BOSSIP Exclusive: ‘Snowfall’ Actress Angela Lewis Speaks On Aunt Louie’s Villain Era, ‘I’m Not Mad That People Hate Her!”

If you missed last week’s episode of Snowfall you may want to go watch it before you read the rest of this interview!

Angela Lewis in Snowfall episode 607

Source: Ray Micksaw / FX

Well, Gail Bean and Isaiah John tried to warn us that a funeral was imminent, and this week we’ll get it. We chatted with Snowfall actress Angela Lewis, better known as “Aunt Louie” Saint, ahead of episode 7, which is set to air tonight, Wednesday, March 29th.

We’ve seen some of the social media posts so we had to check if Lewis has been paying attention to the public response to the death of her onscreen husband Jerome Saint, played by Amin Joseph, in last week’s episode.

“Yeah,” Lewis told BOSSIP with a laugh. “I’m getting all kind of responses. Mostly people who are mad and like, ‘It should have been you Louie!’ But some people are like, ‘Are you okay?’ It’s intense though.”

Snowfall Episodic images

Source: Ray Mickshaw / FX

Lewis and Joseph have been scene partners for the last six years, and Angela confirmed that filming without Amin hasn’t been easy for her.

“It’s hard, it was very hard,” Angela said. “The hardest was, we have these double-up days where we might be doing pickups from a previous episode while we’re shooting the current episode so we have two different crews. If I walk onto set with a crew that I don’t know — I don’t know anybody. Normally I at least have Amin so that makes it normal and not having him there was really hard. I felt very lonely. I could feel Louie feeling scared and angry that he wasn’t there. It was hard.”

A whole lot of Snowfall fans were even more angry at Lewis’ character after seeing the preview for this week, where she is seen blaming Franklin for her husband’s death. We noticed more than a few fans taking issue with Louie’s lack of accountability — something that Lewis argues isn’t the real issue. Instead, the actress pointed out why Louie’s logic makes sense to her.

“I don’t think that she’s not taking responsibility,” Lewis told BOSSIP. “How could she not? Jerome is the love of her life and he’s gone. She was his partner. In so many ways and on so many levels. But Franklin is the one who told Kane she put the hit out on him. Franklin is the one that told Kane where she was going to be, meaning the stables. When she was captured, Louie wasn’t out at the skating rink or the grocery store. She was somewhere obscure where no one could find her. And Franklin told. So he snitched on her twice. So yeah it’s Franklin’s fault.”

Whew… Now that we look at it that way — Is she right? Is Franklin more to blame for Jerome’s death? Or does Louie share that burden?

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