65 Of The Most Entitled Messages That People’s Exes Have Sent Them

Far from every relationship is going to end up being healthy, happy, and long-lasting—people break up all the time and continue searching for someone whom they love, can fully trust, and who has similar values as they do. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be at war with your exes. It’s perfectly possible to stay civil, as you move on with your lives.

However, some folks are beyond entitled. They believe that even if the relationships are over, their exes still owe them something, whether that’s continued access to their Netflix or car rides. Bored Panda has collected some of the most bratty and petty messages that people have ever gotten from their exes, as shared on Reddit. Scroll down to see the best of the worst.

#1 Asking Her Partner’s Ex-Wife For Her Child’s Designer Clothes, Proceeds To Call Her A Silly Goose And Throw A Strop When She Doesn’t Get What She Wants

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#2 Friend Of My Ex Has Been Using My Netflix Details Without My Knowledge For Years. Calls Me Cheap

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#3 Her Broke Baby Daddy/Ex-Boyfriend Is Absolutely Floored That She Changed Her Netflix Password

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Rebecca Hendrix, a psychotherapist in New York City, told Glamour magazine that one thing that you should do is talk to your partner about the doubts you’re having about the relationship before you actually break up with them.

“I've seen people do ‘surprise breakups' where you think everything is amazing and then the person is like, I'm leaving today,” Hendrix explained that this sort of situation can be traumatizing and very hard to get over. Instead, by sharing your concerns and being honest about the situation, the break-up can be ‘cleaner’ or the relationship can actually end up being saved.

#4 The Ex-Girlfriend Of One Of My Buds Has Been Making Quite A Few Indirects Lately, Including This

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#5 My Ex Asking Me To Take Her To Pick Up Her Boyfriend From Jail And Her Response When I Said No

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#6 My Ex Messaged Me On Her Cosmetic Profile At 7 AM To Tell Me I Threatened Her Friend In A Bar... 3500 Miles Away

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Meanwhile, New York Times bestselling author Mark Manson notes that you should always try to break up in person. “Yeah, it’s harder. But suck it up. And if possible, don’t do it in public. Being in public makes people feel limited in what they can express, whether it be final words they’d like to say to you, or dishes they’d like to break,” he writes.

According to Manson, the person who broke up with their partner shouldn’t try to make them feel better. “Once the relationship is severed, the other person’s emotions are no longer your responsibility. And not only is it no longer your responsibility to help them cope, but comforting them will likely make them feel worse. It can also backfire in that it will just make them resent you more for being so nice (while dumping them),” he explains.

#7 Oh, Well That Makes It All Better

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#8 An Actual Text Between A Friend Of Mine And His Ex

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#9 My Ex-Fiancé Likes To Slide Into My Texts Every 6 Months Or So

I feel like it’s important to share that I’m 28 and we broke up 7 years ago. I’m married to someone else now, and his mom passed away about 6 months ago.

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There’s a huge range of reasons why someone might break up, even if the relationship seems picture-perfect from an outsider’s perspective. The couple might have very different goals in life, for instance. If one partner wants to move halfway across the world to pursue a career in art while the other wants to stay and take over the family business, things are bound to get rocky. Long-distance isn’t something that works for everyone.

#10 My Ex-Wife Complains About Our Cat But Doesn’t Want To Do Anything About It

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#11 My Ex That I Haven’t Talked To In 6 Months Had To Audacity To Ask To Renew My Netflix Account So She Can Use It

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#12 My Sister Got This Message From My Ex. We Haven’t Spoken To Her In Over 5 Years

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And you need to be realistic and practical about whether or not you can make it work. Do you have the time and finances to travel and visit your partner? Are you going to be able to handle the loneliness? How are you going to juggle your calls when you live in radically different time zones?

