90 Cringeworthy Design Mistakes That Turned These Signs Into A Hilarious Mess (New Pics)

Brevity! Clarity! Proper kerning (that’s the spacing between letters)! And no silly business with the fonts! At their core, signs are supposed to impart the biggest amount of information in the least amount of time. That sounds simple enough on paper (pun intended), but not everyone manages to rise to the challenge.

They follow through with their [cough] artistic vision [cough] and the result is a hot mess of utterly illegible chaos. The worst of the bunch end up being featured on the r/dontdeadopeninside subreddit, an online community that is dedicated to nonsense signs if read normally. We’ve collected some of their best posts to share with you. Scroll down, but be careful—if you’re a fan of order, you might end up facepalming way too much.

#1 Asia Rden Ensb Vgio Ocko

Image credits: acrawf1

#2 Left No Turn Right Only Turn

Image credits: thatrotteneggsmell

#3 Do Not Thanks; Turn Off Randy

Image credits: jabe25

The r/dontdeadopeninside subreddit has been up and running for nearly a decade, all the way since mid-2014. Since then, the community has grown to encompass over 681k members from all over the world.

The name of the group is rooted in the hit TV series, ‘The Walking Dead,’ which had a promotional poster that had the words ‘Don’t Open’ on one half of the chained doors and ‘Dead Inside’ on the other. When read from left to right, due to the weird spacing, the message becomes ‘Don’t Dead Open Inside’ instead of the intended ‘Don’t Open Dead Inside.’

#4 Love Is Watching & Watching Someone Someone Die Is Hard

Image credits: haevy_mental

#5 Honk Ha Against Te

Image credits: bela_okmyx

#6 You If Going Lost You’re Me Together Get Can’t Know Don’t

Image credits: 1mnotcrying

According to Know Your Meme, ‘Don’t Dead Open Inside’ is one of the most well-recognized examples of messages that aren’t read as they should be because there’s no instantly-recognizable, clear way to tell what order the words ought to be in. It takes a moment to really get the message, by which time the impact the sign could have had is lost.

The meme spread on Twitter in 2010 as more and more people started realizing this. Throughout the next few years, internet users started coming up with memes and jokes based on this. Eventually, this led to the creation of r/dontdeadopeninside in 2014, which continues to be very popular to this day.

#7 We Stand With No Standing Ukraine

Image credits: jaber-allen

#8 Ly Paer Soils Ca

Image credits: igethejoke

#9 Burger Better Cause Maker You Built It

Image credits: Whatabeezy

There are a few main rules that the members of the DDOI community ought to follow. “Signs must be read correctly top to bottom, and incorrectly left to right, like any text usually. Though it does not matter how easily you can read them, it is highly encouraged to only post images with little separation or spacing between the columns of words,” the moderator team running the group explains.

#10 Jesus Save Can Even You

Image credits: Slaidn

#11 We Hold That All Man, These Truths, And Women To Be, Are Created Self-Evident... Equal

Image credits: 5W1TCHY

#12 Go Citd Wals!

Image credits: ijustsailedaway

Meanwhile, redditors are encouraged to be original with their content: reposting the most popular pics of all time or signs from the last 4 months isn’t tolerated. Your posts might end up getting removed. Moreover, signs that have been staged or faked also have no place on this sub. Finally, internet users are asked to be civil to each other and to put the wrong way to read the message in the titles of their posts.

#13 Always Forgotten Remembered Never

Image credits: godhatesanna

#14 Hot Sharp Water Needles!!

Image credits: dkreidler

#15 It’s Hard To Be When Humble You’re From Texas

Image credits: _Skum

As we’ve covered on Bored Panda previously, clarity and brevity are absolutely vital when creating signs. Essentially, you only have a moment to get your message across. So if you cause even the slightest amount of confusion, you’ve basically negated the whole point of your sign, and it's best to start over.

#16 Feed Animals School Kids Parties Groups

Image credits: Mineral_myco_medic

#17 Drinks Ice Sorry We Machine

Image credits: risingsky111

#18 Artcolumbůs Makes Makes Columbusart

Image credits: svgcbbg

What really helps avoid these errors is being patient and diligent. First of all, you need to put in the time and care to create the best possible version of the sign possible, along with a few alternatives. Then, take a break, come back to your design, and look at it with fresh eyes. You’re bound to see things very differently than when you’re face-deep into drafting the sign.

#19 At Least Irma It Ain't Ian 17 Snowin 22

Image credits: Richie311

#20 Wildphot Lifeography

Image credits: sta015

#21 Sophisticated Ho

Image credits: Xendran

Secondly, you should definitely take the time to show your design to a few different people, whether they’re your relatives, close friends, coworkers, or—heck—even some passersby on the street. You’re essentially conducting a bit of research with tiny focus groups. They might catch a silly mistake you left in or might end up interpreting the entire sign very differently than you intended. It’s better to deal with a dash of embarrassment now than tons of it later.

#22 Eggmnnaeet

Image credits: JTUkko

#23 Ever Ythin Gisa B Rt E Kind

Image credits: Cuddha

#24 Noki Parng

Image credits: LegoYoda777

If you’re working on a very important project, you might want to consider hiring some professionals to help you, instead of doing everything yourself. Find a designer with a decent reputation to flesh out some of your ideas. Meanwhile, consider getting in touch with a proofreader or editor as well. We all make silly mistakes from time to time, and it helps to have a real pro in your corner.

#25 Never Always Open Look

Image credits: phurt77

#26 Tog Tog Eth Eth Er! Er!

