44 Times Folks Were Blind To The Obvious And Just Recently Realized What’s Up, As Shared Online

We all have our "aha!" moments at different times. Perhaps you've just discovered the correct usage of a common kitchen gadget, or maybe you've finally come to the realization that "espresso" shouldn't be pronounced with an "x" – whatever it is, we've got a list just for you!

What obvious thing did you recently realize?” – this web user invited folks to spill the beans on super obvious things they only just realized. The thread garnered 8K upvotes as well as 8.7K comments containing some pretty interesting answers. 

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That when a cat comes running up to me when I'm out for a walk, they are seeing me with the same excitement and novelty as I'm seeing them!

That realization really made my day.

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My grandson just figured out I am his mothers mother. He just can't understand why I tell him we have to ask his mom to do some things. Why can't I just tell his mom we are going to do something? I am her mom therefore her boss!

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Growing up, my grandparents religiously had a 3:00 PM “Pepsi” time. Like Tea Time, I guess, but with Pepsi. Every time we were over there, it happened. We all enjoyed a crisp, fizzy, cold Pepsi.

At 43 years old, I was telling that story this week, when I suddenly realized theirs were most likely spiked.

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Despite their warm and friendly ourward appearance, Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult. I'm a raised JW and I'm fading out of the organization.

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Even after hitting rock bottom, you can still keep digging.

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That birds don't live in nests. Nests are just where they keep their eggs. Birds just sleep in trees.

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Stripper poles rotate and are not fixed. I always just assumed the dancers spun around the fixed pole through incredible body strength.

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I didn’t realize that in the song “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”, the DAD was in a Santa costume…and Mom wasn’t committing adultery with a magical, fictitious old man…

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Soft drinks are called soft drinks bc they don’t contain alcohol. Hard drinks do.

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The reason Lead is Pb on the periodic table is due to the Latin word for lead which is the same root of the word for plumbing, because the Romans made pipes out of lead.

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I spend too much time choosing to be negative when I could really be happy. After a vacation I had a major attitude adjustment and applied to school in the town I visited. Suddenly debt doesn't depress me, cause I'm accumulating it for reasons I know are worth it. In the past few weeks I've journaled mostly optimistic things, and today I realized I had spent over half of the journal talking myself into a deeper hole. I can't unwrite it now, but that just makes me value the pages I have left so much more. I don't want my life to be a journal full of sad thoughts. I want to be happy.

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that my glasses were on my the top of my head the whole time I was looking for them.

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That my doctor was right. I need to start using a cane and stop being stubborn.

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That worms don’t come onto the sidewalks when it rains because the wet concrete is irresistible to their squishy bodies. It’s because they’re drowning in the grass. This was a few years ago, but at that time, I had a masters degree and was walking into my full time engineering job. A bunch of worms on the sidewalk outside my building and an “oh” lightbulb that clicked on in my head


That Alucard from Castlevania just means Dracula backwards ..

Felt so dumb for not seeing the extremely obvious

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I can actually do certain things differently than I’ve been doing my whole life, and often the new way is better.


That if I put my phone in a bright yellow case I’ll spend significantly less time wandering around my apartment muttering “where the f**k did I set my phone”


You do not have to make the entire box of pasta all at once

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That pets dies.

Of course you are aware of it as a pet owner from day 1; that our furry friends are not immortals. But it always hits you like lightning from a clear sky when it actually happens, especially when it happens too early.

Bqckground: Our family cat fell down in an old well and drowned... ?

A stupid and tragic accident.


I first realized only a couple of years ago that Elvis sings about the “whole cell block” in Jailhouse Rock, not the “wholesale block.”

I’d imagined there being a Costco and a Petsmart and a Super Cuts and an AT&T store and maybe a Jimmy John’s and all the people shopping there were doing the Jailhouse Rock.

It took me a solid 25 years of knowing that song to clue in.


Eminem calls himself Eminem because his name is Marshal Mathers

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The Royal Family is named after Windsor Castle, not the other way around

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That the phase “bottom of the hour” means 30 min past the hour because the hand is at the bottom of the clock.

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Pipe cleaners aren’t just for arts and crafts.

They’re also for cleaning pipes.

Im 35 and oh so ashamed of myself.

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A couple years ago I realized pickles were just pickled cucumbers. Not sure why, but I never realized this and always thought pickles were just pickles.

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That the phrase ‘agree to disagree’ means agreeing to simply both disagree with eachother and end the argument, until yesterday I thought it meant the person who says it is agreeing with your point just to end the argument, meaning I thought I’d won every argument that people have said this in


That the pilgrims from the American Thanksgiving were called pilgrims because they were on a pilgrimage of sorts.

It took me seeing a news report while I was in Portugal last November and I said to my wife "oh you use the same word for pilgrims and pilgrims like we do in English"

"Yes" she replied "because they were pilgrims on a pilgrimage"

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Cows only produce milk because they are mothers.

I mean, I genuinely just thought cows made milk all the time until not that long ago. They have to have babies and have a 9-month pregnancy just like humans. Then we take their milk from their babies :(


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is referring to distance and not depth

Edit: Yeah, sorry I meant horizontally and not vertically…it’s all distance

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That boxer shorts are the style of shorts that boxers wear

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When getting an eye exam you are asked which looks better 1, or 2. If they are identical or too close to call, you have a 3rd option. The same. They never told me that.

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I played through nearly all of Fallout 4 (I didn’t buy the game until fairly recently) without realizing there’s a jump button. If I got trapped someplace, I just restarted from a previous save and complained about what kinda idiots didn’t make it so you can jump. But I’m the idiot.

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PetSmart is both Pet Smart and Pets Mart. It's a play on words!

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That basil leaves don't come from tomato plants. I've always seen basil-tomato on everything and I just assumed that they came from the same plant lol


That the Houston Astros name comes from astronauts.

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I thought “baby fever” was an infection

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That The Beatles (the band) and the car/bug (beetle) was spelled different. This was *last week*.

I've always thought beetle (bug) was Beatle. I have no idea why now.

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That coriander (I love) is cilantro (I hate)


The line in the bee gees song is "and you come to me on a summer breeze" and not "on a submarine"...

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i realized that you have to act to fall asleep to literally fall asleep

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That there is a typo on my email in my resume. Somehow it went unnoticed for 6+ months...

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That Men's Wearhouse is a pun.


I'm working for a leisure nautical company where they call me "Newbie Anchor" - except, they don't, they refer to me as my predecessor's name: Bianca.


The blue part is *not* land.