‘Awful Everything’ Shames The World’s Worst People, And Here’s 84 Of Their Most Hated Ones (New Pics)

We can all agree that usually, we work on the content to brighten up your day and to cheer you up at the time you need it, dear Pandas. However, this time, we would like to share with you some posts curated by the 'Awful Everything' community, which is dedicated to the not-so-entertaining side of life.

In fact, the members of this group are all about the most upsetting, unjust, and ridiculous facts from day-to-day life. Covering various topics, starting with the problems of today's society, the abuse of power by the police force, healthcare issues, or simply the overall degradation of today’s world, the subreddit aims to point out what doesn’t work or works as it's not supposed to and open a discussion about it.

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#1 Insurance Denies Nausea Medicine To Chemotherapy Patient

Image credits: Freezer12557

#2 Something Something Worst Timeline

Image credits: theguynekstdoor

#3 Teachers Need To Understand Students Don’t Always Sleep In Class Just Cuz Of Laziness

Image credits: Phantom_Wolf52

#4 Borodyanka, Ukraine – Before The War And Yesterday

Image credits: irishrugby2015

#5 Choose

Image credits: likerofgoodthings

#6 Seriously? She Risked Her Own Life To Save Them And Gets Treated Like A Criminal?

Image credits: Dragoner_online

#7 Doing His Best So This Doesn’t Happen To Another Family

Image credits: [deleted]

#8 A Typical Night For Millions Of Ukrainian Kids After Russian Army Came To “Liberate” Them

Image credits: Similar_Ad9227

#9 People Are The Worst

Image credits: tandyman234

#10 This Just Sucks

Image credits: Soccer_Vader

#11 A Tale From Disney Land

Image credits: Kezzva

#12 This Mindset Is How So Many Boys Grow Up Emotionally Stunted/Violent, Let Them Feel!!

Image credits: EmptySpaceForAHeart

#13 *bruh*

Image credits: SuperNovaAHCK2810

#14 Not What You Want To See At The Dentist

Image credits: froggydoob

#15 This Coffee Shop In My City In Canada

Image credits: velvet74

#16 Bruh

Image credits: soupinthering

#17 American Men “Picking Up” Ukrainian Teen Refugees

Image credits: Hurbahns

#18 Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

Image credits: jambajuice718

#19 Smell Check

Image credits: DMbuttstuff

#20 Today, This Russian 16 Year Old Was Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison For Recreating Fsb Headquarters In Minecraft And Planning To Blow It Up In The Game, Back When He Was 14

Image credits: BigDaddy0790

#21 When The High School Has Too Many Pregnant Teenagers That They Had To Add A Breastfeeding Section In The New Building

Image credits: genius23sarcasm

#22 Thieves And Looters, Who Take Advantage Of The War In Ukraine, Are Caught And Fixed In The Middle Of The Bombed Cities

Image credits: Due_Sun4492

#23 The Average Human In An Industrialized Country Uses About 1% Of That Per Month

Image credits: 3colorsdesign

#24 Aimee Bock Stole $250m Of A Government Aid Programme That Was Supposed To Feed Children In Need During The Pandemic

Image credits: KingH1989

#25 This Is Just Horrible

Image credits: [deleted]

#26 Reason #1 Why I Hate This World

Image credits: uphigh_studio

#27 Damn

Image credits: Co0lbean563

#28 Someone’s Desperate For Internet Fame

Image credits: WoofWoofPin

#29 A Mother Hiding Her Face As She Puts Her Children For Sale. (Chicago USA,1948)

Image credits: ishyaboikar

#30 The Taliban Strikes Again

Image credits: shah_mazing

#31 When You Violate A “Don’t”, You Will Be Told “We Don’t Do That”

Image credits: ItsAntDawg

#32 63 Yearl Old Pastor Marries Pupil The Minute She Turns 18

Image credits: ItsOnlyMoney03

#33 A Father Holding The Hand Of His Deceased 13-Year Old Son Who Was Killed Today Whilst Waiting For A Bus By A Russian Missile Attack In Kharkiv

Image credits: hottodoggu2

#34 Rule Of Law

Image credits: qingcongdick

#35 Awful Boss

Image credits: RIG_0059

#36 :•| The Thing

Image credits: buffalopintor

#37 This Christmas Parade Float Near My Hometown

Image credits: ItsMeAmy88

#38 Beyonce's Pseudo-Feminism Is Letting Her Keep The Evil Practice Under The Shroud

Image credits: uraeds

#39 Someone Said This Belongs Here?