Image credits: Papa-Palps

#27 I Don't Know Why Everyone Has Been Complaining. My Cage Large Eggs Have Been Very Affordable

Image credits: derydoca

The fact is that if you just wing it, you might end up losing your audience or potential customers. The more fluent your font is, the clearer your message. And vice versa! How trustworthy and likable you and your business are depends a lot on how you brand everything. Ideally, everything should be as legible as possible. With a focus on readable fonts, good kerning, and an overall design that focuses people’s attention where you want it to.

#28 Satan Jesus Is Is Defeated Lord! [oc]

Image credits: not_quite_creative

#29 Redshe Neckshed

Image credits: WishboneUnlikely1963

#30 Love, Askv, Grsenofr? Ihty

Image credits: TheMoonMoth

Here at Bored Panda, we’re very big fans of poorly designed signs—we can’t get enough of these trainwrecks! As such, we’ve featured the genius of r/dontdeadopeninside time and again. If you’d like to see some more chaotic signs that are definitely going to be misinterpreted, check out our earlier lists here and here, as well as here and here.

#31 Time Spent Second With Family Is Worthevery

Image credits: a_pinch_of_sarcasm

#32 Holo Meve

Image credits: philpsy26

#33 The Love Is Sweeter Of Than Any Jesus Candy!

Image credits: baggymaggie

#34 Same Same Game Dead Diff Erent Levels Devils

Image credits: EmotionalTeabaggage

#35 You're Like The Now One I

Image credits: phullofit1

#36 Pibu Zzarger

Image credits: Directorshaggy

#37 Dream Work Stay Big Hard Kind X.x

Image credits: OutOfDutchGaming

#38 The Tim Hoe Use

Image credits: JohnnyAlabama

#39 Pine Man Apple Go Nada Nada

Image credits: Reckless-Ambition

#40 You Give Chances Kid Voice Are

Image credits: The_missing_link_69

#41 Is The Jesus Reason For The Season?

Image credits: leolacakes

#42 Make No Art War

Image credits: Dogeishuman

#43 Lat Ame Tro

Image credits: Noise_Loop

#44 Vac Cer Cination Tificate

Image credits: WitchBLUNT

#45 Xeln Eclet

Image credits: ViddyFanUK

#46 Roll Dice The

Image credits: mpmwrites

#47 Don’t This Paint Side!

Image credits: HoeDownClown

#48 Mr.mon Lemade

Image credits: oinkpiggyoink

#49 Cheat Yonur GF Not Yonur Workouts

Image credits: misterecgamer

#50 You’re Do Not Next Enter

Image credits: ILikeColdSoup

#51 My Religion Is My Religion. Very Simple Is Kindness

Image credits: Get-Wrecked-By-Shrek

#52 I'm ?on Stuck You!

Image credits: flopsychops

#53 “Fun” Dasn Riig!

Image credits: AFabulousNarwhal

#54 Families Are And It’s Being Forced Not Just To Flee

Image credits: eviltimeban

#55 Moviforw Ngard

Image credits: myman_soulbrotha

#56 Work Love Prank Boss Sass Drink Sing Eat

Image credits: papayathemaya

#57 Not Sure If This Has Been Posted Here Already But Yeahh.. Lohovo Vepete

Image credits: synecdokie

#58 Critic The Ink Ersal

Image credits: Reddituser0346

#59 Honk You If Fart

Image credits: cyx6six

#60 Red Blood Hot Sugar Chili Sex Peppers Magic

Image credits: experimentalshoes

#61 Pro Pro Pro Life God Gun

Image credits: theblazingkoala

#62 Gas Store Open Is Open

Image credits: iHaruku

#63 Eng English Lish Gram Grammar Mar

Image credits: leinad00

#64 Tis It True? His It Hhelpful?

Image credits: G33kyArmy

#65 Postal Are Workers Thieves

Image credits: RevDudeistPancake

#66 I Love The Sound When You Make Up Shut

Image credits: McDudles

#67 Wht Pink Ey

Image credits: jeremy_lrd

#68 Elv Perf Is Ect

Image credits: BurnDivision

#69 Together Is Together, Powerful You Win

Image credits: haribo2001

#70 Don’t Do Park Park Here Here

Image credits: tenmillionfreckles

#71 Scan Me To View Our Nu

Image credits: aak2137

#72 Donut Be Happy Worry

Image credits: IFB83

#73 Hot Makes Me Want A Dog

Image credits: cjoll4

#74 Great Great Food! People

Image credits: Beantowndreamt0wn

#75 At Day At Night I’m You’re Your My Angel Slave

Image credits: TypicalYankeeScum

#76 Blackwhite Beachbeach

Image credits: fpfx

#77 Palm For Trees Sale

Image credits: carbonx

#78 He She Asked Said 10-4

Image credits: Biblegrill

#79 Why Would Me You Marry For Wanna Anyhow?

Image credits: BABNN

#80 We Are No One Dare With You To Harm You

Image credits: yussma

#81 Waste Energy Today Tomorrow

Image credits: amberarah

#82 Trees Trees Warn Have Fellow Musical Trees Taste

Image credits: miguelgts2

#83 Working Like To Support The Crazy Lazy

Image credits: t-readyroc

#84 Traditional Free Glass Horse Meat Of Wine

Image credits: Ohwait11

#85 Cry • Give Up

Image credits: Epacs

#86 Bang Naruto Head Style Here (At Work)

Image credits: swinkyy_x

#87 My Religion Is My Religion, Very Simple Is Kindness

Image credits: kindabllue

#88 Because I’m Me

Image credits: TiptoeingElephants

#89 God Save #not The Working My Class King

Image credits: counterc

#90 9/11 Was Arrest Treason The Bankers

Image credits: Madcat6679