89 Adorable Puppies Training To Be Police Officers

What’s more adorable than a puppy? A puppy in a uniform, of course! And it's not for Halloween that the cute puppers on this list dressed up for. These are serious officers-in-training. Sure, their attempts to look cool and tough now might only come across as adorable, but one day they will look and be authoritative.

For now, let's "aww" and "ooh" at these cute good boys and girls. And while you admire these tiny paw-ficers, read on to find out more about the types of working police and military dogs. For example, did you know that Beagles and Spaniels can be police dogs too?

#1 The Face You Give Your Boss When Asking To Leave Early On A Friday

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#2 It's A SWAT Pupper

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#3 Clinton Police Department's Latest Recruit For The K9 Unit

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These adorable puppies will grow up to be professional police and military officers. What is that journey like? Well, that depends on what kind of working dog the pupper will be in the future. 

SitStay sorts police dogs into four categories: patrol, drug detection, bomb detection and scent tracking dogs. K9 Global Training Academy adds mines and arson. No matter what category the handler will train their puppy for, all working dogs have to go through beginner obedience training.

#4 I’m Dressed To Impress Today

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#5 Whatcha Gonna Do When He Comes For You?

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#6 Frida Had A Long Day At The Office

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What breeds do K-9 units most often train? German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are the most popular breeds for police dog training. K9 Global Training writes that those breeds are "fiercely loyal, and adjust well to the handler-protection mentality."

Dobermans are also great candidates because of their fearlessness, protectiveness and seemingly never-ending energy. However, they can also be more nervous and easily upset. Perhaps that's why they're not the first choice.

#7 K9 Pup

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#8 Welcome Our New Four-Legged Colleague Thor

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#9 Hats Off To You

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Other four breeds that we can see in the police force are Beagles, Bloodhounds, English Spaniels and Labrador Retrievers. Beagles are excellent sniffers, they often work in airports looking for contraband, weapons and drugs. They're not intimidating, therefore a great tool in places where there are lots of people.

#10 Meet Cooper. The Cutest Pup In Dayton Kentucky, Training To Become A K9 And Therapy Pup

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#11 Our Puppies Are Ready For Their Official Swearing-In Ceremony

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#12 These Damn Pup-Arazzi Won't Leave Me Alone. I'll Be On The Cover Of Vanity Fur In No Time

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Evidence discovered by Bloodhounds is even admissible in courts, their sense of smell is that good. Police forces use Spaniels to look for explosives and drugs, and the same goes for Labrador Retrievers. However, the latter can also be search and rescue dogs. They're great arson dogs too, because they're highly food or treat-driven. Handlers train arson dogs to detect substances like gasoline, lighter fluid, acetone, etc.

#13 New Zealand Police K9 Unit

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#14 Our Local Police Department Posted This Photo Today To Help Bring In New Recruits

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#15 When I'll Grow Up I'll Be A Four-Legged Officer

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Labrador Retrievers, however, are not great at protecting their handler. That's a job for German and Dutch Shepherds or Belgian Malinois. They are the best patrol dogs. These types of pups get training for protecting their officer and subduing criminals. They also get narcotic scent training as well.

#16 Ouzo

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#17 Small Floof With Big Dreams

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#18 Dad, Can I Come To Work With You?

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Drug detection dogs have impeccable discipline. SitStay writes that a dog trained in finding narcotics can distinguish between different kinds of drugs. "These dogs could smell narcotics even if you were cooking a steak right next to them, making them an effective detection dog," they write.

#19 Everyone Needs An Official Photo

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#20 The West Australian Police Force Has Three New Recruits

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#21 Local Police Has A New Recruit, Ico

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Dogs who train to work in bomb detection have to go through an extensive 10-week course. They learn to differentiate between 10,000 smells associated with explosives and are pros at what they do. These dogs can work in airports or other transportation hubs, but the military also uses them in active war zones. Their handler's safety is the first priority for the dog and they can attack with or without command under dangerous circumstances.

#22 New Police Force

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#23 K9 New Recruits

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#24 People Would Surrender To The Dog's Cuteness

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What's interesting about these types of police dogs is that they're not food and treat-driven like Labrador Retrievers. These pups are brimming with energy and their reward is most often a toy and praise. "They don't know they're out looking for explosives and we don't expect them to. They love to work more than any human does," say the MTA K9 trainers.

#25 Looks Like TPD Elvis Feels At Home Being A Police Pupper

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#26 Officers In The North Of Scotland Are About To Welcome Their Cutest Recruit Yet. Trainee Police Dog Willow Is Raring To Go And Join Her Pack In The Specialist Search Team

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#27 This Is Terror, Newest Addition To Estonian Police Special Forces

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Tracking dogs can help find not only missing people or convicts but also items. This line of work is usually associated with Bloodhounds, but German Shepherds and Malinois can be tracking dogs as well. These dogs can search for hours if not days to find people and evidence based on their scent. However, Bloodhounds can only look for people. That's why police forces more often opt for German Shepherds.

#28 We're Very Excited To Introduce The Latest Addition To The Nsw Police Force, Jem

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#29 Nemo, The Estonian Police Pup, Is Two Months Old

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#30 My Brother-In-Law Who Is A Police Officer Told Me He Had A New Partner

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Professionals who train police and military dogs have certain criteria. The pup can't be timid or fearful. "We're looking for a strong, confident dog that also likes to use its nose for hunting. We're looking for <...> a dog that's willing to bite and defend its handler if need be," trainers from Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas say.

