86 Times Women Let The Stress Of Planning A Wedding Turn Them Into Absolute Bridezillas

There are certain times in all of our lives when it’s understandable to be a little demanding: when planning a wedding, when having a baby, and maybe even when it’s your birthday. But as you’ll soon find out, some people use getting married as an excuse to turn into absolute monsters.

Below, you'll find pics that put some of the worst bridezillas the world has ever seen on blast, as well as an interview with Shay Yellin, Editor in Chief of Bespoke Bride. Be sure to upvote the demands you find most egregious, and if you’re ever planning a wedding of your own, please remember not to burn any bridges on your way to the aisle!

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#1 ... Human Trash Bag

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#2 “Lose Weight If You Want To Be My Maid Of Honour”

Image credits: _bubble_butt_

#3 Fiancé Is In A Bridal Group On Facebook And Came Across This One

Image credits: PheterPharker

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the idea of a “bridezilla”. This term was coined by Boston Globe writer Diane White in 1995 when she was writing an article about difficult brides, and the name just stuck. By 2003, a show called Manhattan Brides, which was later renamed Bridezillas, began filming, and they’ve appeared in popular culture ever since. Movies like Bride Wars (2009) depict women planning their weddings as selfish and ruthless, but we all know that most brides-to-be aren’t actually anywhere near that unreasonable. Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful, and it’s understandable to want things to be perfect.

Unfortunately, however, there are some brides out there who seem to have tunnel vision when planning their big days and have no problem steamrolling all of their loved ones along the way. So to learn more about how common it is for brides to become extremely demanding when wedding planning, we reached out to Shay Yellin, Editor in Chief of Bespoke Bride. Bespoke Bride has been voted ‘Best for Bridal’ by Cosmopolitan Magazine and listed as one of the UK’s top 10 wedding blogs, and lucky for us, Shay was happy to answer some of our burning bridal questions. 

#4 I Paid For The First Slice After It Was Announced On The Day We'd Be Helping To Pay For Their Cake!! Apparently Didn't Count For The Second

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#5 Op Is Getting Thrashed In The Comments

Image credits: Ladderwings

#6 Bro Needs To Find A New Bride

Image credits: scott_w04

According to Shay, it’s extremely common for brides to be particular when wedding planning. “Many of the brides we've worked with at Bespoke Bride were extremely demanding,” she told Bored Panda. “We actually think it's quite normal and reasonable for brides to become unreasonably demanding. Let's face it, it's the BIGGEST day in life for many brides. They have very specific dreams of how this day will look, so if it's not perfect - they can easily get unreasonable.”

We also asked Shay if she could share any experiences of working with particularly difficult brides. “On our Bespoke Bride shop - we sell lots of DIY wedding accessories that can easily be downloaded and printed at home,” she told Bored Panda. “These are very affordable items ranging from $4 to $6. Once we had a client bride that wanted us to re-design the entire item according to her very specific demands. We tried to help and do a few edits, but the more we did, the more she wanted us to edit again. We did a LOT of work for $6!”

#7 Bride Cancels Her Wedding Because Her Guests Didn't "Donate" A $1,500 Each To Fund The Event

Image credits: Re-l-Mayer

#8 She Wants A Deposit From Her Bridesmaids

Image credits: kcs4920

#9 I Mean... Sounds Kinda Like A Racist/Colorist Bride Here. Thoughts?

Image credits: Confusedsahm

When it comes to dealing with challenging brides, Shay says, “You have to be extremely calm and supportive of ‘unreasonable’ brides, even if it's tough and can sometimes make you sick. When you understand the basic psychology behind it - that this is the BIGGEST day in their lives, it makes it easier to deal with. If there are items or things that you really cannot provide - you must come up with a smart answer that details all the reasons why you cannot provide them with the item or service. And most importantly - do it diplomatically, with lots of ‘I'm so sorry!’”

