80 Times People Captured Their Cats Losing Their Single Brain Cell (Best Pics)

Life with cats is definitely an interesting one. Don’t get me wrong, it’s certainly more positive than it is negative. But it is hard to describe whatever this is.

By this, we mean cats doing unexplainable things. Things that eventually wind up on What’s Wrong With Your Cat?, a subreddit that’s all about that what the heck are you doing, Mr. Cat? lifestyle. And cats have been doing weird things for so long (and humans have been documenting it accordingly) that we were encouraged to come out with a best of listicle. So enjoy!

#1 My Mom’s Cat Stares At Her Like This Until She Pets Him

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#2 He’s About To Speak Italian

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#3 Orange Kitty Lost The Single Brain Cell In The Middle Of Grooming

Image credits: Azsnee09

So, there’s this online community—What’s Wrong With Your Cat?—which celebrates all things odd, crazy or just plain on “huh?” of the cat variety. And before you wonder, no, there’s genuinely nothing wrong with those cats. The cat.exe file is definitely not responding at that moment, but it’ll reboot itself (whether in time, or with a cat treat) and all will be well.

In the meantime, 728,000 members approve of the chaos.

#4 Now It Is Our Cone Of Shame

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#5 She's Just Special Like That

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#6 Does Anyone Else’s Cat Sit Like This Or Are Yours Normal?

Image credits: yungkrueger

Now, for the record, that’s not all that life with a cat really is. It’s much more normal (for a lack of a better word) than this, actually. Folks on Quora have been sharing their takes on what life with a cat is like. And, if you ask me, it feels like a life worth living.

Cats make great companions. If you take care of them, they will take care of you. They will snuggle with you, play with you, and greet you when you come back home after a hard days’ work. They will soothe and entertain you. And they will do a good job of it too.

#7 Jasper Likes To Show Off His Knees

Image credits: brownishgirl

#8 Is This What They Call Cubism?

Image credits: bajinglez

#9 Every Time I Yell Up The Stairs To My Teenagers... He Appears Like This

Image credits: JeniBean7

Another person illustrated this with some glimpses into the life of their cat: you can always find someone sleeping at your side… or on your side; they always say good-bye and hello when you’re going or getting back from work; they purr sweet lullabies when you go to sleep; and they’ll even strike a weird pose whilst doing so. Best part? They are always with you. In the form of hair on your beautiful clothes. All of them.

#10 Liquid Cat

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#11 Just Hanging Around

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#12 ??

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Now, what if you have multiple cats? One cat person explained that it’s like living with slave drivers and you’re the slave. Picture this: they demand you to feed them at 6 in the morning, every morning. And they never stop chasing you until you do it. Then they go to sleep until they feel like asking for something more. Like cuddles or playing or whatever. And then they continue to terrorize you by disrupting your work or getting in your way. And why do you continue having cats? Because “we can’t resist.”

#13 That’s The Look Of “Don’t Go To Sleep Tonight Or Else”

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#14 He Carries His Ball Into The Tub And Knocks It Around For Hours And Then Passes Out

Image credits: Glitterworks

#15 Her Favorite Way To Lay On The Couch

Image credits: MrTurtleFerguson

But all jokes aside, having a feline companion is a rewarding experience. They are loyal, loving, and affectionate creatures, ones who don’t demand your soul plus an arm and a leg as they are pretty self-sufficient given the possibility. All the while, they are great pets to have for you to build character—they require patience and understanding, which you will ultimately learn and will be a better person for it. You might also learn to be more disciplined and consistent to accommodate their needs.

#16 All Hail To The Light

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#17 Cat On Television

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#18 She Yells Until I Let Her Join Me In The Bathtub

Image credits: aquickcupofcoffee

By far, the best explanation for what it feels like to live with a cat comes from long-term cat companion Kuromi Jenkins:

“Have you ever met a toddler with a severe attitude problem? You know those parents who look frazzled in a supermarket? The ones trying to keep it together, who look like they’ve died a little on the inside and have truly lost the will to live, as they stand patiently waiting whilst their toddler from hell has the world's biggest tantrum in the middle of the supermarket because they wouldn’t let them eat the washing tablets and is now in the process of a full on snot, tears and carnage rampage that would impress even Godzilla? Yeah. It’s like that.”

#19 Bikinicat.exe Stopped Working

Image credits: jasontaken

#20 Yoga Sleeping

Image credits: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#21 Caught My Cat Yawning While Tilting Her Head. Confirmed Eldritch Horror

Image credits: PocketsAndSedition7

Kuromi’s experience of a cat is akin to having a problem child. The cat they had was named Newton, and their cat was what the internet colloquially referred to as an a-hole.

Kuromi had ample negative experiences with Newton—from the little guy vomiting on someone or their belongings, dragging something that’s still alive into the house while guests are over or deciding to make a natural fertilizer of a statement on someone’s flower bed not 6 feet away from the owner.

#22 Alright Then

Image credits: elefantinxd

#23 He Fell Asleep Like This

Image credits: iknowallmyabcs

#24 Spider Cat Is Here

Image credits: UselessMarvin

But they still loved him.

Newton could be really nice at times, and even happy. Sure, it was usually when the critter wanted something, but Kuromi cherished those moments of affection and softness for they did not know how long it would last before the next. And while Kuromi’s work is pure satire, it’s based on real events—events that were still pleasant. Over 15 years of them, in fact.

