65 Men Who Lived Alone Reveal How A “Woman’s Touch” Changed Their Lives

10 throw pillows on the couch and 15 on the bed. A dozen healthy plants scattered around the living room and trinkets and knick-knacks lining every shelf. The scent of a fresh, lemon candle burning in the entryway and banana bread baking in the oven. Does this sound like a bachelor pad to you?

Men and women are not monoliths, and there are plenty of guys who have cozy, welcoming homes. But there are also some men out there whose living spaces benefited greatly from “a woman’s touch,” so they've recently been sharing their experiences on Reddit. Below, you’ll find a variety of the ways having a woman move in transformed these guys’ homes, so enjoy reading these amusing responses and upvoting any you can relate to, whether you’re a man or a woman who moved in and changed everything!


Apparently I am supposed to have pictures of my loved ones in my house. Who knew?

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She stopped me from almost burning down my apartment when she pulled an entire stuffed animal worth of lint out of my drier. I didn't know that was a thing.

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She replaced my cardboard box with an end table. Unnecessarily.

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The million shampoo bottles and all the seasonings

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My formerly pristine white walls suddenly had art on them.

My front door grew a doormat.

My bathroom got a wicker basket with cheesy slogans on the interior lining. "Home is where the heart is" and other such remarkable sayings.

The walls in my shower now contain, what I can only assume is also decorative in intent, long strands of hair.

The drain needs regular cleaning because it, too, is full of long hairs.

The kitchen is always clean and I have 12 different glasses for all kinds of beverages. And 8 cups for variations of coffee and soups.

The fridge keeps track of all the cards we received. Since she moved in, those are many. Before her, I received none.

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She made a raised flower bed in my backyard and planted a nice little vegetable garden.

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I came home once from work. She’d made an awesome dinner. Put cut up strawberries in the salad.

Strawberries guys. It was game over.

Been married nine years now and she’s still doing everything on a strawberries-in-the-salad level.

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My house is plain as f**k. My ex had it looking like a home. Decor/rugs/wall hangings etc etc. It was 10x better. She took it all when she left and I never got around to trying it out myself. I should tho. It really looked so much better.

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She changed the sheets. Like, what is this? Buckingham Palace?

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She always gets vanilla candles and now this house always smells like a bakery and GOD DAMMIT I LOVE IT

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Pictures, curtains, cushions. Little tables to put your drinks on. Coasters! So much stuff, bless her.

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My bed was a mattress in the floor for like 5 years, she bought a bed frame. Married her

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A warmth and happiness I didn’t know I was missing and CERTAINLY didn’t know how to cultivate. Art, glassware style unity, refrigerator organization, multiple sets of sheets…

The list goes on. A million little touches that compile a happy home

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I couldn’t keep my motorcycle in the living room or my tools and parts in the kitchen cabinets anymore 

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Different sizes of tea cups. I used to just make tea in a ceramic 1L beer stein.

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Water glasses everywhere, bathrooms are now a disaster, lost my race tire storage room, and there's a cat, dog, and 4yr old running around now. (The last one is half my fault). Totally worth it, she's the best thing that's ever happened to me.


We now have, without exaggeration, 15 end tables in the house. 4 more in the attic just in case.

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We have shower towels, hair drying towels, bathroom hand towels, kitchen hand towels and certain towels for wiping your mouth and then different towels to clean with

Never try to wipe your hands on the wrong kind of kitchen towel or to wipe up a spill with the wrong towel

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my messy fridge turned into a very clean and organized *refrigeratohr*

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It looks like a home rather than a place I live with my random things I like everywhere. It’s just put together. It’s not what I would have done but it just makes everything feel stable. There’s this nice a*s rug, throw pillows, shelves arranged certain ways. Idk but it’s nice. It makes me not want to f**k it up and keep it clean

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It was bare, terrible feng shui, random clutter, no decorations, no plants, dusty, bed mostly unmade. I had a massive wrap around couch in my bedroom that I salvaged from the street, which was quickly relocated.

Endless candles. New cooking utensils I’d never seen before in my life and didn’t know how to use. Toilet roll that used to last me years now lasts months. I eat more healthily, drink less, go on nice trips more. Generally massive improvements with minor drawbacks.

9/10 recommend.

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She completely redid my bed. It feels like sleeping on a cloud now!

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I think for me the biggest difference is having a more well-stuffed fridge, and just in general having more fresh food and a more varied and healthy diet compared to when single. When living alone I just mostly stocked up on the bare minimum when it came to food, and could have the same type of meal for several days in a row.

I have actually always been very much into decorating and flowers and such - perhaps more so than my partner - so that part didn't really change much.

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A fridge with shelves, apparely plastic shopping bags sitting on the bottom of a fridge without shelfs is hilarious

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So many blankets everywhere.


Lots of plushies moved in with her, some of them now sleep on the bed.

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She made my house feel like a welcoming home.