#31 Expert Shows An Excellent Way Of How Our Police Officers Are Recovering From The Traffic Fights That Ended Yesterday

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#32 One Day, I Will Grow Up

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#33 Nala, The Police Dog

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#34 Got To Go To Work With Dad For A Bit. He Worked Some Overtime, I Worked Some Snoozing Time

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#35 Gentleness Is Stronger Than Severity, Water Is Stronger Than Rock, Love Is Stronger Than Force. Hermann Hesse

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#36 Clay County Sheriff’s Office Welcomed Two New Deputies To The Department, K-9 Sarah And K-9 Phantom

What will be the most shocking to some will not be that Clay County Sheriff’s has the new K-9 Deputies, but rather their breed, K-9 Sarah is a Pitbull and K-9 Phantom a Pitbull-Boston Terrier Mix. K-9 Phantom was rescued from a shelter in Texas and K-9 Sarah was rescued from a shelter in New York where she had spent a year looking for homes before they found a new life as Police K-9s.

Image credits: Clay County NC Sheriff&#039;s Office

#37 First Day Of Work At The Brazilian Police

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#38 Pawtential Police Pup Alfa Patiently Awaiting Treats

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#39 Scotland Police's Newest Fluffy Recruits, Buddy And Trio

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#40 This Police Puppy Just Saved A 91-Year-Old Man From Freezing. She Had Also Caught A Dangerous Criminal On Her First Day. Meet Mania, The Polish Police

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#41 The Newest Police Recruit In Town

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#42 West Midlands Police's Newest Litter

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#43 Please Welcome The New Police Officer In Town

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#44 Please Welcome Special Investigator Bennie. He's Been Brought In To Solve The Ongoing Case Of Who's A Good Boy?

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#45 TPD Toby Is Feeling A Little Nervous About Starting His Police Dog Training And Would Appreciate A Little Encouragement

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#46 Rex Is Getting Used To His Vest, And Slowly But Surely And Sadly Fitting Into Better Every Day

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#47 Is Tired Of Hearing Excuses For Poor Driving Behavior

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#48 Belgian Malinois Our New K9 Puppy

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#49 A New Colleague, Ella

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#50 Mood. Anyone Else?

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#51 The Five German Shepherd Puppies. Will All Have Names Starting With F

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#52 Ready For My Long Weekend Pawtrol Duties

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#53 Meet Zeke, The Newest Member Of The Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office! He Gets Sworn In By The Sheriff Tomorrow

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#54 Local Police Department Just Shared This Photo Of One Of Their Newest Recruits

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#55 These Puppies Are Due To Begin Their Police Dog Training Later This Year

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#56 The Police Dog Fendi And The Rest Of The Litter Met Up For Their First Training Day

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#57 A Puppy At The Car Garage My Car Was At Yesterday. He’s A Future Police Dog. He’ll Be Going To Biting Class Soon, Then To Police Dog School Next Year. This Little Guy Was Precious

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#58 RCMP Officer Caught Sleeping During Her First Night Shift. Unacceptable

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#59 Dutch Police Dog Gets Stuck In A Yogurt Pot

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#60 The Youngest Police Dog Of The Northern Prefecture. Ärtu Has Settled In Well In His New Home And Is Getting Used To Police Work

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#61 Today Oakley Stopped By Wanting Information On How To Sign Up To Become A Sheriff’s K-9

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#62 Newest Recruit

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#63 Rufus At The Office

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#64 What A Cutie. Great Photo Of Police Dog Ted On One Of Our Central Motorway Policing Group Cars

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#65 The Argentinian Federal Police Got A New Puppy

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#66 Pup Bill Had His First Training Session

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#67 Hyvinkää Police Station Calls For A German Shepherd Rokka

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#68 Police Puppy Chase Has Been To The Pet Shop To Find A New Toy

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#69 Our Latest Puppy Recruits

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#70 Here We Are With A VIP. Very Important Pupperino

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#71 Ears Flapping, Tails Wagging - Our Cutest New Recruits Are Ready To Go

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#72 Hullo? Yes, Hi. Stop Using Your Mobile Phone While Driving. Thanks

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#73 Welcome Harley

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#74 Meet Beckie The Police Pup

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#75 Just Met This Boy Hunter At The Police Academy

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#76 Widnes Police's Newest Recruit, Axel

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#77 Meet Murphy. He's The Newest Member Of The Troy, Missouri Police Department

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#78 Meet Our Newest Recruit, A Golden Cocker Spaniel Named Liv Who Has Recently Started Her Pawsome Adventure With West Midlands Police

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#79 Aw, How Adorable Is Our Little Police Pup From Our Star Trek Litter

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#80 Our Police Dogs Are So Cute. Yet Fierce

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#81 New Member Of Our Police Department

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#82 Remember Our Famous Police Pup Draco? He's Definitely Got The Friday Feeling

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#83 We Are Delighted To Introduce You Our Newest Addition To The Dogs' Unit: 10-Week-Old Police Puppy Morris

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#84 Well, It's Been A Hard Week For This Pup. Being Cute All The Time Is Seriously Hard Work

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#85 Things That Make You Go Aw. TD Grug Is Looking Forward To Growing Up To Be A Big Police Puppy

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#86 New Police Recruitment

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#87 Bella Has Been Bringing That Friday Feeling To Our HQ Today. Stay Safe And Enjoy Your Weekend

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#88 I Want To Be A Police Dog When I Grow Up

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#89 Police Pups Preparing For Their Training

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