85 Of The Trashiest Wedding Posts That People Shared For The Internet To See

On your wedding day, you and your partner get to call all the shots. Planning to wear a camouflage dress? Interesting choice, but go ahead. Pressuring your guests into buying gifts that cost at least $1,000? Probably wouldn’t recommend it, but I can’t stop you! Hosting the ceremony on a trampoline? Just be careful not to fall down!

Brides and grooms are entitled to have the weddings of their dreams, even if they have pretty bizarre dreams, but that won’t stop people online from mocking them for their choices. Bored Panda has scoured the internet to find photos of the most questionable and trashy decisions couples have ever made when tying the knot. So enjoy scrolling through these pics that might make you cringe, and keep reading to find a conversation with Jhona Yellin, Editor at Bespoke Bride!

#1 My Friend Saw This Sign At Her Hotel This Week. Oh Yeah, That Guy Jon Is Coming Too

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#2 I Paid For The First Slice After It Was Announced On The Day We'd Be Helping To Pay For Their Cake. Apparently, Didn't Count For The Second

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#3 There's A Time And Place To Be This Trashy, And It's Not At Your Wedding

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We've all been to a wedding or two where the bride and groom made some questionable choices. Perhaps they demanded that all guests dress to fit a very specific color scheme, or they informed guests on the day of that they would be expected to pay for their food and drinks at the reception. We tend to overlook these annoyances when we're celebrating people we love, but it's a lot easier to judge strangers online for making bizarre choices at their weddings...

The photos on this list might give you strong secondhand embarrassment, but spreading awareness about bad bridal behavior might convince some couples to tone it down. Your wedding should absolutely be a wonderful day that you remember for the rest of your life, but it should be a great memory for all involved. And if your best friends are pouting the whole time because you forced them to get hair cuts for the ceremony or spend $500 on shoes, your priorities might be a little bit out of whack.

#4 This Literally Just Happened - "I Want My Own Wedding Year"

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#5 Wedding Proposal Involving Chewing Tobacco

Image credits: halosfan27

#6 Saw This At A Wedding

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To gain more insight into this topic, we reached out to wedding expert and Editor at Bespoke Bride, Jhona Yellin. Jhona was kind enough to have a conversation with Bored Panda about some etiquette brides and grooms should keep in mind, while still making their big day all about them.

"When it comes to gifts, we tell our brides-to-be to always think of their registry as a treasure map for their guests. Provide a variety of price points to make everyone comfortable," she shared. "And if Aunt Marge gifts you a third toaster, smile, thank her, and quietly handle the return. Nobody needs to know about the great toaster swap of 2024. By the way – we created a fun guide on curating a wedding registry for the home of your dreams."

#7 She Looks Absolutely Gorgeous... Except She’s Not The Bride

Image credits: DBear423

#8 Interesting Dress Choice For The Mother Of The Groom

Image credits: kiwibutter088

#9 This "Vegan Pizza" Was Provided At A Wedding Last Night

Image credits: mcdripy

Jhona also noted that setting a dress code can be fantastic, but it's important to be reasonable. "Asking your guests to show up in ball gowns and tuxedos might be a tad much for a beach wedding," she shared. "'Black tie optional' is sophisticated; 'lavender sequin jumpsuits' is a bit... Eccentric. Also for this, by the way – we created a post about creative wedding dress codes that are in fashion today."

"Just remember, these wedding guests are your friends and family who love you enough to wear matching outfits," the expert added. "Appreciate their effort, don’t turn them into personal assistants, and remember they have lives (and wallets) too."

#10 Seen On Facebook. What Is This Kind Of Trash

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#11 She Wants A Deposit From Her Bridesmaids

Image credits: kcs4920

#12 The Audacity Of This Wedding Guest And Their Mum! Plan Your Own Special Moment, Cheapskates

Image credits: anonymous

We also asked the wedding expert how friends and family members can know when it's time to speak up and try to reign in the bride and groom. "When the bride or groom’s requests start sounding like they belong in a royal decree, it’s time to step in," Jhona says. "Close family or friends are the best candidates to have 'the talk.' Pick a moment when the bride or groom isn’t mid-meltdown — preferably over a calming cup of tea or a stiff drink."

#13 Influencer Requests Personal Song And One-Hour Set At Wedding For Free

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#14 Wedding Photo Contract Request

Image credits: Bigian1971

#15 Bride Is Expecting Everyone To Spend $400 Or More On Her Wedding Gifts

Image credits: DexOrangeCounty

It's also important to tread lightly when addressing a bride's unreasonable behavior. "Use 'I' statements to keep it gentle," Jhona recommends. “'I’m worried that asking guests to arrive by helicopter might be a bit much. Not everyone has their pilot’s license, you know?' This approach keeps the conversation constructive and less confrontational."

#16 An Actual Wedding Someone I Know Attended This Weekend

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#17 A Guest At My Cousin's Reception Changed Into This Outfit Halfway Through The Night

Image credits: savealltheelephants

#18 Getting Married On A Trampoline

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Jhona says that, yes, the wedding is all about the happy couple. "But let’s not forget about the lovely folks who are there to celebrate your love. Your guests have put in effort to be there—time, travel, and probably a new pair of shoes," she explained. "Make sure they’re well-fed, entertained, and can hear the vows without needing binoculars and a sound system worthy of Coachella."