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For myself, it is scented hand soaps. As a bachelor, I got whatever orange-looking cheapo bottle I could get. My girlfriend/wife moves in and loads up on bakery-scented hand soaps in the bathrooms. One day, when I got home, I told her we had to have a serious adult discussion. 'What scent to pick out next?' To this day, 'serious adult discussion' is code for 'Out of soap. What should we use next?'


You ever play a game you think you're doing pretty well with. I fought the minions. I explored the castle. I beat the boss. I saved the princess. I did all the stuff. I succeeded. I beat the game. In this analogy, I cooked, I vacuumed, I did laundry, I dusted here and there, and overall took good care of my home. I own my own little place, and I did what I could to make an old place look at least lived in and comfortable and clean. I organized it to the best of my own ability, taking time to map out the rooms and layout and all that. I really felt like I'd done a decent job. Friends often told me "I feel at home in your home." A girl I'd never met was the +1 of a dear friend for a New Year's party I hosted coming into 2020 (ah, innocent times) who told me she felt safe enough to have someone else make her drink for her at my party. That was an incredible compliment. I did the thing, ya know?

Then I met my fiance. She's finishing a degree in interior design, and when she moved in, worked with me (fully cooperative and communicated) to change the decor and layout of the house. Literally no issue whatsoever. Bachelor pad and "home we will share together" are dramatically different looks. Keep that in mind, fellas. It isn't YOUR way anymore. You blend and compromise and grow.

Anyway, wow.

My house looks so much nicer. Like, I thought I knew how to play this game. I beat the boss, lol. But man. She came in with the up up down down combo breaker b******t and turned my house into a home. We repainted the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. We've changed decor. We've added pictures and rugs and lights. I dunno, man. My house doesn't look like "MY" house anymore because of her... It looks so much better. We work really well together because we're both understanding that this is a home we SHARE, and so there are influences of my style, her style, all that. The office where I work was basically 100% my design because I'm the one primarily there. She wanted to do a room for herself, and we decided on the bedroom. We both felt fulfilled, respected, and heard. I know some guys don't like the idea of the lady's touch. Those guys either have ladies who don't listen to them or they don't listen to their ladies, because this whole mutual respect thing really worked out well for me, at least.

10/10, I advise getting yourself one of them there "lady's touch" designer gals. Mine is top notch :)

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Lotions. For different seasons. She has a method to which ones she uses when. And they’re not cheap either.

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A friend of mine -who grew up with his dad and two brothers- told me they found out his dad had a girlfriend when suddenly a candle appeared in the livingroom out of nowhere.


Tiny ankle socks everywhere. We broke up 7 years ago, and I still occasionally find one in some forgotten corner of the house.

For those saying I haven't deep cleaned, some explanation. After she moved out, I gave away or sold most of my things to get a fresh start, and I realized I only need about half the house. The bedrooms and family room in the basement are basically just storage that I literally might go into twice a year, and I haven't been into one of the bedrooms in about 3 years. For the rooms I do go into, I'll sometimes come across these tiny socks mistakenly got thrown into a tote with something I'm actually after.

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Plants. I went from zero to six.


Photos on the wall. She said it was weird I had nothing on the walls but my TV. Within a year about 100 pictures of us, our families and friends were up on the walls.

I still don't get it, but it makes her happy and I don't care so win win?


Plants, lamps, blankets, food, hope.

And many, many shoes.


This is embarrassing to admit but when my now wife moved in with me I didn’t really use sheets on the bed. She drove across the country to be with me and when she saw my room and the bed with blankets strewn about and no fitted sheet she just started crying. That was 25 years ago. I have since learned. But also just to answer the question these days it’s pillows. There are pillows everywhere. She buys them seasonally and we change them out. I really don’t understand but happy wife a happy life.


Apparently having a sports tv and a video game tv side by side in the living room is not what adults do


My wife still tells the story. We've been together for 6 yrs. She said that when she first saw my place she immediately had fratboy/treehouse vibe to it. Bare room, Non-matching furniture. Nothing on the wall. She added pictures on the wall, made the balcony nicer and organized my kitchen so everything is easily accessible. When we moved into our house, she organized everything. Things did change a little after living in it for a year. She did realize how I wanted my kitchen (primary cook). I ended up putting stuff where I wanted it, so she made changes. I absolutely love our house now. We have friends come and hang out atleast twice a month. We've cooked and entertained for as many as 15 people, and it turned out great. Highly recommend a woman's touch to your treehouse/prison cell decor.


I brought in tissue boxes

I then watched a male roommate sneeze, get up, go to the bathroom to grab toilet paper, and bring it back to where he was to blow his nose

The tissue box was right there - when I pointed that out, he said it didn’t even occur to him to use it


I stopped storing my winter truck tires in the spare bedroom.


The black accent wall I had in my living room no longer exists. I fought her on changing it. We painted it a regular white and it helped with the natural light. I liked the dark but after seeing how nice it is with light...she was right.

Also got rid of some cheaper looking ikea furniture and replaced it with sturdier, newer looking stuff that worked with the rest of the apartment. Now everything looks nice and like it belongs together.