#13 Partner's Ex Wanted Me To Do A Free Professional Photoshoot For Her Birthday

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#14 My Homie's Ex Hit Him Up. Yikes

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#15 My Ex's Mom Sent This To Me After Asking For Percocet And I Said No

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Or the couple might disagree about some of the more important questions in life, like whether or not they want to get married and have kids. If you’re not on the same page regarding these things, odds are that there’s not much of a future for the two of you. At some point, you'll have to choose either your principles or the person you love.

#16 My Coworker Asked His Ex About Her Birthday. I Never Could Have Imagined How Selfish Some People Can Be. Her Sister Is Fine By The Way

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#17 Called Out By An Ex-Lover

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#18 When You Call Out Your Ex For Lying To The School When She Accidentally Texted You

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You might have amazing chemistry, but unless one of you radically changes your values, it’s going to be tough moving forward. People can and do change their minds about building a family, but neither partner should feel like they have to pressure the other to conform to their choices. That’ll only lead to frustration and resentment.

#19 Ex Owes Me $500, Gets Sassy When I Consider Taking My iPhone Back

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#20 My 36-Year-Old Ex-Husband

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#21 My Ex Who Owes Me Close To 30k. Last Texts To Me Before Blocking Me Completely

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Other couples might break up because one or both partners are no longer attracted to each other. Some people end up cheating, whether because they simply had the opportunity to do so or because they needed emotional and physical closeness—something they might not have gotten at home.

#22 My Boyfriend’s Ex Was Wild

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#23 I Haven’t Spoken To My Ex-Husband In 2 Years. Looks Like He Should’ve Included “Access To HBO” In The Divorce Proceedings

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#24 Sure, My Ex Totally Didn't Mean To Send Me A Selfie With Her Marriage Certificate

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Mutual attraction and trust are essential to long-lasting relationships. As are proper communication and setting boundaries. Many relationship issues can be traced back to a lack of open and honest communication—some folks simply assume that their partner should be able to pick up on what they’re doing ‘wrong’ all on their own. And while being perceptive is an amazing skill to have, the fact of the matter is that people can’t read minds.

#25 3 Years Ago, My Ex-Wife Was Concerned About Losing Her Alimony If She Remarried. At The Time Said I’d Pay It For At Least Another Year. That Was Forgotten Until This Morning

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#26 My Ex-Girlfriend. Self Explanatory To Get A Cheaper Cutting Board

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#27 Ex Hit Me With This Gem 6 Months After Not Having Any Kind Of Physical Or Verbal Contact With Her

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If there’s a problem, you need to speak up about it. And this applies to all issues, whether it has something to do with that pile of unwashed dishes stinking up the sink, the garage that hasn’t been tidied up in years (as was promised), or a lack of physical intimacy in recent months. If being subtle doesn’t help, try to be more direct. But remember—you’re supposed to be on the same team, so don’t attack your partner; stay calm, and be willing to hear out their side of the story, too.

#28 Ex Asks For More Money After Breaking Up. Already Gave $150 To Him For An "Emergency"

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#29 Guy Washes Clothes For His Ex-Wife Because She Doesn't Have A Washer Or Dryer. She Posts This Online Because He Didn't Fold Them For Her As Well

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#30 Broke Ex Wants Food After Really Bad Breakup, Complains Free Food Was Not What He Wanted

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Which of these message screenshots did you feel were the pettiest and most entitled, dear Pandas? Have you ever had to deal with a bratty ex before? Do you think that people can genuinely stay friends after they break up or should they move on with their lives? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section at the bottom of this list.

#31 I Had No Contact With Her For 8 Weeks After She Broke Up With Me Via A Text Message

Snapchat was our main use of conversation. We did not use actual text very often. I do not hate her but at the same time I don’t want anything to do with her and I definitely do not want to see her. I still have the flowers.

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#32 Ex Says It Was An Accident Three Different Times When She Blocked Me. Called To See What The Hell She Wanted. Didn’t Answer Obviously

Should the first name be covered when I want to prove it’s her in both.

