64 Hilarious Coworkers Who Deserve A Raise For Their Comedy Skills (New Pics)

Let’s be honest—heading to work day in, day out can sometimes feel like stepping into a routine that’s a bit too predictable, or even miserable. Unless, of course, you’re blessed with colleagues who can channel their inner Jim Halpert and liven things up with an innocent prank or a clever joke!

At Bored Panda, we’re all about spreading smiles at the office. It’s what keeps us going and makes each day more exciting. So, to share the joy, we’ve handpicked some awesome pics of people who love to make their coworkers laugh—and probably deserve a raise for it. Check them out below and don’t forget to upvote your favorites!

#1 I Am Being Forced To Compete In An Office Fitbit Step Challenge

Image credits: ikareaboutyou

It turns out, as an adult, finding moments of fun amidst all your responsibilities is truly a luxury. Studies show that while children laugh around 400 times a day, adults only do it 15 times on average.

And it’s no wonder—according to Gallup, more than 60% of people at work feel disengaged and lack inspiration to do more than the bare minimum. Only a fraction, around 30%, say they feel genuinely fulfilled both in their personal and professional lives.

#2 I Asked My Coworkers Not To Put Huge Decorations On My Desk

My workplace is the kind to bubble wrap your entire desk and fill your cubicle with balloons for your birthday. I asked them to keep it low-key. The picture shows a shelf on my desk.

Image credits: jester_kat

#3 Just Let This Man Do His Job

Image credits: MakeMeFamous7

Humor is the secret ingredient that makes employees feel consistently happier. It’s because laughter actually lowers stress hormones like cortisol, creating a relaxed atmosphere that encourages collaboration and productivity. Daniel Sgroi, an economics professor at the University of Warwick, notes that “it’s almost like being happy generates more time” to accomplish work tasks.

#4 4 Years Of Sobriety! My Coworkers Got Me “Clean” Stuff

Image credits: Better_Draft_1270

#5 Opened The Hood And Found My Coworker Trying To Scare Me

Image credits: Jumpy_Part_8513

Research also shows that office jokesters are perceived as more confident and capable by their coworkers. Their ability to lighten the mood and connect with others suggests strong social skills, which are often admired in the workplace.

According to Stanford experts Naomi Bagdonas and Jennifer Aaker, humor is crucial for effective leadership. “We can do serious things without taking ourselves too seriously. And in fact, often we can do them better and more fashionably,” Bagdonas explains.

#6 My Boss Offered Me $300 To Shave My Mustache, So I Framed It For Him

Image credits: chattgraham

#7 The One Time I Wore My Halloween Costume To Work

Image credits: steelystan

#8 Just Started At A New Shop And This Work Of Art Was Left Above My New Workstation

Image credits: rwmurphy10

The Stanford duo highlights that being able to share a laugh with the people you see at work every day is what shifts your relationships from “transactional to human”. For those who feel like they’re just a replaceable part in a big system, this can make a significant difference.

#9 The System Is Rigged At My Job. She Wins Every Month

Image credits: TheCraftypickle

#10 Workplace Safety

Image credits: LogicBomb76

#11 Power Move

Image credits: midget_jazz

However, while a harmless prank can brighten anyone’s day, making insensitive remarks can quickly turn the workplace toxic. Bagdonas and Aaker insist, “It’s not about you.”

“Don’t ask, will this make me sound funny? Instead, ask how will this make other people feel, which also means never punching down,” Aaker said.

#12 My Coworker Took Customers' Orders Wearing A Spider-Man Mask To Brighten The Days Of People In The Drive-Thru

He had gotten extremely excited when a kid in the backseat of a car waved at him.

Image credits: crustytoegaming

#13 Found At Work

Image credits: tonyle94

#14 Workplace Safety

Image credits: lucidviolet

A good way to tell if you’re crossing the line with your coworkers is if you constantly have to explain that whatever you say is “just a joke”. This is often just an excuse to be mean, and instead of finding you witty, your colleagues might think, “Oh god, I can’t believe you just said that.”

#15 Only Gold And Swedish Fish Are Acceptable In The Workplace

Image credits: shadimusa

#16 My Workplace Asked Us To Recreate Famous Works Of Art Using Only What We Had At Home. I Think I Nailed It

Image credits: lexifers516

#17 When You And Your Coworker Accidentally Twin Outfits. I Look Like His Mini-Me. I Should Have Grown Out My Mustache

Image credits: BabyDaredevil

Ronald E. Riggio, professor of Leadership and Organizational Psychology at Claremont McKenna College, believes you can keep your interactions positive and lighthearted by bonding over shared experiences with your coworkers.

For example, you can start by making casual observations about common things you all deal with and then point out something amusing or unusual. Like, when talking about a time you had to work from home, you might joke about missing the days when you could wear pajama pants instead of a suit.

#18 How My Coworker Decorated Her Car For Halloween

Image credits: Franks-gun-2006

#19 My Best April Fools' Prank: I Put This In The Office Bathroom With Ketchup Inside

Image credits: Sosowski

#20 I Put A Couple Of Layers Of Boot Polish On One Of My Coworker's Boots Every Day He Was On Vacation... One Of His Boots

Image credits: sam_neil

Remember that you don’t have to be the office comedian round-the-clock or make a big show of it. There are plenty of subtle ways to leave a lasting impression.

Bagdonas and Aaker suggest adding a fun twist to your email signature. You could sign off with something like “Yours, heavily caffeinated” or “Still wondering who let the dogs out” if a furry friend unexpectedly joins your team’s Zoom call.

