Cheryl Burke Admits ‘A Part’ Of Her Thinks ‘DWTS’ Should Be Postponed Amid Strikes: ‘In Order To Make Changes We Have To Stick Together 100%’

Cheryl Burke spoke about whether or not “Dancing With the Stars” should postpone season 32 amid the ongoing Hollywood strikes in a new interview with ET Canada.

Burke — who has been promoting her new iHeartRadio podcast “Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans” — spoke to Sangita Patel about the show’s costume designers, before talk turned to the strike.

“I think in order for us to really make changes, we have to stick together 100%.”

Entertainment reporter Kristyn Burtt took to social media to post about “DWTS” only breaking WGA rules and still being in compliance with SAG.

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Burtt posted on Monday, “Cast is in compliance with their SAG contract. The show is also a WGA signatory show & ABC will have to clarify how they are or are not using writers during the strike. This is an unfolding story in real time.”


Burke — who left the show after season 31, 17 years in — told Patel of whether she thinks the show should be postponed amid the strikes, “You know, I wasn’t really sure if the show was going to continue on, but, you know, a part of me, yes, I do believe that, I think.

“But then there’s also the people that would love to see the show and just to, you know, obviously put a smile on their face. But I just, I think out of respect to just the industry, right? Like, you know, Drew Barrymore just recently, I believe, pulled out. And I think in order for us to really make changes, we have to stick together 100%,” Burke added, referencing the backlash Barrymore faced and her eventual decision to pause her talk show’s return.

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Burke went on to talk about what dance means to her, sharing: “Oh my God. Dance is my way of communication. Like it’s my way of communicating. Since I was a little girl. Dance saved my life. I mean, 100% through all the trauma.

“And, you know, I wouldn’t say that I’m a victim. I’m definitely a survivor. But that’s because of movement, that’s because of dancing. And dance in itself is just another resource for me, at least, when I couldn’t use the English language to express my feelings and my thoughts, you know, movement was what it was… my whole life is dance,” the star — who took to Instagram earlier this year to open up about being a “trauma” survivor — added.

“Like I just if anything, I dance obviously as well for the woman I am today. It taught me so much, like without even being conscious of it in the past, it taught me how to, you know, just present myself whether I felt scared or not as confident. It didn’t matter. It’s all about body language, you know?”

The “DWTS” season 32 cast was revealed last week. The show is expected to premiere Sept. 26.