Apple is reportedly getting ready to announce ChatGPT integration in iOS 18

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Apple and OpenAI have yet to announce a deal to build the ChatGPT chatbot into the iPhone via the iOS 18 update this fall. And you can access ChatGPT, including the exciting GPT-4o update, via OpenAI's official iPhone app right now.

But a report from Mark Gurman said a few days ago that Apple and OpenAI are finalizing talks to have ChatGPT built into iOS 18. This was the first time Google's Gemini didn't seem to be the frontrunner for the position. While Apple will bring its own take on generative AI features for the iPhone, most reports agree that Apple doesn't have a ChatGPT/Gemini equivalent of its own to handle chatbot duties.

After last week's powerful GPT-4o and Gemini demonstrations, it's clear Apple would fall too far behind its rivals if it didn't partner with either OpenAI or Gemini for iOS 18.

Fast-forward to Sunday's Power On newsletter, Mark Gurman makes the same point. Apple is behind in AI and needs third-party help for iOS 18. But Gurman also makes it sound like Apple and OpenAI are almost ready to announce a deal, with both parties currently making preparations for the announcement.

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