Also got an actual bed instead of a floor mattress.


A "Live, Laugh, Love" sign just appears on your wall without you realizing.


Blanket basket. You could have locked me in my apartment for 100 years thinking of upgrades and it would have never even crossed my mind.


Colour. I used to have just white, black and gray stuff, from clothes to bed sheets. She put color everywhere, I love it


So many throw pillows. I can't sit on the couch without moving some. And then where am I supposed to put them? I'm ok with decorating, but not when it gets in the way of an object's function.


My roommates kinda-sorta LD gf would stay with us for weeks at a time and she’d always buy us household stuff that stinky boys and bachelors neglect. Like decorative tissue boxes and foam rubber cozies for the remote, stuff like that. And holiday decor. I made sure to always thank her for “beautifying our home”. My sister who lives with us now is similar, but she’s more into the organizers and containers decluttering thing.


I've always liked cacti and succulents, probably because they were satisfying to have and easy to keep alive, enter my girlfriend who is "obsessed" with plants. I dont live with her but since getting together, all of a sudden I have multiple non succulent plants I never planned on getting


She buys a lot stuff for her many hobbies that only last a week ?


There’s decorations and plants. The bedroom now looks like a human lives in it instead of a bear just using it for hibernation


10+ half-baked and unfinished DIY projects such as the shelf that pushes against my shoulder when I sit on my toilet, the basket on the wall that falls down at the slightest gust of wind, and the stupid containers in our closets that take up way too much space and make her want to buy *more* cabinets so she can stuff *more* boxes into them.


So we did reverse… I moved into hers.

For context I am a full blown adult. I’ve lived on my own for 17 years. I took great pride throughout my late 20s and into my 30s of not having a “boy” house. I kept it “clean”, I “decorated”, for the most part the soap was refilled…

A week after moving in I learned the difference between a house and a home.

Everything… and I mean everything … has it’s place. The sheet inconvenience of the conveniences brought on from living in adult home is exhausting. Hang this up, move that there, time to rearrange the bins, recycle this, throw out that… about to take a nap? Not with the grass like that we aren’t! Going to sit down? Why don’t we organize the dogs toys by most played with to least.

I will say this though. I’ve lived a life where I answered to no one, was responsible to no one, and did how I pleased… it’s quite lonely.

I’ll take getting yipped about not washing the knives the right way anyday. :)


I work in a male dominated industry, and in a smaller office the women were the reason for the kitchen being clean, there being cake and cookies on birthdays or just for fun, for team picnics and fun activities being had.

And finally bring on a team with a 50/50 gender ratio, the men even picked up on some of it, especially in terms of emotional ques. Compliments on a haircut, checking in when someone seemed down, a little 5-7 or gift when someone achieved something or like, had a baby.

My own little women team were so close, none if us wirk together anymore, but we still talk all the time, we'd vompliment each other, tell each other we love them, always help one out.

Emotional labour of women in companies is HUGE


New white sheets, a throw rug and she would cook a couple chickens with sides for me and my roommates. If she didn’t stab me with a pen while I was driving, I’d have married her. Dodged a bullet. In hindsight she came on waaayyy to strong.


So, she didn’t move in, but we moved in together to a house I bought.

Everything is ultimately more pleasant. Rooms are thoughtfully designed. The furniture is high-quality and comfortable.

The dishes look good. It’s a pleasure to be in my office. My things are organized. Everything has a place. If I can’t find it, I check the place, and it’s there.

Plus also I got a new cat friend or, honestly, after a week a potential cat friend.


Worked on a ship when a female cook-steward started working there, before the crew were all male.

Within a couple of days the mess and galley were transformed. Tablecloths, curtains, coasters, it was really all new, the galley became a water-cooler kinda place where you always could go to have a chat and get a snack, the galley always smelled of cooking and she was listening to her radio. It was a real game changer from the former grumpy guy and sterile setting. Our skipper loved it.


Before my wife moved in (girlfriend at that time) I lived with a friend and our flat looked pretty bad, more like a university student flat than anything else. Zero decorations, old furniture from the landlord, horrible cream colour walls, etc. Since we were always at work and barely home it was not a problem for us. Living abroad I always considered it a temporary place and didn't have much attachment to it so didn't want to spend time and money to improve the space.

Once she moved in we slowly started making it into a real home. We painted the walls, bought furniture, plants, hung some photos, bought a cat etc. It made such a huge difference and improved our quality of life tbh


I clean in the sense that I keep a place organized and clutter free, but I’ve never really had an eye for grease and deep-cleaning. My wife is the inverse and we have a well-run house because of it


Did you know that plates were made of a material other than paper?


She turned my gym back into a living room


Really nice decorations everywhere that gave it such a better feel and look. My house looked like a model home and she was amazing at it. Sadly, she left and took everything, so now it looks basic again.


Hair ties and bobby pins everywhere


Plants and pots everywhere.


Hair literally everywhere


F#$king shoes.....so goddamm many shoes that don't get worn, don't get donated but do get premium parking space ?