80 Times Taking The Stairs Looked Like A Terrible Option, As Shared On The “Death Stairs” Group (New Pics)

Stairs. Not a word that sparks much excitement. We climb them all the time without even thinking. If you do feel anything at all, it’s usually just the burn in your legs after one too many steps or the sudden jolt of missing one. But there are places where the simple act of going up or down can get your heart truly racing—not from the effort, but from sheer fear.

You can find them in a Facebook group called ‘Death Stairs’ which, as its name suggests, is dedicated to sharing terrifying staircases. Picture this: flimsy ladders reaching for the sky and slippery rocks clinging to cliff edges. If you’re curious, we’ve gathered the most spine-tingling posts below. Fair warning though, you might want to hold onto something first.

#1 Abandoned Diving Board, Prague, Czech Republic.

Image credits: Josef Polesný

“Welcome to Death Stairs, where ascension is perilous and descending is deadly,” reads the bio of the Facebook group that has 382K followers. Despite the ominous tone, the members often lighten the mood with their humorous captions.

“Literally all it would take is one drunk uncle attempting to scale this like Mount Kilimanjaro to turn the wedding reception into a funeral,” said one of the users about a tiny set of wooden steps used by restaurant staff to reach their office.

#2 Good Luck Going Down To Pee At Night

Image credits: Anna Tuvike

To learn more about ‘Death Stairs’, Bored Panda got in touch with Jeroen Puijn and Greg Wilson, two regular contributors. The fascination behind the group remains a bit of a mystery, they admit. But one thing’s for sure: the trickier the stairs, the more people seem to love them.

Jeroen, being Dutch, isn’t easily impressed. In the Netherlands, a small country that historically had to use every inch of space, narrow and steep staircases are a common feature.

For context, Dutch home steps are typically 15 cm deep, which is about 6 inches—half the recommended safety standard. You can’t even put your entire foot down. Yet, as Jeroen notes, everyone there is simply used to them.

#3 An Accident Waiting To Happen

Image credits: Linda Johnson

#4 Found Literally In The Wild!

Image credits: John Arnold

Sharing a glimpse of his own home, Jeroen posts a picture of a small ladder leading to the attic. His cat is laying by the very edge of the opening, looking relaxed. One of the commenters calls the pet a “personal resident death defier”. The owner jokes that the cat might just smack you on the head as you come down.

#5 Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Image credits: Maria Georgieva

#6 Just Bought A House And These Are Our Stairs

Image credits: Sara Kay

Jeroen says the scariest stairs he encountered weren’t in the Netherlands, but in Greece. Located on one of Crete Island’s famous gorges, they were very wet. Jeroen found himself seriously struggling with keeping his balance on the way down.

#7 Old Faithful Inn, In Yellowstone National Park

Image credits: David Kallinger

#8 Student Dormitory Stairs In Eastern Turkey

Image credits: Emir Özmen

#9 1911 Photo Of The Indian Trail Steps In Pittsburgh. Over 1000 Steps From The Level Of The Monongahela, Just Across The River From Downtown Pittsburgh, To The Top Of Mt. Washington, Which Was A Working-Class Neighborhood In Those Days. It Cost A Nickel To Ride The Duquesne Incline, Worth About $1.75 In Today's Economy, And Many People Climbed These Steps Both Ways To Save Ten Cents Every Day! The Steps Fell Into Disrepair And Disuse And Were Gone Before The Beginning Of Ww II.

Image credits: Mike Walling

On the other side of the world, Greg, who plays in a jazz band in Pittsburgh, has faced many vertical obstacles since moving to the city with his partner four years ago.

“We’ve encountered crumbling concrete city stairs, residences with all number of stair-related code violations, and piles of bricks or rotting wood being passed off as ‘stairs’,” he says.

“I see our laughable state of regulatory oversight as a microcosm of the downfall of the American empire, and [the group] manages to make a big heavy topic like that feel like something we can laugh about”.

#10 Authentic Dutch Stairs In The Airbnb We'll Be Renting To Bridge The Period Between Moving Out Of Our Current House Into The One We Just Bought.

Image credits: Madalina Amza

#11 Death Stairs In Our Old Home. Everyone Has Fell Down These At Least Once.

Image credits: Devin L Hill

#12 5th Floor Of Our Hotel In London, UK. I'm Standing With My Back Touching The Closed Door To Our Room. Yes That Is Beige Low-Pile Carpet Lining The Walls Under The Banister. The Stairs Ahead Were To The Washrooms.

Image credits: Jeannie Grundy

Greg had a near-death stair experience once when his dog rushed past him, causing him to trip down to his garage. The wooden beams supporting the stairs gave way, and he landed on his side, breaking two ribs. It took nearly half a year for them to heal completely.

#13 Scary Stairs In Portugal

Image credits: Andrea Shore

#14 Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland. Not Traditional Steps, But Certainly Not A Place For A Soft Landing After A Misplaced Step

Image credits: Darren Millar

#15 Go To The National Zoo, They Said. Take The Metro, They Said.