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#33 Absolutely Not

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#34 Verified Hot Tip: Don’t Use Your Exes To Fundraise

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#35 Seems To Be Going Well

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#36 Savage

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#37 Choosing Beggar Ex-GF Is Willing To Give Me Another Chance After She Spent 2 Months Lying And Manipulating Me For $50

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#38 My Ex-Boyfriend Of 8 Months

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#39 My Ex-Girlfriend Lied To Me About Breaking Up With Me For Her Mental Health. She Got With Someone A Few Days Later

Today she asked for the Christmas gift she gave me while we were dating.

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#40 Friend's Ex-Wife Is Ungrateful For His Continued Post-Relationship Financial Support

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#41 My Ex-Wife's Response To Why She Could Be Trusted Not To Have Another Affair

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#42 Some Texts From A Psycho Ex-Boyfriend From A Little Over A Year Ago. By The Way, He Was Never On Meds He Refused Them, And Therapy

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#43 My Ex-Boyfriend Has Been Sending Me Texts Nonstop. I Sent A Message Explaining That Me Moving Out And Us Breaking Up Is For The Best, And This Was His Response

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#44 That Time My Ex Asked Me To Use My Veteran's Benefits To Buy Him A House. He Can't Even Get An Apartment

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#45 More Fun Texts From The Darling Ex-Husband

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#46 Got This Text From My Ex. I See Now I Definitely Deserve Better. I Was Shaking And Crying And My Mom Called Him

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#47 Ex-Girlfriend Hit Me Up Out Of The Blue To Go On A Trip Together Then Refuses To Split When I Paid For Hotel And Car

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#48 Ex-Girlfriend Texts Me At Around 11:30 For A Hookup. She's Married And Her Army Husband Is Deployed

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#49 Jack's Ex-GF Is Back And Still Demanding Boosts On WOW

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#50 My Buddy's Ex-GF Stole My Netflix Info And Got Mad At Him When I Changed The Password

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#51 Coworker’s Ex Just Can’t Understand Why She Should Have To Pay For Her Own Spotify

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#52 Ex Tries To Get Me To Give Her Some Of My DVDs I Lent Out And My Violin. This Is About A Week Before Christmas (Via A Friend Because I Blocked Her Number A While Ago)

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#53 Someone That Gets Engaged To Another Person Just To Piss Of Their Ex Is A Really Trashy Human Being

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#54 Had My Ex Disappointed I Wouldn't Do Free Work For "Up-And-Comming-Rapper" Friend. Apparently I'm A Bad Example For My Kids

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#55 My Ex “Accidentally” Sent A Message To Me Meant For “Two Beautiful Women” After I Ignored His Pining Messages

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#56 Out Of The Blue, An Ex-Boyfriend Texted Me, Asking Me To Return Something That I Bought But He Feels Is Rightfully His

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#57 My Ex-Girlfriend Who Just Doesn’t Leave Me Alone, This Is After 3 Years Of Being Broken Up. And There Is Plenty More Like This

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#58 We Love Abusive Ex Texts

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#59 After 10 Days Of No Contact, My Ex Sent Me A Text Message. It Has Been 2 Months Since We Broke Up

I helped her move out 2 months ago a 5-hour drive away. 10 days of finally going no contact now she is asking for me to help her sell it. Mind you she has a 6-figure salary and in no way needs the money.

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#60 Ex-Friend My Wife Hasn't Spoken To In 5 Years Begs For $300 After Two Conversations

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#61 Friend Is Hoping His Ex-BF Will Randomly Give Him Money After Selling His Home

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#62 Two Ex-Lovers' Fight Includes A Broken TV, Drug Use, Herpes Confession, And A Good Deal Of Spelling Mistakes

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#63 My Friend Posts Texts From Her Ex-Husband On Facebook. He’s No Peach But She Eggs It On. And Publishes It

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#64 My Entitled Ex. When Your Ex-Husband Thinks And Acts Like He's Smarter Than Everyone But This Is How He Responds To Almost Everything

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#65 Conversation Between A Guy I Used To Work With And His Now Ex-Wife

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