53 People Who Quit Their Jobs In Style (New Pics)

There are many good reasons why a person would quit their job. Maybe it’s because of the toxic work environment or suboptimal work-life balance. Some jobs are not exciting enough and don’t offer a lot of growth and career opportunities so, after a little while, you feel like you’re stuck doing the same thing every day. Others simply don’t pay enough.

Whatever the reason, quitting your job is quite a big deal. In some cases, it can be quite an emotional endeavor, while, in others, it’s the most satisfying thing ever.

The list below is comprised of resignation letters and similar announcements filled with the latter sentiment. People quit jobs every day, but these examples are so creative they will definitely leave a lasting impression on the HR department.

#1 Burger King At 60th & Havelock

Image credits: zestypotatoes

#2 When The Developer Doesn't Get Paid

Image credits: ManFaultGentle

#3 Boss Told Me That If I Want To Play In His Sandpit I Need To Toughen Up. Told Him I Don’t Want To Play In The Sandpit, I Want Time To Lay On The Lawn With My Cats

He told me to take my cats and take off. He was bluffing. I wasn’t. I quit! Coming at you from my lawn!

Image credits: WhlteMlrror

#4 Today Is My Last Day Of Work At This Job, So I Brought In A Cake For Everyone

Image credits: UTS15

#5 People Are Getting Creative

Image credits: nattyneu

#6 And That's How You Quit

Image credits: PackObjective3254

#7 Last Day And My SO Got A Cake To Celebrate

Image credits: lolalynna

#8 Lovely Cleaning Lady Leaves Retirement Note For Awful Manager

Image credits: tigger_tim

#9 Keeping It Simple

Image credits: TheUntetheredSoul2

#10 Coworker Quit Yesterday. This Was On His Screen

Image credits: Joey86

#11 Fantasy: "If Minimum Wage Workers Demand More Money, We'll Automate Their Jobs!" Reality:

Image credits: Elbrujosalvaje

#12 My Father-In-Law’s Resignation Email From 2002. “On Account Of Because”

Image credits: MeetTheBrewers

#13 McDonald's Worker Had Enough

Image credits: GreatApeDad

#14 Genuine Resignation Letter

Image credits: elle_eigh

#15 Guy Worked In A Bank, Resigns And Goes To Work The Last Day Dressed As A Spider-Man

Image credits: ksguile

#16 Straight To The Point

Image credits: texasgirlincali

#17 Today Was My Last Day Of Work At A Sodexo Kitchen And My First Day Of Self-Employment

Image credits: TrickOGnosis

#18 Letter Of Resignation

Image credits: beansummmits

#19 Here Is My Letter Of Resignation. Saw Someone's Post That They Were Struggling To Write One. Keep It Simple

Image credits: idontfeelsogood42

#20 How To Quit Your Job

Image credits: Durnofbranches

#21 Mic Drop

Image credits: raychaelsarah

#22 My Manager Was Upset That My First Resignation Letter Wasn't "Professionally Courteous", So I Wrote Her A New One

Image credits: wormmeal

#23 Got Threatened To Be Fired Yesterday For Bringing My Polo With Me Instead Of Wearing It. After The Pay Issues, And The Drama And The Threats. Today Will Be My Final Day

Company is a bunch of clowns. Here’s to my last day!

Image credits: 1327lgrw

#24 How I Quit My Job At A Gas Station

Image credits: GlitteringSpell5885

#25 So I Quit My Job Today

Image credits: nlane515

#26 A Friend Of Mine Posted This, One Of His Favorite Coworkers Resigned, This Was His Resignation Letter

Image credits: _Taylor___

#27 In Independence Missouri

Image credits: Sad_Dream_6380

#28 Masterclass

Image credits: Kindofsupercool

#29 I Feel Like I Can Breathe Again

Image credits: bearandthebunny

#30 Years Ago I Left On Unsavory Terms. IT Guy Was A Jerk. Decided To Change All The Computers To Photos Of My Face On My Last Day. Thought You Might Enjoy

Image credits: y2kizzle

#31 Brother Was Fired For Not Wanting To Work When He Wasn’t Scheduled

Image credits: Liluzisquirt2x

#32 Welp No Arby's Available Today In Battle Creek, Michigan

Image credits: jimbeam_43

#33 Turning In My Laptop On My Last Day Of Work Under Toxic Management

Image credits: louisatjr

#34 Two-Week Notice? Two Weeks Ago You Should Have Noticed I Was About To Leave

Image credits: pongakookamonga

#35 Coworker’s Last Day Today. He Brought In Cake To Say Goodbye

Image credits: o2bjp

#36 They Demanded A Formal Letter Of Resignation, So I Sent Them This

Image credits: ShrimpMaster2000

#37 Alisa Was A Bad Manager

Image credits: flyart

#38 Everyone At My Town's McDonald's Just Quit At The Same Time Today, Leaving Behind This Sign

Image credits: PianoManGidley

#39 We Did It Joe

Image credits: janna_e_haider

#40 How My Employer Gave Us His Two-Week Notice

Image credits: Low-Cherry2644

#41 Putting My Notice In Sunday! Got My Dream Job As A Budtender

Image credits: MamaMK420

#42 "I Quit, Bryan"

Image credits: Forsaken-Spring-4114

#43 How I Quit My Last Job

Image credits: reddit.com

#44 Last Day Of Working Here Filled My 40 Oz Water Bottle To The Brim What Were They Gonna Do? Fire Me?

Image credits: beauytoy

#45 Quit My Job On Black Friday But Not Before I Made Sure My Coworkers Know Their Rights

Image credits: brxdge2nowhere

#46 If You’re Going To Drag Up, Do It In Style

Image credits: Least-Fail-5005

#47 Made A Cake For My Last Day At Work

Image credits: tea_with_milk

#48 Manager Wanted Me To Adhere To Subpar, 20 Years Outdated Standards. I Quit That Weekend And Left This Note

Image credits: rslashhellagay

#49 My Resignation Notice

Image credits: Jundas

#50 My (Former) Job Is Notorious For Firing People On The Spot When They Put In A Two-Week Notice, So This Is How I Let Them Know I Quit

Image credits: reddit.com

#51 How My Coworker Quit The Other Day In The Middle Of His Shift. I Had The Honor Of Giving The Note To The Managers. It Was Glorious. Proud Of Him

Image credits: _stage4fearoftrying_

#52 Guess That’s One Way To Quit

Image credits: wwmtnews

#53 Quit My Job Today. Made Sure To Leave This In The Chemical Preparation Room They Had Me In Instead Of An Office

Left it in a chair in the center of the room, with my lab coats draped over the back of the seat.

Image credits: Taxtm