45 Bunk Beds, Offices, And Living Rooms Created Specifically For Cats, As Shared In This Dedicated Online Group

Why is it that everyone grabs their phones and starts recording when their pets start doing “human” things? It just feels like it’s universally funny and cute when a pet looks like they're watching TV, sitting just like a person would.

It’s even cuter when they’ve got their own pet-sized furniture when they’re doing it. 

Cat lovers - you’re in luck, because this post is all about a community of people sharing kitties using furniture designed specifically for them!

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#1 I Crocheted And Made This Heated Cat Couch, And I'm Working On A 2nd To Have A Matching Set. Hi! Meet Ripley :)

Image credits: Illustrious-Monk-482

#2 I Was Told My Tiny Friend Belongs Here

Image credits: whateverdeedeewants

#3 The Most Interesting Cat In The World

Image credits: DrZazz95

The furniture for cats sub was created on the 24th of May, 2020. Being as young as it is, it’s in Reddit’s top 5% of communities by size, with more than 10.6k members currently in it. If you were to take a peek in it, it’s ridiculous how many cat-sized couches there are out there. And that’s only talking about couches! 

There’s also beds, bunk beds, armchairs, houses, desks - you name it. 

One guy even transformed a tiny closet into a cat apartment, à la Harry Potter. You can even see the whole process here, on Bored Panda.

#4 Cozeee Kitty

Image credits: m33gs

#5 I Made My Cat A Home Office

Image credits: the_pizzacat

#6 My Dad Built My Sister's Cats Bunk Beds. And They Actually Use Them

Image credits: tisgogt

Although that cat flat may set you back about $2000 a month in NYC, making your own cat furniture is quite doable! There are loads of tutorials for customized furniture of any kind, for any pet. Even if you’re not very handy, you could probably cook something up for your furry friends.

If you’ve got a family member or friend who has some quality woodworking tools, you could spend a day or two with them, creating something for your pet and maybe a memory of your fun collaboration.

#7 Just Found This Sub. Here Is My Son In His Living Room. ☺️

Image credits: TheFreakingPrincess

#8 Bryan Davies Set The Bar Pretty High When It Comes To Spoiling Their Cat

Image credits: Juoreg

#9 The Ultimate Bunk Bed Set Up For Turkish Military Kitties!

Image credits: DrZazz95

But, in the case of you being repelled by power tools the same way that vampires are repelled by garlic, then you may be more interested in buying something cute for your furry family member. 

You may have luck on Etsy where people sell loads of custom and unique pieces of furniture for pets, from entire dog houses, to beds, to shelves for them to get around the rooms while above everyone else.

And if you’d like your pet to feel better than everyone else (perhaps rightly so?), you can actually get them luxury furniture, which is far more expensive, but handcrafted and built to last.

#10 Someone Is Very Pleased With Their Own Living Room!

Image credits: DrZazz95

#11 My Cat’s Living Room Is Nicer Than Mine

Image credits: jodellemicahferland

#12 My Handsome Boy Bastian On His Wicker Throne

Image credits: Grey0wl92

But it turns out that pet beds may not be enough, because there is quite a vocal crowd of people who say that not only should pets have their own furniture, but that not letting them on your furniture is cruel. 

One unpopular opinion post said exactly this, with many commenters joking that the poster of it is probably a cat that was shooed off a chair.

Whatever you think, there are certainly arguments for and against both sides, especially if you’ve got a dog that loves getting dirty every day!

#13 Arale Is Not Sure How To Use Her Bed Properly

Image credits: TMiguelT

#14 Oh, To Be A Kitten On A Tiny Couch

Image credits: catmanslim

#15 Hi I'm Beanie, This Is My Cat Corner. All Items Found At Garage Sales. ?

Image credits: kenziealizabeth

#16 Very Happy On Her Throne

Image credits: Puppybrother

Finally, if you’re craving more pet articles, there are also dogs with jobs and a similar community for cats!

On the dog subreddit, you’re likely to witness dogs actually working as service pups or in the military/police, but the cats are usually just hanging around somewhere with a silly title like: “Bunbun, the supreme overseer of the bathroom.”

By the way, I made that one up, sorry!

#17 Floofy Boi (And Girl, Swipe) On Their New Couch

Image credits: SpectacularLlama

#18 Bought The Cats A Tent. Probably The Best Thing About 2020

Image credits: DrZazz95

#19 This May Be One Of My Favorite Things I Have Ever Made. Ms. Boo Bears On Her Couch

Image credits: Arialene

#20 My Cats Have Their Own Tiny Apartment (:

Image credits: jodellemicahferland

#21 I Was Told To Post This Here. Taco’s Squatting In Barbie’s Bed

Image credits: nadajoe

#22 I Heard Y’all Might Like My Tiny Living Room

Image credits: moosypooper

#23 My Cat Has A Lil Chair To! Say Hi To Fred

Image credits: milf0rd

#24 Couch I Made Specifically For My Xl Sized Cat. Most Cat Furniture Is Too Small For Him, So I Made It Complete With Pillows, Blanket, Eye Mask And A Nightcap! Please Enjoy!

Image credits: maurmo

#25 Smol Sofa

Image credits: Other-Cantaloupe4765

#26 Kumquat And His New Sofa

Image credits: katkaylausy

#27 Does Anyone Know How To Repair Air Conditioning?...we Are In Trouble

Image credits: oliviacrazy

#28 A Fitting Throne For A Queen ?

Image credits: DrZazz95

#29 The Queen Does Not Like Being Disturbed!

Image credits: MistThePerfume

#30 Finally A Place To Show Off Laurie’s Couch

Image credits: Shelvis

#31 A Simple Snooze

Image credits: Awflwfl

#32 Top Or Bottom Bunk?

Image credits: Cat-Lover20

#33 I Was Told You All Would Love Stella's Cat Couch

Image credits: kgribbs63

#34 Kedi Is Shocked At Having His Own Couch

Image credits: TMiguelT

#35 Tulip And Beanie Love Having Bunkbeds. It Means Non-Stop Slumber Parties And Late Night Gossiping

Image credits: kenziealizabeth

#36 They Seem To Like The Yard Sale Find

Image credits: Pink_Garden

#37 My Cat, Bucket, And His Couch

Image credits: BostonCompSci

#38 The Shrimping King, Thurston Waffles, Is Also A Camping Fan!

Image credits: DrZazz95

#39 Two ?? Sweet ‘Sisters Of Different Mothers’ Sharing A Late 1960s TV I Saved From The Trash And Made Into A Kitty Sleepy Place

Image credits: redratchaser

#40 Franny Is A Top Bunker

Image credits: Collaterlie_Sisters

#41 I've Struggled With Math My Whole Life. My Cat Inspired Me To Make Something Involving Math. This Is What Happened

Image credits: silentarrowMG

#42 I Cannot Believe This Sub Exists. Here’s Mr. Waffles Enjoying His Living Room Set

Image credits: KingOctopodie

#43 A Perfectly Reasonable Cat Bedroom

Image credits: m33gs

#44 Lucy The Queen Approves Of Her New Pink Couch

Image credits: Meditative_Rose78

#45 I Found This At An Antique Shop. It’s The Perfect Size For Major

Image credits: Fit_Inevitable_6344