Image credits: ifuckedyomama2

#40 How Are People So Lazy

Image credits: AllianIsBizarre

#41 A Family Was Trying To Figure Out Who Keeps Pissing And Leaving Poop Bags On Their Late Mother's Grave. Hidden Cam Captured The Culprit, Who Turned Out To Be A Guy She Was Briefly Married To And Divorced In 1974

Image credits: licecrispies

#42 Hiroshima Sushi

Image credits: Xander395

#43 That's One Way To Show Gratitude, I Guess

Image credits: WanderingCadet

#44 I Wish I Could Say This Is Satire But Child Marriage Is Still Legal In 45 States

Image credits: EmptySpaceForAHeart

#45 You Had One Job

Image credits: AristonD

#46 My Uncle's Tiling Project, He Hasn't Worked On It In Days And It's Making Life Hell

Image credits: crabthemighty

#47 I Don't Think This Needs Context Or Explanation

Image credits: MatrixMushroom

#48 Jfc

Image credits: LolaBijou

#49 Health Insurance In America

Image credits: MyNameGifOreilly

#50 The Looters Who Looted People's Belongings Among The Ruins After The Earthquake In Turkey Were Caught By The Turkish Army And Police

Image credits: CptMachiavelli

#51 Artists Not Being Able To Share Their Artwork Online Due To Ntfs

Image credits: siempremajima

#52 Land Of The Free! Unless You’re Taking The Bus, Then You’re Fired

Image credits: BeautifulNacho

#53 4 Teens Killed Doing Tiktok Challenge, 1 Was 14 And A Mother As Well

Image credits: kruminater

#54 I Just Can't Believe This

Image credits: MrRimmer_BR

#55 So Cruel

Image credits: imawreck0

#56 Fresh Load

Image credits: Motherhazelhoff

#57 Men Are "Scared" Of Her

Image credits: thefreshbraincompany

#58 I'm Not Peta Or Anything But Wtf

Image credits: The_Sad_Memer

#59 Where The Sun Don't Shine No Longer Applies

Image credits: [deleted]

#60 The Pair Were Married For 24 Years And Had Four Children Together

Image credits: AristonD

#61 There's No Retirement In The Us

Image credits: [deleted]

#62 Amber Heard Used Ill/Dying Children In Children's Hospital La To Boost Her Public Image. She Pledged A Donation Of 3,5 Million Dolars To The Hospital And After 4 Years They Haven't Recieved A Cent From Her

Image credits: lizalupi

#63 This Image Perfectly Encapsulates Why I Hate Youtube

Image credits: Zerocare

#64 I Mean- What?

Image credits: theyearlongzephyr

#65 Amazing Weight Loss Transformation

Image credits: befarked247

#66 Lapd Police Officer Beaten To Death In Exercise; Was Investigating Cop Gang Rape

Image credits: Bomby_Bang

#67 F**k Drunk Drivers

Image credits: ybloC_1

#68 Jesus Christ

Image credits: [deleted]

#69 Let The Man Grieve

Image credits: MrNoName_ishere

#70 The Level Of Corruption Is Off The Charts

Image credits: FiveOhFive91

#71 …

Image credits: SilverMedalss

#72 It's More Common In Men Than You Think. What Kind Of People Would Turn Down Support For A Cancer Patient?

Image credits: siempremajima

#73 Heartbreaking

Image credits: WFT_simp

#74 Just Awful

Image credits: greekfreq

#75 Turns Out Uvalde Police Did Jump Into Action To Disarm Someone: The One Cop On Scene That Wanted To Do His Job

Image credits: Lost_vob


Image credits: wise_tortoise

#77 Entitled Influencer Trash Talks Asian Restaurant After They Politely Refuse To Give Him A $100 Discount

Image credits: jacob62497

#78 How United Is Handling Missing Luggage Cases

Image credits: EvanMcClure

#79 Even Artists With Works That Merely Look Like Ai Art Are Getting Banned From Subreddits

Image credits: FukaiMorii

#80 Traumatizing The Next Generation

Image credits: Monsur_Ausuhnom

#81 But It’s

Image credits: Character-Stretch697

#82 Just… Wow

Image credits: ttv_CitrusBros

#83 Thanks, Ticketmaster. Your Fees Ruined A Fun Night Out With My Kids

Image credits: nmsjtb0308

#84 Awful Sunburn. It Hurts

Image credits: Hillary0631