#21 I Asked My Boss If We Could Pose With (Some) Of Our Prop Money At The End Of The Day. He Insisted We Use All Of It

Image credits: lhbruen

#22 Coworker Has A Tabasco Holster That His Wife Gave Him. He Brings It To Lunch Every Day

Image credits: EndGuy555

#23 I Love Her Fluffy Legs

Image credits: PigeonMasha_

You can also experiment with developing your distinct humor style. Bagdonas and Aaker outline four types you can focus on to find what suits you best: The Stand-Up, bold and daring, unafraid to stand out; The Sweetheart, sincere and likes to lighten the mood; The Sniper, edgy and sarcastic; or The Magnet, expressive and charismatic.

#24 My Friend/Coworker Quit To Go Back To School And I Feel A Way About It

Image credits: Resident-Sherbert-63

#25 My Coworker Was Complaining About Losing His Headphones. I Think I Found Them

Image credits: GroundbreakingSuit74

#26 I Make These And Put This One Up For My Coworkers

Image credits: Arcempire

And if you learn to understand yourself better, it becomes easier to know which jokes to avoid. For instance, Sweethearts and Magnets should be careful not to indulge too much in self-deprecation, as it could hurt their reputation. At the same time, Stand-ups and Snipers need to make sure they don’t offend or isolate others.

#27 Brought A Houseplant To The Office And Named It After A Coworker. They Struck Back And Brought In A Friend For It

Image credits: darkpollopesca

#28 Someone Got Fed Up With Food Theft At My Workplace

Image credits: dorian_white1

#29 Banner For A Coworker Whose Last Day Is Today

Image credits: Mercury90210

So why not tap into your funny bone and put yourself out there? You might just make your office a much happier place for both you and your coworkers!

#30 You Cannot Be Serious

Image credits: StevenCheah

#31 I Will Think About This For A Long Time

Image credits: alex_ateah

#32 It’s Balloony

Image credits: Ice_Racc

#33 Occasionally I Wear My T-Rex Costume To Work To Bring My Coworkers Some Joy

Image credits: ChiaEFX

#34 Husband’s Coworkers Pulled This Prank On Their Manager

Image credits: sp00kyscary

#35 Employee Of The Month Material

Image credits: misslattesart

#36 Coworker Got Tired Of People Taking His Cart While He Was At Lunch

Image credits: Jasperrr___

#37 My Doctor's Office Is In The Holiday Spirit

Image credits: geoffe

#38 My Coworker And I Have Been Putting Little Hats On The Office Cat

Image credits: Trick-Cup2912

#39 This Banana Has Been Taped To A Beam At My Work For 2 Weeks

Image credits: Bigbore_729

#40 Someone Put This Up In The Ladies' Room At Work

Image credits: Frago242

#41 I'm A Security Guard Just Doing My Rounds, Walked Into The Conference Room And Saw This

Image credits: BatHulkSmash

#42 Every Workplace Has That One Colleague

Image credits: MakingPuppies

#43 The People At My Workplace Are Getting Salty About Their Water Fountain Rules

Image credits: SouthernAero

#44 One Of My Coworkers Set This Background Weeks Ago And It Still Hasn't Been Changed

Image credits: Summer Leppanen

#45 One Of Our Lunch Ladies Passed And Her Staff Set This Skeleton Up In Her Honor

Image credits: EeyoreTheSadDonkey

#46 A Friend's Coworker Likes To Take Stealth Box Naps At Work

Image credits: QueenHalloween

#47 Attended A Meeting Booked At A Conference Room/Library In A Local Church, And A Coworker Noticed This Ironic Placement In Their Library

Image credits: sabby55

#48 Coworker Left Her Phone Unattended Again

Image credits: wabispecial

#49 He's Comfy, Leave Him Be

Image credits: CoffeeKoley

#50 Found This In The Bathroom At A Former Workplace. Wasn’t Even Mad Then, Because The Chuckle Made My Day

Image credits: Charitard123

#51 A German, Frida And Ruth Bader Ginsburg Walk Into A Conference Room

Image credits: edisongiang

#52 This Is Disgusting And Fantastic At The Same Time

Image credits: dustandhalos

#53 When Your Coworker Accidentally Wears Their Favorite Street Shoes To Work

Image credits: Rumblefish1

#54 We Are Like A Family Up There And We Are Really Upset She Is Leaving. She Knows We Love Her

Image credits: Miriam2626

#55 My Coworker Makes Signs For The Service Desk With Rotating Topics

Image credits: Substantial_Date_235

#56 My Workplace Has A Sense Of Humor. Poor Nathan

Image credits: SuperPotatoThrow

#57 My Coworkers Make Fun Of My Pencil. Why Get A New One When I Can Use This Entire One First? It's Too Small To Sharpen, So I Have To Use A Razor Blade

Image credits: lovelycosmos

#58 This Is The Conference Room I Take My Employees To When I Need Them To Do Something I Know They Won't Want To

Image credits: Presto16

#59 My Coworkers Built A Snowman In OPD (Online Pickup And Delivery). His Name Is Fred

Image credits: FireGhoulette619

#60 One Of The Most Successful Pranks We Pulled Off In Our Workplace

Image credits: justinsmama

#61 Brilliant

Image credits: mixbecca

#62 I Told My Coworkers I Had Never Tasted A Pickle. The Next Week

Image credits: warriorprincess

#63 A Colleague Asked If I Wanted Coffee And Gave Me This

Image credits: Infra_bread

#64 Coworker's Last Day Yesterday

Image credits: RobertAndi