#19 Bride And Groom Trying To Sell Presents From Their Wedding On Instagram… A Place Where Many Of Their Wedding Guests Follow Them

Image credits: earthtoaisha

#20 Not Invited To The Wedding, But Still Pay For It

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#21 Her Sister And Niece Just Died Two Months Ago In An Accident. This Is Her Sister's Husband. Like... They Couldn't Have Even Waited 6 Months? What Exactly Did She Pray For?

Image credits: Yellowishpandaa

Jhona also added that we should never underestimate the power of appreciation. "Gratitude is your best accessory," the expert says. "Thank your guests, your vendors, and especially the person who managed to find your lost ring. A simple 'thank you' can make everyone feel like they’re part of something special."

#22 Gifts Determine Where Guests Sit At The Wedding

Image credits: Mysterious_Week8357

#23 A Kid Wants To Dress Up As A Lion For The Wedding. Also Told To Change Centerpieces As The Kid Doesn’t Like Balloons (The Kid Is This Person's Mother’s Best Friend’s Child)

Image credits: Zebra4129

#24 Bride Cancels Her Wedding Because Her Guests Didn't "Donate" $1,500 Each To Fund The Event

Image credits: Re-l-Mayer

Finally, Jhona urges couples not to lose sight of what the day is really about: your love and commitment. "No one will remember if the napkins were periwinkle or powder blue, but they’ll remember the heartfelt vows and the epic dance moves," she told Bored Panda. "Many guests appreciate these days eco-friendly weddings, so if you can - add some sustainable elements to make your wedding a bit 'Greener.' Here are some tips and ideas for a sustainable wedding."

"In the end, weddings are about celebrating love, surrounded by those who matter most. Keep it joyful, keep it real, and most importantly, keep it fun," the expert added.

#25 A Photographer Friend Of Mine Posted This (We Are In Louisiana). I Can't Wait To See Some Of The Mashed Potato Pictures

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#26 What A Lovely Wedding Dress

Image credits: jesskenziee

#27 When The Guest's Presence Is Not A Good Enough Present

Image credits: swindaloojajaja

If you're currently planning your own wedding, we hope you've gotten some inspiration for what not to do, pandas! Keep upvoting the pics that you find most amusing, and let us know in the comments what the trashiest moments you've ever witnessed at a wedding were. Then, if you're interested in checking out even more wild behavior from brides and grooms, we recommend reading this article next!

#28 Why Should The Future Father-In-Law Visit His Dying Father “Who Probably Won’t Even Recognize Him” When The Bride's Special Day Is On The Line?

Image credits: SoniaByNight

#29 Father Is More Interested In The Aesthetics Of His Wedding Than A Lifelong Relationship With His Daughter

Image credits: Ladylottington72

#30 A Pregnant Alien Officiant

Image credits: Euphoric_Switch_337

#31 So I Went To A Wedding And A Guy Showed Up Wearing This

Image credits: meowington5

#32 I Really Hope She Finds Someone For Her Wedding

Image credits: _icaruslives

#33 Come To Our Wedding And Pay $700 To Stay In The Guest House But You’ll Be Sleeping On The Pullout Couch Because You’re The Only Singleton

Also, did I mention you’re cooking for everyone?

Image credits: mellybee222

#34 When Trashy Gets Married

#35 This Was How A Burrito Was Served At A Wedding I Attended

Image credits: marigold242

#36 This Person Doesn’t Want To Drive A Free BMW Or Tesla To His Wedding

Image credits: weezy_latez

#37 Hey, I Know That I've Given My Wedding No Thought But I Want You To Dedicate The Next 48 Hours Of Your Life To It

Image credits: Adora90

#38 Nothing Says Classy Like Shotgun Shells

Image credits: mighty_pebble

#39 Bridal Parties Pretend To Be Shot Like Deer And Dragged Into Reception

Image credits: reddit.com

#40 Friend Won’t Gift Me A $300 Wedding Cake. The Entitlement Is Strong With This One

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#41 Bride Gets RSVPs From Wedding Guests And Only After The Fact Tells Everyone Who Said They Were Coming That They Need To Pay $75 Per Plate

Image credits: Ldeezy

#42 Wedding Shoot

Image credits: sitdownchair

#43 The Dress, The Hair, And The Make-Up A Girl Wore To My Friend's Beach Wedding. At First Glance, She Looked Nude 

Image credits: AvgGal

#44 Another Golden One Found On Facebook

Image credits: AlexAirliaHolt

#45 Imagine Ranking Your Friends In Such A Way. Sorry Number 5

Image credits: Ign0rethisc0mment

#46 My Mum Is An Artificial Florist And Had An "Influencer" With 70k Followers Ask For Free Wedding Flowers For Exposure

Image credits: PepperBundle

#47 All Jokes Aside, Please Don't Do This To Your Daughter

Image credits: Maloolooloo

#48 A Guest Filled 7 Tupperware Containers With Food From The Wedding Reception And Gave The Couple 5 USD As A Gift

Image credits: numanuma_

#49 Cringe Cake Topper, Not To Mention The Fondant

Image credits: amysmithers

#50 The Winner Gets The Better Dinner

Image credits: Personal-Advisor4328

#51 Woman Wants To Pay A Photographer Only £100 For 11 Hours Of Work To Cover Her Wedding. But Only Wants Professionals. She Was Absolutely Roasted In The Comments

Image credits: TheSimbaNinja

#52 Can You Imagine What The Rest Of The Wedding Was Like?