Image credits: Allie Baker

Under a Facebook photo shared by Greg, one user commented that Pittsburgh is the death stair capital of the USA. The staircase in the post has scruff marks and screw holes on the floor, where the railing used to run all the way through. Now, there’s a small gap that could be easily missed.

#16 Stairs At My Hotel In Paris. It Was Even Worse In Person. The Camera Brightened It Up A Lot From The Actual Lighting.

Image credits: Geoff Baie

#17 Scary Stairs

Image credits: Andrew Karam

#18 Haven't Seen This Mentioned Here Yet, But Was Reminded By Another Post... The Fort Worth Water Gardens.

Image credits: David Hibbs

“I guess we probably get a small smug sense of satisfaction being able to identify when something is wrong and unsafe, even if it’s blatantly obvious,” reflects Greg.

When we post on ‘Death Stairs’, it can feel like “we’ve accomplished something just by pointing out an obvious problem and saying, ‘this is bad and wrong! See? I’m helping!’”

#19 These Bad Boys Also Come With A Custom Wobble To Each Step! Stairs That Have Been On The "To Fix" List For Probably Over 10 Years. Located About 2 Hours Out Of Pittsburgh/Deathstairtopia

Image credits: Hope Safko

#20 Staying At This Hotel In London Was A Struggle. Especially After Couple Of Pints Of Guinness

Image credits: Marta Chrobak

#21 Its Been A While But Then I Found This Greatness In An Art Gallery In London

Image credits: Nik Burns

Jeroen finds it ironic that stairs, whose primary goal is to be functional, sometimes end up being poorly designed and dangerous to use. Surprisingly, experts say they’re one of the most challenging elements to get right.

Danish Design Review explains that stairs are hard “to modify if other parts of the scheme are changed as the plan develops. It becomes a difficult game of consequences—change one part and another no longer works”.

#22 Eerie Death Stairs In Pittsburgh On Melrose Avenue. These Steps LED To A Small Apartment Development Called Clifton Park

Image credits: Dean Mcafee

#23 My Air Bnb In Edinburgh, Scotland A Few Weeks Ago. 50 Steps Total, And We Were On The 4th Floor. Nothing Like Schlepping 4 Heavy Suitcases Up This Bad Boy After 3 Connecting Flights!

Image credits: Julia Rose

#24 I Have Fallen Down These Bastards Twice, Which Was Two Times Too Many. Now I Climb Down Them Backwards Like A Ladder. Our House Is A Very Old Cape Cod And My Office Is On The Second Floor So I Am Upstairs Every Day. As You Can See They Are Very Steep, And The Step Is Very Narrow, Women’s Size 9 Croc For Comparison

Image credits: Kellyann Kamm

The designs we see on ‘Death Stairs’ are truly in a league of their own. But while they may be entertaining to look at, it’s important to remember that navigating them in real life can be a different story. So be careful out there and watch your step!

#25 My Knees Hurt Looking At This Picture

Image credits: Taryn Hough

#26 This Is Something I Built For Burning Man In 2014. My Wife Says It Qualifies To Be Posted In This Group. For The Record, There Were No Reported Injuries.

Image credits: Doug Taphouse

#27 This Is One Of The Coolest Things I've Learned In Anthropology, At Ruins, And So On. It's Also Completely Terrifying. Chaco Canyon

Image credits: Athena Wahlstrom

#28 That's How You Get Christmas Decorations Out Of The Attic

Image credits: Cole Young

#29 Found Today In Sorrento, Italy

Image credits: Melissa Saint-Hilaire

#30 The Stairs At My Boyfriends Parents House

Image credits: Erin Marie

#31 From A Local Listing (Technically Ladder And Not Stairs). Pitched As An Extra Bedroom…the Dining Room Is On One Side (With No Door), And The Only Entrance To The Actual Bedroom Is On The Opposite Wall. Yes The Brace Pole Is That Slanted, And Yes The Fan Is Directly Above The Ladder.

Image credits: Andy Ripplinger

#32 My Very Favorite DIY Home Stair Repair In - You Probably Guessed It - Pittsburgh.

Image credits: Milo Berezin

#33 These Were The Stairs In My Daughter’s University House. It Was A Lovely Victorian House. It Was No Fun Getting Her Belongings In And Out! Shes 5’10, How She Survived Negotiating Those Whilst A Bit Tipsy And Never Knocked Herself Out On The Doorframe Is Beyond Me!

Image credits: Persephone Jones

#34 Saw This On A Sponsored Post, I Feel Like It Counts

Image credits: Joshua Darrin Hobbs

#35 Christchurch Botanical Gardens, New Zealand

Image credits: George M. E. Taylor

#36 It’s Fine. Everything’s Fine

Image credits: Jeff Logan

#37 Morning Dog Walk! South Side Slopes, Pittsburgh

Image credits: Sherrie Flick

#38 Kearny, New Jersey

Image credits: Roland Aviles

#39 Not Sure If This Has Been Posted Already. But Stumbled Across These Possible Death Stairs In Juneau, Alaska… I Figure They Fit But The Camera Doesn’t Do The Angle Justice…

Image credits: Garrett Proffitt

#40 Obligatory Pittsburgh Picture

Image credits: Laurel Nikole Kolenda

#41 According To The Reddit Post I Yoinked This From, These Are In Nashville.

