’s produce milk and eggs, therefore a portable source of omelets.

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NASA was sued for trespassing on mars

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If you live in Montana, switching from electric heat to a rocket mass heater will reduce your carbon footprint more than parking 7 cars.

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