66 People Share TV Shows That Didn’t Decline In Quality As Long As They Ran


Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Fight me.

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The Good Place. The writers knew exactly what they wanted to do it, they did it, and didn't linger any longer even though it was surely successful enough that they could've gotten more seasons if they'd wanted to milk it.

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The Joy of Painting

RIP Bob Ross

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No one's going to mention How It's Made?

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Schitt’s Creek

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Twilight Zone the original Black and White.

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Futurama, but I may be biased.

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians

It maintained a standard. It was always absolute horse s**t from the start and never improved



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What we do in the shadows. Stellar from start to end. I think there is new seasons coming out. But it's fabulous.

Edit : you're allowed to not like the new season, but the threats are a little over kill my friends!

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The Golden Girls

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The IT Crowd

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Band of Brothers

Breaking Bad

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Psych! I would argue there was a brief dip in a late middle season but it recovered


Keeping Up Appearances, Patricia Routledge, Clive Swift. The whole cast was talented, had impeccable timing, the innuendo it’s hilarious! I still laugh when I catch an episode. It’s very relaxing.






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MASH. It only got better

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gravity falls, im suprised i havnt seen this

edit: i mean that i havnt seen this in the comments of the post, not the show, i’ve seen the entire show lmao, multiple times

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Malcolm in the Middle stayed pretty tried and true

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This Old House

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Everybody Loves Hypnotoad

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Frasier. Exactly the same level of quality from start to finish. It was never AMAZING but also never terrible.


Stargate SG-1. It was a show that knew what it was.

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Murder She Wrote. Angela Lansbury was and is a f****n queen


Parks and Recreation


The Good Place


The Inbetweeners (UK)


Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person who's watched these shows, but:

The Librarians,


Warehouse 13


Person of interest. Intelligent, well paced, and never predictable. The ending was just as well written, and thought out as the pilot episode.


Mad men


Star Trek: The Next Generation

greatest TV show ever made, by far, hands down. it actually got better with each season but every season is fantastic




3rd Rock from the Sun.


Freaks and Geeks. Hard to decline when you only have 1 season.


Mythbusters, i need more


On this Thanksgiving weekend, let us remember how WKRP in Cincinnati maintained excellence through all four seasons. Turkeys Away!




Six Feet Under


Flight of the Conchords.


Bojack Horseman


Cowboy Bebop!


Fawlty Towers


Raising Hope



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Phineas and Ferb

I'm a little biased because it is one of my favorite comfort shows, but it maintained in my humble opinion a high level of quality throughout the entirety of it.


The expanse. Every season kept delivering the best sci-fi I have ever seen.


King of the Hill.


Nathan For You


The Wire (lookin at you season 5 haters)




The Americans only improved with age. An absolutely fantastic series.


It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Sure an episode or two in a season might not be as hysterical as the others but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every season as a whole


Antiques Roadshow


The Clone Wars


The Bob Newhart Show




My name is Earl


Forensic files


Daredevil only had one dip in quality and it was due to having to drum up interest in another show's storyline. Even then, it wasn't godawful, just not as interesting.

Otherwise, perfect show from S1E1 to S3E13.


House MD


Mr. Robot