60 Home Inspectors Share The Worst Things They Have Seen In People’s Houses

There was a time when every person with a dream and a hammer could shape their home into what they wanted. Unfortunately, the average person has little to no understanding of things like structural integrity and basic maintenance, so in the modern world, professionals are needed. 

Sometimes home inspectors come across issues so glaring and decisions so confusing that they just had to take a picture and share it online. We also got in touch with James Brock from Boston Home Inspectors to learn more about the things that often go wrong. So get comfortable as you scroll through, take some notes on what not to do, and upvote your favorite examples. 

#1 A Guy Comes Back From Work To Find This In His Living Room

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#2 Something Is Slowly Leaking Down From The Attic

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#3 House Burst From Garbage (Oc)

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Bored Panda got in touch with James Brock from Boston Home Inspectors to learn a bit more about the field and the various things that go on in it and he was kind enough to answer some of our questions. Firstly, we were curious to learn more about the most common issues home inspectors come across.

“B—-y realtors…The most common issues are porch and deck items. Uneven steps causing tripping hazards, loose railings, twisted or deteriorated posts, undersized footings, rotted deck boards, missing ledger board flashing, and a deck pulling away from the house. Homeowners really should have their porches and decks inspected every other year for safety and condition by a professional,” he shared with Bored Panda.

#4 My Brother Is A Home Inspector, This One Is Definitely Going In His Report

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#5 There's So Many Bees In The Wall That The Outlet Is Leaking Honey (X-Post From Pics)

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#6 A Friend Of Mine Cut A Hole In His House Because They Found A Drain Pipe On The Other Side And Wanted To Know Where It Went, And There Was Dead Space. This Is What They Found. With A Kleenex Box And Wall Art Still There

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“As home inspectors, our job is to tell the parents that their baby is ugly or has problems. A home inspection is also an invasion of their home by a complete stranger. We often say, "Would you let a friend you just met walk into your home and start looking in and moving clothes to the closets, look under your beds, look in your medicine cabinet, open your bathroom vanity and kitchen cabinet doors, and drawers?”

#7 Just Moved Into A New Apartment And Happened Upon What I Thought Was A Piece Of Painted Over Tape Stuck To A Bookshelf. Peeled It Up To Find It Was Concealing A Mystery

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#8 This Basement Hot Tub Is Giving Off Some Real "Silence Of The Lambs" Vibes

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#9 I Think They Can Add At Least 2 More

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“This is the main reason realtors don’t allow the homeowner to attend the inspection. It would feel like a violation of your privacy. With that said most homeowners are pretty good with the fair assessment we give of their homes. The biggest problem we have is with builders who build and/or renovate a place and want to be there during the inspection,” he shared. 

#10 Wtf Kind Of Porn Hotel Did We Book? (Not A Mirror!)

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#11 This Structural Pole My Boss Refuses To Fix

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#12 Need Some Electrical Work Done? I Know A Guy

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“The builder always knows more than the home inspector and his ‘guys’ never make mistakes. On several occasions, I have had to request the manufacturer's representative to meet at the property to prove to the builder that for example the siding was not installed properly. I have one in a very expensive town, a new building that I flagged as the asphalt roof was not installed properly.”

#13 Things Seen This Week During Structural Assessments -- It’s Been A While Since We Audibly Gasped During An Assessment

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#14 Straight From A Horror Movie

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#15 At Friends House For Summer Party. His Downstairs Staircase Does Not Actually Let You Get Into The Basement

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“Many emails, text messages, and an attorney got involved threatening Boston Home Inspectors with a suit. We stood our ground, the rep came out…the $75,000 roof needed to be completely replaced. Improper underlayment before the shingles were installed. Buyer was happy.” 

#16 A Friend Of Mine Was Doing A Home Inspection And Discovered This In The Bathroom

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#17 Sooooo...this Pole Came Crashing Through The Ceiling Of A House We're Staying At

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#18 My Landlord Sucks

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While these examples are gathered from all over the internet, Boston Home Inspectors has also documented a decent amount of “questionable” building choices, which they have documented on their rather popular Instagram page. We have actually covered it in previous articles, which you should check out if you enjoy homes that really need some work. 