Image credits: Magnus Mcelroy

#42 Located In Portland, Oregon. Hope No One Has A Habit Of Sleep Walking!

Image credits: Signe Naranjo

#43 Scary Stairs

Image credits: Gabriel Grube

#44 Not Mine But Holy Wow This Is The Worst I’ve Seen

Image credits: Seven Robyn Summers

#45 Thought This Was Brilliant

Image credits: Elizabeth Bartolomeo

#46 Elfin Cove, Alaska

Image credits: Cooper Curtis

#47 From A Local Listing

Image credits: Guillaume St-Jean

#48 Someone Shared This Photo From A Listing For A House In Nj. This Is Supposed To Be A "Bathtub."

Image credits: Aymun Salman

#49 No Caption Eunice Cecílio Edit: This Post Really Escalated. Thank You All For Your Comments, It Has Been Really Funny And The Girl Is Ok

Image credits:

#50 Victoria Park, Truro Nova Scotia, Canada

Image credits: Danielle Wood-Furlotte

#51 Found While Browsing Through A Discord Server, Location Unknown

Image credits: Jerry Welsh

#52 We Cannot Figure Out The Original Reason For These. We Also Are Not Sure They Were Stairs Because They're Not Uniform

Image credits: Jeremy Root

#53 Location Is Pei Canada

Image credits: Ben Mercer

#54 Death Trap Steps.

Image credits: Derek James

#55 In Our Hotel In Paris.

Image credits: Kate Bendick

#56 This Defies Explanation.

Image credits: Ronald Shore

#57 Pictured: The Stairs That Almost Killed My Boss. Picture Taken After I Mopped Up The Blood And Added Tread Tape.

Image credits: Kenneth John Moyers

#58 I Never Clean The Stairs Because I Love Feeling The Wet Leaves

Image credits: Pierpaolo Sbarra

#59 My Child's School Is At The Top

Image credits: Jessica Lee

#60 When The Rise/Run = 1

Image credits: Anthony Vincent

#61 Stayed In London Last Fall. Bathroom Was Upstairs.

Image credits: Marinus De Graaf

#62 In My Friends Barn

Image credits: Bryan Bailey

#63 Looks Legit

Image credits: Christian Callaghan-Newsham

#64 Subway Stairs Hudson Yards NY

Image credits: Pierpaolo Sbarra

#65 Not Even That Egregious But These Are Stairs Staff Actually Use To Get To The Office Of A Restaurant/Event Space I Was At Last Night. Literally All It Would Take Is One Drunk Uncle Attempting To Scale This Like Mount Kilimanjaro To Turn The Wedding Reception Into A Funeral.

Image credits: Cassane Elyse

#66 Tangelo In His Favorite Let's Trip Mom And Have Her Break Her Foot Again Spot.

Image credits: Nancy Jeffries

#67 Newcastle, England

Image credits: Daniel Butt

#68 Hope This Place Has An Elevator

Image credits: Lucas Ai

#69 Seven Falls In Colorado

Image credits: Jim Connolly Jr.

#70 Ho Chi Minh City Airbnb Years Ago Thought The Tiny Lift And Stairs Combo Was Interesting

Image credits: Alex Dickinson

#71 These Are Stairs Of A "Kid-Friendly" Airbnb We Recently Stayed At. Not Pictured - The Sketchy, Open, Top Of The Stairs I Had To Block Off, Also, The Mid-Flight Step That Was 2" Taller Than The Rest.

Image credits: Tirzah Sawangwan

#72 The Stairs Themselves Were Just Normal Stairs. I Don't Know Why This Guy Decided To Jump Down Them Backwards.

Image credits: Bridget Tannian

#73 Covent Garden Tube Station, London

Image credits: Nicholas Crawford

#74 Perfect Choice Of Carpet

Image credits: Edward Matthews

#75 Glassport, Pa

Image credits:

#76 18th Street Steps, Pittsburgh, Of Course. Just Blocks Away From Where My Grandparents’ House Was On The South Side “Flats.”

Image credits: Fran Smith

#77 This Pic Was Taken On A Trip To Moscow In 2014. This Was The “Handicapped Accessible” Stairs To The Underground. The Picture Doesn’t Do Justice To How Steep It Was. I Stood There For Ten Minutes Just Marveling At It

Image credits: Jenn Jungclaus

#78 Not Really Death Stairs, Unless You Slip And Fall 300 Feet Into The Great White Shark Breeding Ground Below. As A Sidenote, It's Just A Short Drive From Bodega Bay, Where Hitchcock Filmed 'The Birds.'

Image credits: Alan Elliott

#79 If Already Posted, Please Delete.

Image credits: Kervin Chan

#80 To My Sister’s Attic In Her New House

Image credits: Brady Smith