#10 Holy Smack, A Silent Reception‽

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#11 Entitled Bride Wants Bm To Wear Wig To Wedding

Image credits: gutsandhoney

#12 Wow

Image credits: alllrighty-then

Shay also provided some words of wisdom for brides who are in over their heads when wedding planning. “We totally get the brides who become overwhelmed with stress when planning their weddings, even the most ‘unreasonable’ brides,” she says. “We know how stressful it can get, but you need to always look at the other side as well. Wedding vendors will do their utmost to provide you with your wish, but it's not always possible to get EXACTLY what you want. You need to accept that and find creative ways to change your dream just a little bit.”

If you’d like more wedding planning insight and tips from the experts, be sure to visit Bespoke Bride’s website right here

#13 Looks Before Friends Always Offends

Image credits: dragonlover5672

#14 Found This Bridezilla On Facebook. It Was Someone Who Had Been Trying To Get Along With The New Bride Because She Is Friends With Her Fiancé, But This Was The Last Straw:

Image credits: dragonsforallofus

#15 This Literally Just Happened - "I Want My Own Wedding Year"

Image credits: charliebouncecloud

This isn’t the first time we’ve covered brides with extreme demands here at Bored Panda, so we looked back at a previous interview with Amber Peterson, Community Manager of Planner’s Lounge, to gain more insight on the topic. When it comes to what brides are allowed to ask of their guests, Amber says, “I think brides can ask whatever they want from their guests, but do not be surprised if that means they opt out of your celebration. Asking for a specific colored attire might mean that guests have to buy something they will never wear again, and for some people, dressing in a way that makes them feel bad about their appearance.”

#16 You’re Not Invited, But Send Money

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#17 Can't Believe People Didn't Want To Spend $1,000's On Her. The Nerve

Image credits: Becca092115

#18 Seen On Fml

Image credits: GerryBeck

In reference to a bride who wanted all of her wedding guests to wear the color yellow and stay silent, Amber previously told Bored Panda, “Some couples don’t care if their guests look bad, but they will be in your wedding pictures for the rest of your life, so I would prefer that everyone looked and felt their best! Dictating how loud they can speak is not only unrealistic, but insulting! Most people know how to behave at a wedding, and if there are specific guests you are concerned about acting out, maybe do not invite those guests.”

#19 Cb Bride

Image credits: wingkingdom

#20 Bridezilla Won’t Have Non-Vegan Family Members At Her Wedding

Image credits: avocadobumblebee

#21 Bride Is Expecting Everyone To Spend $400 Or More On Her Wedding Gifts

Image credits: DexOrangeCounty

“While the wedding is about the commitment you are making to one another, it is also about the gathering of your friends and family, and you should consider their fun and comfort,” Amber went on to explain. “Your wedding is only one day, and you do not want to make the people you love miserable in order to celebrate with you and your partner. If you are unbearable during your wedding, people will remember that for YEARS to come. Be considerate.”

#22 I've Officially Dropped Out Of The Bridal Party. I'm A Size 12 With No Plans On Dropping To A Size 8 By December

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#23 Crop Tops Over Family Everyday, Am I Right?

Image credits: yesmilady

#24 Bridezilla Thinks Photographers Spare Time Should Be Used To Edit Her Photos

Image credits: khainsaw

Amber also says it’s important to keep your guests in mind when wedding-planning. “A wedding is a large-scale party you are hosting to celebrate your love, and your guests are invited to celebrate with you. Guests should be treated with the same respect and love you expect them to give to you as the engaged couple,” she noted. “This means making sure they are having fun, and are comfortable and at ease. This is the first event you are hosting as a married couple, so be gracious and welcoming!”

#25 Bride N Groom Requests No Perfume On The Women And The Men Are Free Labour, On Top Of Paying $360 A Head

Image credits: serafis

#26 Y I K E S

Image credits: wheniwasolder

#27 Bridezillas Beware, You Are Not Safe From Being Virtually Murdered

Image credits: SnooObjections9904

I usually love attending weddings, but this list is making me hesitant to attend any more any time soon… I don’t want to be belatedly charged for eating cake! Keep upvoting the pics you find most shocking, and feel free to share any personal experiences you’ve ever had with bridezillas in the comments below, pandas. Then, if you’d like to check out another article featuring outrageous bridezilla stories, look no further than right here!