Image credits: mlj8684

#53 Wedding Favors Are Engraved Bullet Casings With The Date And The Couples' Names On Them

I can't think of anything more cringe or out of touch. Actually, turned my stomach the first time I saw them. Hope none of their guests have any family or friends who have been victims of gun violence! Shame on this couple for being so totally tone-deaf in today's climate.

Southern California wedding, by the way. Not that it matters. I wouldn't find this acceptable in any state.

Image credits: BigWinnerBiggerLoser

#54 Hot Topic Wedding

Image credits: whylieimhigh

#55 Was Scrolling Through My Favorite Bakery’s Wedding Portfolio

Image credits: summertea

#56 Thoughts On This Theme? Buck And Doe With A Camo Dress

Image credits: LostCastleStars96

#57 Nothing Says Love Like A Sports-Themed "Dragging The Groom To The Altar" Cake Topper

Image credits: Jarsole

#58 Woman Tries To Get Me To Take A Day Off School To Take Photographs Of Her Wedding

Image credits: Babytemptress

#59 Bridezilla Is Upset That The Florist Is Having Surgery 8 Weeks Before Her Very Important Wedding

Image credits: throwawaybridezillas

#60 The Two People At The End Could Have Dressed A Little Better. The Red Pants Are Pajamas. Groom, Bride, Bride's Best Friend, His Girlfriend, And His Sister

The one in red pants continued to be trashy the night of the wedding as most of the guests partied with the newlyweds at their house.

Image credits: n0vapine

#61 Imagine Picking An Engagement Ring Based On The Fact It Has A Herbalife Symbol

#62 This Woman Is Probably The Biggest Narcissist. She Wore This To Her College Friend's Wedding (The Groom). She'd Never Met The Bride Prior, And The Bride Was Wearing A Very Simple Relaxed Gown

Image credits: No_Conclusion4279

#63 “I’d Rather Take A Pic On My iPhone Lol”... For A Wedding Photographer

Image credits: JaredScheppers

#64 Wow... There Are No Words

Image credits: Appropriate_Oven_213

#65 Bride And Brejudice

Image credits: anthonykaren.com

#66 A Family Wedding In India. The Groom's Sisters Had Dresses, Makeup, Jewelry, And Hair Done Similarly To The Bride. The Only Difference Is The Bride's Red Wedding Bangles

Image credits: niketyname

#67 This Truly Unhinged Theme, The Table Names Are Their "Favorite Criminals"

Image credits: villanellespinkdress

#68 "Must Be A Skilled Professional With References Willing To Do It On Three Days' Notice, But Also I Only Have $20"

Image credits: ItDontMather

#69 A Wedding Ring Set With A Confederate Flag Design

Image credits: thepanichand

#70 I Get Liking Sports But God Damn

Image credits: scooteryouth

#71 Pay For My Historic Wedding

Image credits: AntsNMyEyes

#72 Facebook Friend Of Mine Posted Pictures From A Taco Bell Las Vegas Wedding

Image credits: L_OShea

#73 Multi-Level Marketing Making Its Way Around The Wedding Photographer Groups. The Photographer Was Blocked When She Declined

Image credits: catinnameonly

#74 My Friend Got Married At A White Castle Today

Image credits: dmtri07

#75 Spotted In A Charity Shop's "Wedding" Window

Image credits: belu_belu

#76 The Couple Wants To Feed Guests Only Charcuterie And Ice Cream

Image credits: kay_rah

#77 A Friend Who Is Getting Married Abroad Sent This

Image credits: JelizaEB

#78 This Guy Goes Nuts When He Finds Out He's Not Invited To A Girl's (From His School) Wedding

Image credits: je_suis_un_negre

#79 Asking The Girl Your Fiancé Groomed To Be Your Photographer For Free

Image credits: kaioone

#80 You Have To Keep It Classy

Image credits: moondoo8

#81 Bride Flips Out When Husband Tries To Input Suggestions For His Own Wedding

Image credits: reddit.com

#82 From A Wedding Shaming Group I'm In. Bride And Groom Requested A Child-Free Wedding. Entitled Guest Writes This Message On Their Invitation

Image credits: vdova

#83 Bullet Boutonnieres

Image credits: slowhumblebear

#84 Guests At My Parents' Wedding. They Were Married On Halloween 30 Years Ago

Image credits: mamiesgoo

#85 Lord Vader Is Getting Married In Vegas

Image credits: Ebruddah