#25 He's Trying To Pass Out In Anger... So Adorable!

Image credits: llullabyY1

#26 Caught The Cat Hunting Lady Bugs This Morning

Image credits: ThopterFox

#27 Guys, Please, What's Wrong With My Bat?

Image credits: Nirami

Truth be told, Kuromi admitted that Newton was the most entertaining cat to write about. Considering that they had 9 cats and fostered 2 over the years, they knew cats better than the average Joe could ever, so they knew very well what they’re dealing with. And how to do it. “In fact I would gladly do it all over again, just to have him back,” concluded Kuromi in their post.

#28 Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting

Image credits: MyNameGifOreilly

#29 Oh. Ok

Image credits: purplesheep19

#30 Dis Unacceptable

Image credits: jasontaken

If you’ve enjoyed this, you might want to not lose your inertia and dive right ahead into your next cat listicle.

But if that’s not your forte, then maybe the comment section below will be? Share your takes, stories or anything that’s related to cats in the comment section below!

#31 Got The Lockdown Covid Crazies

Image credits: MintyMat

#32 *visible Confusion*

Image credits: bajinglez

#33 I Can't Walk Through The House Without A Derp Attack

Image credits: serendib

#34 This Is Fine

Image credits: icZAstuff

#35 She’ll Hold This Pose Until You Pet Her…

Image credits: reddit.com

#36 Just Watchin' TV

Image credits: ThinWhiteRogue

#37 Missing A Bunch Of Parts

Image credits: Azsnee09

#38 I Bought You A Drinking Fountain

Image credits: Ian--McKellen

#39 Update Loading

Image credits: Azsnee09

#40 Malfunctioning At 2 Am

Image credits: loafjunky

#41 He’s Not Allowed In The Bathroom Because He Will Try His Best To Get Into The Toilet. This Is His Act Of Protest

Image credits: 2clapsNaRicFlair

#42 I Love His Feet Sticking Out To Either Side!

Image credits: megduck94

#43 Caught In The Act Of Attacking A Roll Of Toilet Paper

Image credits: outsanitate264

#44 He Might Be Prayin Or Something

Image credits: ace_indra

#45 The Tables Have Turned

Image credits: modren-man

#46 Cosmo (Office Cat). Spent Days Only In The Sink. Took Him To The Vet. Vet Said He's In The Sink Constantly "Because He's A Cat" ??‍♀️

Image credits: saintphoenixxx

#47 My Fur Nephew Kevin Wants To Be A Frog I Guess

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#48 Look At My Toe Beans

Image credits: PressxStart

#49 I Think He Wants To Come Inside

Image credits: IvoryHeket

#50 No Caption Needed

Image credits: emiceel

#51 Bottle Time Causes Her Ears To Wiggle

Image credits: ToxicBTCMaximalist

#52 That Doesn't Go There

Image credits: Stoon_Slar

#53 He Is Laying On His Back On Top Of The Cabinets With His Eyes Wide Open, Just Staring At The Ceiling

Image credits: soccer-law

#54 Mondays Are Hard

Image credits: sherbetandpretzels

#55 Why Is He Staring At A Cactus ?

Image credits: jkjulius06

#56 This Is How He Likes To Watch The Birds

Image credits: Jynxpdc

#57 What Apex Animal Is This

Image credits: ConditionCapable5928

#58 Busted

Image credits: Komplexs

#59 Even If It Doesn't Fits, She Still Tries To Sits

Image credits: ArchdeaconOfTheVoid

#60 This Cat Is A Person (Not My Cat)

Image credits: shyfemalecharacter

#61 She Sits On My PC And Stares At The Wall

Image credits: JaySenpaii

#62 He Looks Like He's About To Tell You Old War Stories

Image credits: anoneti

#63 I Think Somethings Wrong

Image credits: STOPITDONKEY

#64 When You Try To Sneak Downstairs For A Warm Glass Of Milk But You Hit A Squeaky Floorboard And Awaken The Sentinels

Image credits: MeeklyBludgeon

#65 He Asks To Be Picked Up And Then Does This

Image credits: keegrunk

#66 90 Degree Kitty

Image credits: Stellanboll

#67 He Likes To Sit Like This And Bite His Toes For Fun

Image credits: jackATTACK55

#68 Unstoppable Nap

Image credits: MaryJaneFury

#69 Meet Pete. This Is Him Asleep. Pete Is Not Photogenic

Image credits: Krobbox

#70 I Found Him Like This On The Cat Tree… I Don’t Even Know…

Image credits: twiggy087

#71 Her Favourite Object In The House Is A Brick ?

Image credits: Buckwhal

#72 Groomed To Death By His Brother

Image credits: Trapszz

#73 Hmmm

Image credits: jasontaken

#74 Sup

Image credits: wellhelloredditpeeps

#75 He Has Discovered His Superpower Of Staring At Us Through The "Wall Portal"

Image credits: oogyboogy72

#76 Sandals Are His Favorite Toy.. Until He Gets Stuck And I Have To Save Him

Image credits: lebrunjemz

#77 Looks Like I've Been Caught

Image credits: Anxious_Command_8900

#78 He Doesnt Give A Flying F

Image credits: icant-chooseone

#79 More Food !!!

Image credits: Flirty_arya

#80 “She’s Behind Me, Isn’t She?”

Image credits: maybeitsme23