A new Netflix drama about the apocalypse that’s perfect for fans of 3 Body Problem

Goodbye Earth on Netflix

Netflix dramas about the end of the world are apparently all the rage right now. 3 Body Problem, for example, remains one of the streamer's biggest shows across the entire platform at the moment -- and deservedly so, thanks to the many grand and super-interesting ideas it explores, like the importance of science to a civilization's survival. And just like 3 Body Problem tackles humanity's response to the existential threat of an alien invasion, an all-new Netflix series that's just around the corner will attempt something similar (it's big threat comes in the form of an asteroid colliding with Earth).

The characters in 3 Body Problem had several hundred years to plan a response to the alien invasion. In Goodbye Earth, that new Korean Netflix series which debuts on April 26, the characters have just 200 days before the asteroid collision. "The once-peaceful city of Woongcheon is now turned upside down by a chilling emergency siren and news of an impending asteroid strike," Netflix explains about the new series.

Goodbye Earth on NetflixImage source: Netflix

"With the Korean peninsula identified as a danger zone, the society descends into madness with protests, crime, and impersonating soldiers running rampant."

This 12-episode drama is definitely going to be a series worth checking out, for at least two reasons. Korean dramas are almost always, as a rule, a cut above the rest on Netflix in terms of everything from production quality to how well-written the stories area (compared to a lot of American Netflix garbage). Also, Goodbye Earth is directed by Kim Jin-min, who was also behind two other top-notch Netflix Korean series -- Extracurricular, and the crime drama My Name.

"Amid the chaos," Netflix continues, "viewers follow three key characters: Se-kyung (Ahn Eun-jin), a middle school teacher, fights tooth and nail to protect children who have become targets of crime, facing the harsh reality that they will never get to grow up. Sung-jae (Jeon Seong-woo), a priest, offers comfort to his shaken community. Meanwhile, In-a (Kim Yoon-hye), a battalion commander, works tirelessly to maintain peace and safeguard people during these challenging times."

In Goodbye Earth, based on the novel of the same name by Japanese author Kotaro Isaka, we'll find out what life would be like if people knew the Earth was ending in just 200 days. A frightening prospect, but one that will no doubt make for a suspenseful and engaging Netflix series.


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