After iMessages, Beeper Mini wants to bring FaceTime to Android next

Beeper Mini brings iMessage's blue bubbles to Android devices

There's been a lot of talk about Apple's iMessage in the past few months, considering the increased pressure on Apple to support RCS messages. Apple announced that it will support the standard RCS version but not Google's proprietary app. That was days before the EU tentatively found that iMessage is not a gatekeeper service in the region. If the conclusion is the same in February, Apple won't have to open the app to rivals.

Separately, British smartphone maker Nothing brought iMessage support to its phones, only to quickly remove the functionality when the whole thing turned out to be a huge security blunder.

Then we saw the emergence of Beeper Mini from the same company that put iMessage on Android and RCS on iPhone months ago. This time, Beeper Mini comes with a brand new way to enable iMessage functionality on Android. Beeper was able to reverse-engineer Apple's iMessage. And the result appears to be a safe, private iMessage experience on Android.

Now, Beeper wants to go further than that and bring FaceTime to Android next, which could be another big win for Android users.

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