Bookstore Was Making $12 Before Owner Asked The Internet For Help, Was Revived For A New Life

Scientists argue whether we will be able to time travel in the future. Before it becomes a real posibility, we have other means to visit exotic places in different time periods. These magical portals can be found just around the corner in the nearest bookstore, hiding within the pages of hundreds of books. Sadly, many bookshops have been forced to shut down due to declining sales. One of them, Sherlock & Pages, was heading towards closure until its owner posted a plea on X. That’s when the internet rallied together to help them out.

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A bookstore in England was struggling to stay afloat, sometimes making only $12 a day. The owner asked X users for support

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Finishing a good book is a bittersweet feeling – the protagonist has had their happy ending, love has won and everything feels great. On the other hand, the adventure has ended. If you’re fortunate enough, you probably have a favorite bookstore where you can pick up another book (or five).

Despite the amazing smell of fresh pages, printed book sales have been declining after readers discovered they can store thousands of stories on a handy gadget called a Kindle. Then there were lockdowns which affected the physical stores. What once used to be a hub of likeminded individuals looking for the latest detective genre book or a place to meet your soulmate while accidentally reaching for the same novel, turned into boarded-up ghost shops.

Sherlock & Pages, a conservation bookshop in Frome, England was also rapidly heading into this dire situation. The owner, Luke Sherlock, put up a post on X, sharing the sad fact that they only made $12 one day in January. He then humbly asked for support, and thanks to the power of the internet, he understood the power of saying “Ask and you shall receive”.

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While he expected a few sales, he was overwhelmed by the incredible support that poured in from all corners of the world

Image credits: sherlockandpages

Image credits: sherlockandpages

Turns out, there are hundreds of bookworms all over the world who love nothing more than getting their hands on a new book. And if buying books can help someone out, it practically becomes a must to add a few to one’s shopping cart.

After receiving overwhelming support from the internauts, Luke posted a follow-up video showcasing how much people’s support helped the bookshop.

“Little miracles can happen” he smiled in a video.

The grateful owner was able to share more about his store, covering what kind of books they sell. At Sherlock & Pages, you can find books on just about anything, from rural Transylvanian culture to sustainability.

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Thanks to sales and donations, they were able to pay rent and even start working on side projects to improve the store

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Luke said that the day he had posted his plea was “a real struggle” as they could only sell one book by mid-afternoon together with a couple of returns. Things were bleak until orders and donations started pouring in. Thanks to the collective effort of the internauts, the booksellers were able to pay the rent and even complete a few projects they had to pause due to uncertainty and lack of funds.

One of their dreams was to decorate the bookshop better so it would be cozier for future visitors:

“We want to have more decoration on the exterior. A manifesto for independent bookshops, a lamp, some tiling, maybe some flowers”.

There are other changes on the horizon that hopefully will help to bring in more customers to look at the unique selection of books and journals.

Image credits: sherlockandpages

Image credits: sherlockandpages

On their Instagram page, they shared about their approach to bookselling which explains the wide selection of books they offer.

“Our philosophy of book selling is very much that we want to have that one special book that resonates with a particular customer. 999 out of 1000 might not be interested but then we have those hidden gems that people go “yes!” and are excited to see. Of course this can’t be every book we stock, but we do like to pepper these ones in the mix.”

A lot of their books have already found their people. One of the commenters on X said: “Glad to have helped, even in a small way. Purchased my new Orwell biography last night, and had an email telling me it had been dispatched today. That’s a chunk of my half-term sorted. Good luck with your projects!”

Another one was delighted with their new purchases: “So happy to hear it and so glad to have bought a bunch of wonderful books. Headed to me from across the sea already.”

“Little miracles can happen,” smiled Luke. The internet once again proved that it can be a great place

Image credits: sherlockandpages

Image credits: sherlockandpages

There are many surprising benefits of being a reader

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If you’re looking for a sign from above to get more books, consider this story as one. And if you need a little more convincing, here are some surprising benefits of reading books:

  • Strengthens your brain. It’s like a super-fun gym for your mind that helps to prevent diseases like Alzheimer and dementia;

  • Reduces stress. A good book with a nice warm drink can be healing after a long grueling day;

  • Builds up vocabulary. Next time someone uses words such as “mellifluous”, “petrichor” or “boondoggle”, you’ll know what they mean;

  • Improves focus and concentration

And if you ever join a book club, you can find a bunch of friends who will understand your excitement when your favorite author announces their new work.

Now, do you have a favorite bookstore?

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