#28 Bride Wants To Know If It's Alright To Take Away Their Mother's Individuality

Image credits: MeessuNeesuTesu

#29 Photographer Job Needed! Here Are The Requirements For This Bridezilla!

Image credits: LillyVailee

#30 Entitled Bridezilla Removes Bridesmaid For Developing Anxiety After A Traumatic Incident, And Still Expects Her To Pay!

Image credits: Interesting_Ad9686

#31 But Her Wedding Is More Important Than Op Dying /S

Image credits: alliandoalice

#32 Stolen Off Facebook But Though It Applied Here

Image credits: greighaetheline

#33 Bride Demands 30k

Image credits: protoss12345

#34 Cb Asks To People Pay To Be In Her Wedding

Image credits: MotherofChins

#35 Beggar Bride Asks Stranger To Be Bridesmaid Because She Gives Expensive Gifts - From Wedding Shaming Fb Page

Image credits: NothappyJane

#36 Fuming Because Her Bridesmaid Dyed Her Hair One Year Before Her Wedding

Image credits: cuddlesandwich

#37 Bride Wants Bridesmaid To Cut Her Hair

Image credits: dirrtylurker

#38 Sounds Like A Good Deal ?

Image credits: dobrydendavid

#39 "Fly To Central America For Our Wedding, But Don't Stay, As We Want The Island To Ourselves." Found On A Wedding Forum

Image credits: Katieenpo

#40 Bride Upset That Nobody Gave Her Cash At Her Engagement Party

Image credits: yodaonethatiwant

#41 Another Bridezilla Who Thinks She Owns A Year

Image credits: SpikeVonLipwig

#42 Bride Gets Rsvps From Wedding Guests And Only After The Fact Tells Everyone Who Said They Were Coming That They Need To Pay $75 Per Plate

Image credits: Ldeezy

#43 Yikes!!!

Image credits: gotpoopstains

#44 Kindly Refrain From Upstaging The Bride On Her Big Day — Oh, And No Admission Without A Gift Of $75 Or More

Image credits: mariusionicajr

#45 Wow, Entitled Much?

Image credits: svetlanadelrey

#46 You Know It’s Gunna Be Good When They Post Their Bs Behaviour As “Group Member”

Image credits: journalhalfbeing

#47 “How Dare She Have A Wedding A Week After Mine!!” She’s Getting Ripped Apart In The Comments As She Should

Image credits: avo_cado85

#48 Disappointed Her Guests Aren't Paying For Their Honeymoon In Full

Image credits: Froggerella

#49 Bridezilla Would Accomodate Her Heavily Pregnant Bridesmaid — Forced Her To Pull Out Of Bridal Party

Image credits: sajr2019

#50 Come To Our Wedding And Pay $700 To Stay In The Guest House But You’ll Be Sleeping On The Pullout Couch Because You’re The Only Singleton. Also, Did I Mention You’re Cooking For Everyone?

Image credits: mellybee222

#51 Choosing Beggar Bride Tries To Get 80 Hours Of Work Done Free

Image credits: Thatoneguy754323

#52 Bridezillas Dress Shopping > Employees Health And Safety

Image credits: gettingcrunkontea

#53 Guest Unable To Attend Destination Wedding Due To Mental Health Concerns. Bride’s First Night Abroad Ruined To Re-Do Seating Charts

Image credits: kittens856

#54 This Karen Takes It Up A Notch

Image credits: skydiamond01

#55 This Was An Interesting Read Today…

Image credits: rachface13

#56 Bridezilla Wants To Kick Someone Out Of Her Wedding Party Because She’s Pregnant

Image credits: adashofhotsauce

#57 Bridezilla Tried Ripping Off Bridesmaids

Image credits: ShamedShamingShamer

#58 Imagine Thinking Your Rushed Marriage Is Worth More Than Your Friend's 10 Year Relationship...?

