Apology Tour Headliner: Xscape’s LaTocha Scott Apologizes To Tamika, Tiny, And Kandi, Reaveals Open Marriage To Rocky

After a “come to Jesus” moment, Xscape singer LaTocha Scott apologized to her sister Tamika Scott and group members Kandi Burruss and Tameka “Tiny” Harris.

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Who can LaTocha run to? It seemed like a wrap for the original Xscape when the group’s decades of drama returned with a vengeance. On the premiere of SWV & Xscape: Queens of R&B, Tamika accused her sister and brother-in-law Rocky Bivens of allegedly stealing $30,000 from her. Since then, it’s been LaTocha vs. everybody as she ditched the group (again) for solo ambitions.

LaTocha apologized to Tamika, Kandi, and Tiny on Instagram Live to gain some “Understanding” after beefing all over podcasts, radio shows, and social media.

“I am in a space where I need to free my mind and free my heart, free my spirit,” LaTocha began, explaining that Rocky isn’t there to influence her like the group previously claimed.

“I want to start off by apologizing to our fans. When we started this almost 30 years ago, it was only ever just to sing,” LaTocha said, lamenting the current family feud.

After An Eye-Opening Interview With Da Brat, LaTocha Apologizes For Fighting With Xscape

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Following an appearance on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show, LaTocha reached her breaking point. Again, she denied stealing after Tamika dropped receipts with copies of paperwork and an interview with Tiny’s mother.

In addition to defending against the theft allegations, LaTocha got into it with Da Brat. The rapper, who toured with Xscape back in the day, cosigned Kandi’s claims that LaTocha regularly brought the drama. Kandi even confronted LaTocha about it on their previous reality show, Just Kickin’ It. Now the 49-year-old sees the light.

“Yesterday I had an interview an interview and Da Brat and I had some words,” LaTocha recalled.

“I didn’t understand why when she said to me ‘that Kandi felt sad about you being the leader of the group. She felt sad.’ I said ‘she felt sad? That’s the first time I ever heard this. It’s news to me. Even in that, I have to take accountability,” she said.

“If I overlooked you, Kandi, I am sorry. I never wanted to do that. I never knew you were sad. I know what that sadness feels like, I really do. When we were in a group, I just wanted us to sing and be successful,” she continued. “I’m 17, 18-years- old, so what do I know? I’m sorry if I made you feel sad. That was never my intention.”

Next, the apologies continued to Tiny, who regularly played peacemaker.

“To Tiny, who I consider my friend, I think of you as family,” LaTocha said. “You are the one who always tried to bring things together for us. I kind of alienated myself from you because I was trying to figure out everything.

“We’re like sisters and I didn’t talk to my sister. Maybe you could’ve shed light on some things that I probably needed to hear,” she said, revealing that Tiny motivated her to pursue the gospel career.

Check out LaTocha’s apology to Tamika and what she says about that $30,000 after the flip.