Boss Doesn’t Want Star Employee To Work After 2 Weeks’ Notice, Operations Slowly Grind To A Halt

Even if you love your job so much that you take extra shifts, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to keep your job forever. Sometimes only one person not liking you for the silliest reason might be the end of your career there.

Like today’s OP, who had to give her 2-week notice in the job she loved due to the manager slowly icing her out. However, her story with the company didn’t end there. It ended with her maliciously complying with the technical firing.

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Sometimes even the job you love very easily might turn to a job you despise due to the people who are in charge

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The woman shared her story about how she was subject to the opposite of quiet quitting, which is quiet firing – an employee slowly icing you out of your job

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After the woman gave her 2-week notice, the manager technically fired her, but later was entitled enough to ask for help

This Reddit story is a blast from the OP’s past – 7 years ago. The woman reminisces about the time when she worked in a well-known sandwich franchise. And she loved her job so much that she used to come to work any time anyone called. Well, it also helped that she lived 5 minutes away from the workplace.

But then, one day, everything came crumbling down. And the reason for it was a new hire. A lot of the OP’s work hours started being shifted to this new person, to the extent that the woman ended up working less than half of the hours she used to.

So, after some time, the OP decided to put in her 2 week-notice, as she couldn’t handle her hours being cut so harshly. And that resulted in the hours being cut even more harshly, as the boss didn’t schedule her for a single hour after that. So, technically, the OP got fired after giving her 2-week notice.

But the story didn’t end there. One day, one of her ex-coworkers didn’t show up to their job to open the sandwich place. So, the boss called the OP to ask if the woman would come to open instead. Here the author saw a chance to maliciously comply with their unofficial firing and refused to come.

And so, by losing an employee who loved their job, the eating establishment ended up working half the time they were supposed to due to the lack of employees.

The story left netizens quite confused. They were wondering why the employer decided to cut those hours. The OP said that she thinks it was due to the manager not liking her very much, as she used to throw away moldy food. First of all, ew. Second of all, what is this sandwich franchise’s name, so I can avoid them if they like to serve moldy food and fire employees who don’t?

Other internet folks wondered if at least the OP made more money than the new hire. The author answered this too – her pay was higher by only a dollar. The majority of the rest of the netizens shared their own experiences in similar or even worse situations.

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If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you should know that while we are led to believe that a 2-week notice is something that we are legally required to do, in reality, it’s not true. Well, at least in the US, there are no legal obligations that require you to provide your resignation 2 weeks prior.

Although, while it’s no legal obligation, it is still a standard practice in most industries. It is considered to be a moral thing to do, so your employer can find someone to replace you before you leave.

Ken Chase from TopResume gives several other reasons why an employee should give two weeks’ notice: 

  • Leaves your relationship with an employer more friendly;

  • You won’t be painted as an unreliable employee;

  • Reduction of lost costs for the company. 

Also, the same author gave several reasons why you might not want to turn in your 2 weeks’ notice and instead choose a shorter period or even not give any notice at all:

  • Hostile or even unsafe work environment;

  • The company has failed to provide you with your work compensation;

  • Personal issues;

  • Possible firing. 

For more understanding of 2-week notice in modern workplaces, Bored Panda has reached out to Philip Landau, employment lawyer at Landau Law

He said that if a person is experiencing the reduction of their working hours after they give the 2-week notice, the employer possibly is breaching the contract claim for unpaid wages. So, in this case, the employee can make a claim to the employee tribunal, as there is no justification for the reduction of hours after the 2 week-notice.

However, before doing so, Philip advises you to “check your contract of employment to see if it allows your employer to modify your working hours. If your contract allows for this, then your claim may be unsuccessful.” He also added that “if your employer is still paying you the full wage (but wants to pass the work to someone else), it would not be worth you making a claim, because you would suffer no losses.”

So, we could say that when it comes to giving your 2-week notice, you have to consider your context and make the best decision that won’t ruin your career or self-esteem.

Netizens were appalled by the boss’ entitlement and didn’t shy away from sharing their experiences

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