Image credits: jamaicanmescream

#59 Not Even Sure If This Belongs Here But It’s In An Engagement Group So ??‍♀️

Image credits: babysherlock91

#60 Some People Can't Afford It

Image credits: Strxwbxrry_Shxrtcxkx

#61 Bride Thinks This Cake Should Cost Less Than $200

Image credits: ahotmess99

#62 Bride Tries To Force Friend To Do Photography For Her Wedding, Insists That He Pays Her For The Privilege

Image credits: fynn34

#63 Bride Insecure Of Fiance's "Womanly" Teenage Daughter...yikes

Image credits: fangsandgames

#64 This Bridezilla Was Completely Slammed In The Comments And For Good Reason. So Ungrateful!

Image credits: sajr2019

#65 Found On A Hacks Page. This Must Be A New Trend. I've Seen A Couple Of These Now! Just Tacky!!!

Image credits: 1vrysleepdeprivedmum

#66 Cb Bride Uninvites Guest For Not Producing Free Centerpieces

Image credits: TimmyWananaka

#67 Bride Wants My Photographer Friend To Learn Another Photographer's "Style" And Basically Give Her A Discount For A Wedding That's In A Couple Of Weeks

Image credits: moonage-day-dream-6

#68 Bridezilla

Image credits: Gingrpenguin

#69 Her Registry Also Includes 100k+ For A House Down Payment

Image credits: livdro650

#70 I Feel Sorry For The Next Photographer She Contacts

Image credits: frankenspider

#71 Bride Doesn’t Hire Photographer Because They Want Someone With A Larger Social Media Following

Image credits: djadamdutch

#72 From A Facebook Group I’m In. She’s Getting Dragged For Being A Selfish Friend In The Comments

Image credits: minasmorgirl

#73 Imagine Thinking Everyone Has Been Waiting Their Whole Lives For You To Get Married So Therefore They Should Happily Spend Nearly $300 On A Dress To Be A Part Of It

Image credits: babysherlock91

#74 This B*tch. The Comments Were No Better, It’s No Wonder My Area Is The Second Highest In The Country For Covid Rates

Image credits: ImpressionableKolami

#75 Well, That’s Just Tacky. Maybe I’m Alone In Loving My Husband Enough To Have Considered It Our Wedding

Image credits: WaywardMarauder

#76 Invited 225+ People During A Pandemic And 4 Of Her Bridal Party Contracted Covid...but All She Cares About Is That People Are Cancelling During A Rise In Cases. Your Wedding Is Not More Important Than People’s Lives

Image credits: adashofhotsauce

#77 Is This A Rude Bridezilla Trait?? Saw This On Betchesbrides

Image credits: nugget_scientist

#78 Saw On Twitter; Finally Standing Up To The Government For The Brides!

Image credits: reddit.com

#79 How Dare You Want To Make Your Own Clothes?!

Image credits: always-aimee

#80 Bridezilla Wants To Drop Moh For Not Answering Over 2 Years Out From Her Wedding

Image credits: Remarkable-Farmer-82

#81 Bridezilla (Yellow) Is Mad That One Of Her Bridesmaids (Purple) Will Be Pregnant For Her Wedding. Her Mother Is Green, Bridesmaid Is Purple, Other Family Member Who Is Pregnant Is Red

Image credits: electricamethyst

#82 Karma’s A Bi*ch

Image credits: Maleficent-Cook

#83 ?

Image credits: thingsareodd

#84 Bride And Groom Ask Friends For Free Labor And Food And Then Demand That They Buy Special Clothing To Wear At The Wedding

Image credits: Caa3098

#85 Cb Wanted This Mua To Basically Reduce The Price In Half And Pay For Travel Expenses Too

Image credits: ireallylikeskittles

#86 Bride Looking For Cheap Photographer/Videographer That Meets All Her Demands…

Image credits: handovertheasparagus