#19 Always Get A Home Inspection Before Purchase Folks

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#20 Been Hearing Strange Sounds In The Wall For Months- Look At This Wasp Nest

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#21 The Power Line To Their House Got Cut Short. So They Fixed It With Jumper Cables

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Naturally, we wanted to know why they decided to create this account. “When my kids were in grammar school, once a month I would pick them and a few of their friends up from school and take them for pizza. We had a few booths at the pizza parlor. I was sitting with my high school daughter and she was on her phone playing with this new app, Instagram.”

“Roisin suggested I take pictures during home inspections and post them and set the account up for me. I took it from there. My thought for the account was rather than posting pictures of me, everyone loves a good laugh or the ability to say..thank God that's not me, so that was my focus.” Since then, this Instagram account has amassed nearly 20,000 followers.

#22 I Had To Use The Restroom While Visiting My Friend’s House, And This Is What I Found In His Bathroom

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#23 Pretty Sure I Wouldn't Want This For My Neighbour

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#24 So This Lizard Moved Into My Microwave Clock. I Guess It's His Now?

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“I try to create a funny statement for each photo we post but enjoy reading others. People are so creative and funny. After reading theirs I say many times, I wish I had written that,” James shared, which is probably a good way to stay sane when you look at the things people have done to their homes. 

#25 Found Out Through Home Inspection That The Toilet Is Plumbed With Hot Water, Interesting Infrared Image

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#26 Home Inspector Find Of The Week: Bath Exhaust Vent Shingled Over. 2020 Build In Jarrell

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#27 So My Friend Suddenly Had Some Water Leaking Through His Wooden Floor In His Appartment

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Lastly, we wanted to know if they had any last times for home buyers, from what to look out for to what they should do first. “Boston Home Inspectors highly recommend the buyer attend the home inspection and follow the inspector around. Besides looking for issues or problems, our job is to teach or educate you about the property or new investment that you will be making.”

#28 A Home Inspector Friend Shared This. His Comment: "The Lion King 'Circle Of Life' Song Came To Mind, But Opposite."

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#29 There's A Mushroom Growing Out Of The Carpet In My Room

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#30 What Happens When The Water Is Not Turned Off In A Non Winterized House. 5ft Frozen Solid

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“We place tags on very important items in your home, for example, the main water shut-off. We also show you how to change filters etc,” James shared with Bored Panda. You can find more of their work on Instagram and their official website. And if you want to see more horrible homes, check out Bored Panda’s other article on the topic

#31 Worst. House. Ever

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#32 Abandoned Mask Taken Over By Wasps As Part Of Their Nest

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#33 You've Heard Of Jorts, Are You Ready For Jairs?

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#34 No Power For 30 Hours. Came Home To Busted Water Pipe In Unit Above After My 10 Hour Night Shift. I'm Done. Happened In Arlington Tx

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#35 Want To Build A House And You Only Have A Small Piece Of Land? No Problem!

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#36 Wondered Why I Was Hearing A Leak

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#37 Found In Neighborhood Facebook Group

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#38 Things Seen This Week During Structural Assessments!

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#39 Just Saw This In My Neighborhood While Walking... Wtf Is That Siding

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#40 Came Across This Today. Well, That's One Way To Die

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#41 My Front Porch Light

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#42 I Came Home To This In My Driveway, I Don't Want To Touch It

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#43 This Booby-Trapped Cable Nearly Killed My Friend

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#44 Studio Apartment... No Thanks

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#45 I Do Home Inspections

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#46 Shower Much?

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#47 Horse Lamp Spotted

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#48 Not Your Usual Heated Water Shower

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#49 My Inlaws Are In A Bit Of A Froggy Situation Right Now

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#50 Pink Yard In My Neighborhood

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#51 Will The Balcony Resist The Weight?

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#52 My Friend Just Bought A New House And Showed Me Where The Ex Owner Was Found

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#53 A Small Herd Of Cows Found Their Way Into A Newly Built Home In Montana And Lived Inside For About A Month Before Being Noticed

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#54 I Think It's Dry Now

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#55 My Mother Won The KFC Photoshop Contest And Her Prize Scares Me

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#56 Went In The Attic Of A House We Were Looking At Aannd

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#57 This Pizza Has Sat In The Same Fridge Since 2020

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#58 The Side Of The Stove I Just Replaced In My New Home

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#59 This Is The Tap Water In Ottawa. How Am I Suppose To Drink This?

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#60 Wtf

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