65 Times The Red Circle Was Actually Useful, As Shared By This Online Community

The red circle in the online community has become a useful tool to help people see something that otherwise would be difficult to spot. Missing a crucial detail might ruin your whole experience of a funny post and leave you dumbfounded. Fortunately, fellows with paints come to our rescue to ensure we don’t miss out on the joke.

The subreddit “Useful Red Circle” has gathered 35.5k members who find and share these kind-hearted acts of service from all over the internet. Scroll through to see all the things you might have missed without the help of the all-knowing ring.

#1 Needed This Red Circle To Find It

Image credits: BigMacRedneck

#2 Blursed News

Image credits: bosverd

#3 These Red Circles Are Very Useful

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Created in 2018, the subreddit “Useful Red Circle” features all kinds of content, from hidden optical illusions to ridiculous mistakes in marketing. The moderators restrict “not safe for work” (NSFW) posts that contain nudity, vulgarity, or violence so that its members can safely scroll through the images during working hours, too. It’s the perfect way to waste company time (but do so at your own risk).

#4 Husbands Are Blind

Image credits: YourTherapistSays

#5 Wondering Why He Wasn't Getting Whooped

Image credits: 93arkhanov93

#6 To See If A Rock Is Perfectly Round

Image credits: matrix445

If you wish to participate in this subreddit, you have to avoid cluttering the feed with useless circles. However, other useful shapes (like squares and arrows) and colors are allowed as long as their intent is to bring your focus to a part of a video, image, or GIF. The moderators of this community are encouraging an inclusive space and reminding us to be respectful of others, as the usefulness of a red circle might vary from person to person.

The red circle is quite a controversial topic amongst netizens. For some, it helps to point out something hiding in plain sight, while others feel that it’s quite an annoying and useless addition that just states the obvious.

#7 The Answer To The Question “Why Do I Need My Lights On? It’s Only Rain”

Image credits: CasualFenrir

#8 How To Identify The Flag Of Japan

Image credits: pashbrown

#9 That Circle ⭕️ Is A Lifesaver!

Image credits: Pink_Waterfall

#10 Took Me A Moment

Image credits: Omnias-42

There’s a good explanation for why some of us fail to notice the things that are so clearly visible to others. In psychology, it’s called inattentional blindness, which involves overlooking certain things because your attention is focused on something else like a task, object, or person. Your concentration plays a significant role in visual perception, and when something else detracts from it, it increases the likelihood of you not noticing the most conspicuous things in your environment. For example, when your attention is on the main character of the film, you might not observe the unexpected things entering your visual field. The same goes for images with red circles. You might miss the circled details because you were so attentive to its foregrounded elements.

#11 I Was Told This Would Fit Best Here

Image credits: ikaikanani

#12 Textio

Image credits: tomasek1a

#13 Their Hair Says Ninja

Image credits: Jesusepn

#14 Snek

Image credits: Sph1nx33

Additionally, our brains have been known to miss the obvious and create biases against certain visuals they find distracting. For instance, if you’re participating in an experiment where you’re told to find a face among flashing images of houses, your brain will create a sorting mechanism against images of houses so it can spot the face. If afterward you’re asked to do the opposite, chances are you’ll miss the house pictures due to the bias of the previous test.

#15 Same For Recursion

Image credits: Moms_Sphagetti

#16 Controllers On My Controller

Image credits: artgeek02

#17 Wow

Image credits: MesopotamiaSong

#18 Me_irl

Image credits: chisomama

On the other hand, some people love to point out the apparent. We did this a lot while we were kids, like saying, “Hey, it’s a dog!" after seeing one. Our parents were probably rolling their eyes and thinking, “Yes, yes, it is Captain Obvious."

But stating evident facts helps us connect to each other and ensure we’re on the same page about the situation, as frustrating as sometimes it might be. Mentioning to a friend, “It’s hot outside,” when standing under the scorching sun acknowledges the shared experience, helping us to feel more connected. While getting iced coffee and in air conditioning, we feel heard and validated, which helps to develop trust in relationships.

