Apple Music Monthly Replay makes me love the service even more

Apple Music Monthly Replay: How to use it

After making Apple Music Replay 2024 available, Apple decided to take another approach by introducing a monthly replay. The news was broken by Engadget, which notes Apple is now offering a "more granular look at your listening history" while still offering a full replay at the end of the year.

Here's how to check Apple Music Monthly Replay

Apple Music Monthly ReplayImage source: José Adorno for BGR

Like Apple Music Replay, the monthly experience is available with the same steps:

  • Open website on your browser

  • Sign in with your Apple ID

  • Tap "Jump In"

  • After that, you can select the different months to see your listening experience during that period

You can only check months that are over. So, currently, you can only check January. Apple also highlights similar marks as the annual replay, such as:

  • Top Artists

  • Top Songs

  • Top Albums

  • Month's milestones

A simple tweak means the world to Apple Music users

Apple Music Monthly ReplayImage source: José Adorno for BGR

Although Apple is putting some effort into collaborative and shareable features, Apple Music still lags behind Spotify on these matters. Fortunately, the streaming service seems to be listening to its user base and implementing more social features.

Recently, we got several SharePlay experiences, collaborative playlists, and this Apple Music Replay revamp. With iOS 18 just around the corner, I'm sure there's even more coming to the streaming service this year.

I love discovering the songs I listen to the most and how I'm devoted to some artists and songs, and now it's even easier with Apple Music. Over the following months, it will be even nicer to see my listening history throughout the year.

In addition, users can still take advantage of their Replay 2024 playlist, which is updated weekly. Apple Music subscribers can access this experience through their iPhones, Macs, iPads, and favorite browsers. Below, you can learn more about this shareable Apple Music experience.

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