#19 Hidden Dog

Image credits: BigMacRedneck

#20 Wouldn’t Have Noticed Otherwise

Image credits: reddit.com

#21 Hidden Elephant

Image credits: Discochickens

#22 The Poster For The Movie Legend (2015) Mocked One Of Its Negative Reviews By Hiding The Two Star Review Between The Kray Twins Heads

Image credits: reddit.com

Some of us tend to avoid sharing insights that we think are clear to individuals because of our fear of facing dissatisfaction (“Duh, Sherlock.”) It’s the element of surprise we’re usually after to appear interesting, which usually disqualifies the known and predictable from our conversations. But steering away from self-evident topics stops us from discovering something unusual about the obvious that was hiding in plain sight. We worry about seeming generic, but a big part of us is mundane and cliché, which allows us to share familiarities with close people.

#23 I See What You Did There

Image credits: reginaldVince

#24 Almost Worked

Image credits: geekasso

#25 Thanks For Pointing It Out

Image credits: BigMacRedneck

#26 Heavily Editing Your Profile Pic

Image credits: Ninja_Spi-D-er

Additionally, something that is known to you might be a revelation to others. Assuming that everyone knows this piece of information restricts you from wanting to share your insights, detracting from building collective knowledge with those around you. With that in mind, we could all learn something from the subreddit "Useful Red Circle,” which accommodates everyone—the ones who are slower to see the obvious and the ones who think that everything is always too conspicuous.

#27 I’m Not Sure We Have The Right Man For The Job…

Image credits: Eugenonymous

#28 Add Reflective Stripe To The Inner Side Of Manhole Ring, So If/When Cover Is Removed The Hole Is Visible For Drivers At Night — Is It Already A Thing? I Can't Find

Image credits: efojs

#29 Very Useful Indeed

Image credits: Nitroz898

#30 Almost Scored A Hell Of A Bargain

Image credits: TawXic

#31 In The Hallway At School

Image credits: mistermajik2000

#32 No More, No Less

Image credits: tampontaco

#33 It's Actually Right!

Image credits: butterman1236547

#34 Very Useful

Image credits: grant_n_lee

#35 Guess Who's A Part Of The Problem

Image credits: AH50

#36 Never? Never???

Image credits: lloyd_braun_no_1_dad

#37 Red Circle Emoji

Image credits: annepherson

#38 Smooooth

Image credits: Twiekor

#39 Who's Joe? (Credit To U/Eyasmdd)

Image credits: allthewrk

#40 Quick Alert

Image credits: BigMacRedneck

#41 For A Genius Billionaire, This Bike Design Looks A Little Bit Unsafe

Image credits: WalkingMinotaur

#42 What Is Going On Here

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#43 Not Red But Very Useful

Image credits: AlanFeems

#44 An Interesting Recursion

Image credits: Savinsnsn

#45 In Return Of The Jedi (1983) The Shot That Luke’s Robotic Hand Received Is Still There In The Last Jedi (2017)

Image credits: AvroLancaster45

#46 Helping Us Spot How Amazon Messed Up

Image credits: EmsAreOverworkedLul

#47 Found On Twitter!

Image credits: BigSlav667

#48 Bees Good Humans Bad

Image credits: cckarate7

#49 New Zealand Government 404 Page Does Not Include New Zealand

Image credits: brock-likes-hawks

#50 I Posted This To R/Uselessredcircle But Maybe It Fits Better Here Since The Person Would Be Hopelessly Lost Without It

Image credits: GeneralReposti_Bot

#51 Hmmm

Image credits: xAndrei166

#52 Kim K. - 6 Toes

Image credits: BigMacRedneck

#53 Just A Happy Family

Image credits: Allstarhit

#54 Hello There... ?

Image credits: isubucks

#55 Being A Little Hypocritical Don’t You Think?

Image credits: RabiesRaisinss

#56 We’ve Been Bamboozled

Image credits: Water_Sheep42069

#57 How Much?

Image credits: BigMacRedneck

#58 Cursed Red Circle

Image credits: gelwaty00

#59 How Could You Write This Article And Not Know What You’re Saying

Image credits: Liamkw2003

#60 Your Warranty Ran Out In Maypril, Dude

Image credits: travislaker

#61 Blursed Lion King

Image credits: Normallybored

#62 Finally! One That's Useful!

Image credits: JuicyMellonMan5

#63 Minecraft Is Back Everybody

Image credits: D3PSI

#64 Useful

Image credits: reddit.com

#65 Dubai Progress - A Much Needed Red Circle Showing The Toyota Building Still Standing To Witness All The Changes That Occurred

Image credits: bassaleh